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50 DIY Costume Ideas

DIY Highway Or Road Costume

Take a look at this easy to make costume for Halloween this year.

Take a look at this easy to make costume for Halloween this year.

50 Quick & Clever Halloween Costume Ideas - DIY

Here are 50 DIY Halloween costume ideas for dress up fun and there's something for men, women, & kids. Be original, be creative, and have lots of fun with these easy to make homemade costume ideas. Some are weird, some are funny, most are very inexpensive. Making your own costume can save you a fortune!

Some of these costumes are made from a play on words, you know, a pun. Others come from games, books, or movies. Some of these costume ideas are if you have a strange sense of humor, you are going to love them. The best part about making your own costume is the unique and special touches you can add to make it truly yours.

A Brush With Death Costume

Check out diy costume idea # 5 to make this easy and funny costume idea.

Check out diy costume idea # 5 to make this easy and funny costume idea.

1. A Highway: You will need a black sweat suit or black pants and top, stick some yellow or white tape to the legs and shirt...make it look like the lines in the middle of a road. Glue on some matchbox cars and find some road sign stickers to add to your road...or make some out of paper.

2. Nudist On Strike: Dress as you usually do and wear a sign that reads "Nudist on Strike".

3. Flasher: Wear what you usually do and cover that outfit with a trench coat. Tie some string onto old camera flash bulbs and wear that as a belt. Tell people you are a flasher and open your trench coat to show them your flashes.

4. Grim Reaper on Vacation: Wear a black robe like the Grim Reaper would wear. Add a lei and a camera to your neck. Don some Bermuda shorts, put some zinc sunscreen on your nose, and carry around a tourist brochure.

5. A Brush With Death: Dress up in a big, black Grim Reaper robe and carry a huge toothbrush or a you've got a brush with death costume.

6. Typical Tourist: What does a tourist look like? Just put on a huge floppy hat, a flowered button down shirt and a pair of shorts. Get your flip-flops, and wear a camera around your neck with your carry strap.

7. Cheating Husband: Dress lopsided. Wear a button down shirt but button it wrong, wear your zipper a bit open, keep your shoes untied, put some lipstick kisses around your shirt collar and mess up your hair like you just got out of bed.

8. Cheating Wife: Ladies, just like the cheating husband costume above, you are going to make yourself disheveled. Put your skirt or shirt on backwards, mess up your hair, smear your makeup and wear your bra on the outside of your top.

Quick And Easy Tourist Costume Ideas

Get the flowered shirt and the camera ready to make this fun and easy Halloween costume

Get the flowered shirt and the camera ready to make this fun and easy Halloween costume

9. Ultimate Superhero: The Ultimate Superhero costume is a combination of costumes. Take an element from several superhero costumes and combine them into one costume. Take the cowl mask that Batman wears, Superman's cape, Thor's hammer, Green Lantern's ring, Wolverine's clawed hands, Captain America's shield. you get the jist of it now...

10. Twister Game: Buy or make a Twister game. The spinner will be your hat and the polka dot Twister mat will be your cape.

11. Web Surfer: Put on a surfing wetsuit and cover it with fake Halloween spiderwebs to become a websurfer.

12. Matchstick: This corny costume idea is simple to make. You should dress up in all white clothing - pants, shirt, and top the outfit with a red stocking cap.

13. Leaf Blower: Dress in your regular clothes and top the outfit off with a hat. Hang a leaf from the hat rim so the leaf is hanging in your face. Blow the leaf to show everyone what you are dressed as.

14. Tornado: Weather costumes are always a hit at a Halloween party. To dress up as a tornado wear all black or dark gray clothing. Cut strings of yarn in different lengths and sew them onto your outfit. At the end of each string tie tiny houses, people, animals, trees...and show people what you are dressed as by spinning around. Let's see how quickly they figure out what your costume is.

15. Cereal Killer: A Serial Cereal Killer costume is simple to make yourself. Your clothing can be any outfit you choose to wear. Attach little cereal boxes that have small plastic knives sticking out of them to your shirt. Add some homemade costume blood to each box.

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16. Miss Matched: Mismatched is a clever costume to wear to your costume party. You will need a gown, a sash that reads "Miss Matched" and now the fun begins. You will have one look on one side of your body and another look on the other side. Wear your hair down on the right and up on the left. Apply different styles of makeup to each side of your face. Wear two different shoes, two different earrings, and even different colored nail polish on each hand.

Homemade Twister Game Costume Ideas

17. Killer Bee: Buy or make a bee costume. Cover it with fake costume blood and carry a plastic hatchet.

18. Spelling Bee: Buy or make a bee costume. Attach letters to it using glue or velcro.

19. Peeping Tom: Dress as you normally do and add a name tag that reads "Tom" to your shirt. Carry a small window frame made out of cardboard and hold it up to your face and peep out of it when people ask who or what you are.

20. Red Riding in the Hood: Get a red cape with a hood, add some temporary tattoos to your arms, wear a spike collar and talk trash tough all night to become Red Riding in the Hood.

21. In the Shower: To make an In The Shower costume you will need a towel to wrap around your body (over a pair of shorts and a tube top, of course). Take another towel and wrap it around your head or put on a shower cap over your hair. Grab your rubber duck and a back scrubber to complete the costume.

22. Cat Burglar: Dress in all black clothing, wear a black stocking cap, a ski mask, or a thief type mask. Carry a pillowcase with some stuffed cats hanging out of it.

23. Kissing Booth: Get a box that's large enough to fit around your body, Tie rope across two sides of the top of the box to hold the box on your shoulders. Paint lips on the box and write "Kisses, $1.00."

24. Work in Progress: Wear a white sweat suit and draw shapes on it. Color in some of the shapes and leave others uncolored. Let people color in your costume through the night. You are a work in progress since you aren't all colored in yet.

DIY Kissing Booth Costume

25. Make yourself a Self-Portrait. Talk about the easiest homemade costume idea ever...the self portrait is just that. All you need is a frame. When anyone asks you what you are dressed up as, hold the frame up. I've put a cute picture below...take a look!

26. Fried Egg: Your clothes should be all white and then you will attach a roundish piece of yellow felt to your belly. That's how simple it is to make your own fried egg costume.

27. Sunny Side up Eggs: Once again, your outfit should be all white. This time instead of the yellow felt going on your belly, put it on your rear end. Then you've got to bend over and say "Sunny Side Up" when people ask what you are dressed up as.

28. Tired Housewife: For this costume look, you will try to make yourself look like you just rolled out of bed, but want to climb right back in. You will need rollers/curlers in your hair, dress in a bathrobe, fuzzy slippers for your feet, no make up at all...and don't forget to yawn! This is not only a woman's costume idea, guys will get lots of laughs with this homemade outfit.

29. Hump Day (Wednesday): You are going to need something to make yourself look like you have a hump on your back. It can be wadded up newspaper, foam, or even a pillow. You can wrap a belt around your midsection to keep it in place. If you use paper, you might want to put it in a plastic bag to keep it contained. Use an old shirt you can write on and put the word, "day", on it. You can also use a page from a daily paper calendar that says, "day" on it and glue it or pin it to your shirt.

30. Con Artist: You will need a "prisoner" outfit. That's white with black stripes...duct tape makes great black stripes. Add a beret and carry a artist palette of paint made of cardboard and a paint brush.

31. Horror Movie Victim: Ragged clothes, fake blood, and messy hair are the things you need to make this super simple, yet gory, Halloween costume. If you can looked freaked out, it's even better. Remember to scream occasionally and freak everyone else out as well!

32. Black and White Silent Film Star: It makes sense that your costume will be all black and white clothing. Add some gray makeup to your skin and add darker gray shadows to your eyes, mouth, and nose. You cannot talk! You can mouth words or you can write on paper as if you were adding subtitles to a movie.

Self Portrait Homemade Halloween Outfit

The Self Portrait Is An Easy And Fun Costume Idea You Can Make

The Self Portrait Is An Easy And Fun Costume Idea You Can Make

33. Exterminator: Wear coveralls or workmen's clothes. Pin or glue plastic bugs and spiders to yourself. Reminds me of the character from Arachnophobia played by John Goodwin.

34. Gum under the Table: Eeeeeew! You have to make yourself a small cardboard table to wear on your head and then dress up all in pink.

35. Picnic: You will need the iconic red and white check table cloth to wear draped over yourself as a picnic blanket. Glue some paper plates, plastic forks and knives, and plastic kid toy food items to it. Cut a hole in the center of the table cloth so you can slip it over your head and your homemade outfit is ready to go. Some people also glue plastic bugs to the tablecloth, but I don't.

36. Gum under a Shoe: You need an old shoe with long shoe laces. Wear the shoe like it's your hat and tie the laces under your chin. Wear pink clothing (after all, you are going for a gum look). You can make your clothing look wrinkled to get that bunched up gum look.

37. Be A Perfume Sales Girl: Pick out a beautiful outfit and get out your makeup kit. You've seen the perfume sales woman in the mall, and you want to copy their look. Carry around lots of perfume samples and ask people if you can give them a squirt.
38. Under the Weather: Pick out a hat and attach weather pictures to it. Clouds can be cotton balls, cut out a yellow sun, some lightning bolts, and add a few raindrop cutouts - now you are under the weather.

39. Cloudy with a Chance of Showers: Put cotton balls on a hat and all over your clothing to form clouds. Just tell everyone that you are Cloudy with a Chance of Showers. You can also add a small squirt gun to your costume and give your best friends a quick shower. Instead of a hat with cotton balls on it you can also use a shower cap.
40. Chain Smoker: You will need a pack of cigarettes and lots of chains to make this DIY costume. Carry the cigarettes and wrap the chains around yourself.

Cloudy With A Chance Of Showers Weather Inspired DIY Costume

41. Jack-in-the-box: You will need a box that fits around your waist. Add rope or straps to look like shoulder straps from the box to your shoulders. Add a name tag with "Jack" written on it.

42. Stood-Up Prom Date: Pick out a dress that suitable for a prom, get matching heels, fix up your hair, and apply makeup. Of course, a stood up prom date would be distressed so smudge your make up to look as if you've been crying. You can also carry a box of tissues to keep up the tearful act.

43. Killing Time: Get some watches and clocks, and carry a rubber weapon. Take jabs at your clock/watch collection through the night.

44. Time is on my side: Dress as you usually do. Put some watches or a clock to one side of your outfit or wear several watches on one of your wrists.

45. Time Flies: Get a clock and add some wings to it. Use some string or ribbon to tie the clock around your neck.

46. Cupid: Cupid, the god of love, is best known for his outfit and his bow and arrow. Wear a diaper or wrap a sheet around yourself, toga style. Cut out some paper hearts, stick them on your outfit and your arrows. Add a sash with Cupid written on it.

47. Spirit of Halloween: Dress yourself in orange and black clothing. Cut out Halloween shapes and decorations and attach them to your clothing.

48. Read between the Lines: Get a striped shirt. In between the lines of your shirt write sentences, or just lots of words.

49. The Bottom Line: Sweat pants are the perfect thing to wear with this costume theme. Stuff lots of paper into the sweat pants in the rear and use some duct tape to make a line around the bottom of your butt.

50. Ice Queen: A light blue or white outfit works well with this theme. Add icicle decoration and pin them all over your outfit. Get a kid's costume tiara and glue some icicles to it to make your crown. Put on some shimmering make up and you are set to go.


Budget Friendly Costumes - How To Cut Costume Costs

Your Halloween costume doesn't have to break the bank, as you know, some costumes are very expensive. Just make your costume using stuff you already have laying around the house. This will also insure that you have a unique and one of a kind you will save big bucks.

Making your own costume doesn't have to take a lot of time either. It doesn't have to be complicated at all. Creativity, a bit of know how ... knowing how to cut and glue that is, and a few used pieces of clothing and props, and you've got the ingredients to make a prize winning, or at least fun to wear, costume.

Horror Movie Victim Homemade Costume Ideas

Budget Saving Costume Tips

Here's how to save some money when you are making your own DIY Halloween costume:

Look Everywhere For Costume Ideas

You can find lots of DIY costume ideas all around you. There's TV, movies, work, people you see outside, nature, books, art, food, or from the political arena. Print out a picture to wear as a mask, decorate your clothing with your favorite game board pieces. Check out costume outlets to get some ideas. Check your closet for some inspiration and to save money by wearing clothes you all ready own.

Make A Costume With Clothes & Accessories You Already Have

Use clothing and props that you all ready have. That costume making advice is going to save you a lot of money! Look in the closets, the drawers, the basement, and the attic to find old or forgotten clothing items you can use to make a costume. Is there an old gown, or striped pajamas, or old costumes hiding there somewhere? Examine the items you find and really think about what you can turn them into with a little creativity.

You can use old costumes with new twists. The beautiful fairy gown you wore in 2016 can become a Tooth Fairy costume with a prop tooth for Halloween 2019 or 2020. The Black hooded robe hidden in the back of the closet can become the Grim Reaper. That old slip can become the Freudian Slip this year. There's no end to great ideas, and most of them are looking you right in the face!

Simple Costume Ideas Are Fun

You don't have to work your butt off to make a funny or unique homemade Halloween costume. You can actually use the “I Didn’t Try Very Hard” look as part of your costume. A perfect example of this is the Self Portrait. You dress as usual and carry a frame...what could be simpler than that?

Fancy dress up costumes are also lots of fun to wear, but sometimes it's more fun to be creative. It's up to you to figure out what costume mood you are in this year for Halloween...and go with it. DIY Halloween costumes for adults and for kids are easy to make, fun to wear, and can save you lots of money.

Make A Group Costume With Your Friends

Bring company to that Halloween costume party! Couples costumes and group costumes are becoming wildly popular. And that's because they are really fun to dress up in!

There are so many group and couple costume ideas to choose from:

  • The Tooth Fairy - a tooth and a fairy costume
  • Bacon and Eggs - you see that in your mind's eye, don't you?
  • Beauty and the Beast - a princess gown and a horsehead mask.
  • Lady and the Tramp - a princess gown and a hobo outfit
  • The Vampire and the Prey - One dark suit, one black cape, capped teeth, and your other half is a regularly dressed person with fang marks on their neck.
  • Spice Girls - Put spice labels on an apron for each person.
  • M&Ms - Brightly colored T-shirts with the M logo glued onto it is a simple group costume that's easy to makes
  • Days of the Week - Get T-shirts and write the name of a weekday on each one.
  • Deck of Cards - Get T-shirts and pin a card suite to each one - Hearts, Diamonds, Spades, and Clubs.
  • Oompa Loompa - Dress in white pants, brown shirts, and white suspenders. Add a neon green week and some orange face paint.
  • Emoji Costume - Get everyone T-shirts and have them decorate it with their favorite emoji.

Spice Girls Group Pun Costume Ideas

Simplify The Costume Making Process

Don't make your costume too complicated. You can use glue, staples, or tape to add hems or accessories to your clothing. Make that old shirt a vest by cutting off the sleeves, make that rope your belt, make an ice crown by gluing icicles on it. Try to think of the easiest way possible to make your costume.

Look at the picture up there. It's the Spice Girls and it was made with red aprons, some printed spice labels, red socks, and a plastic hat. And it's a great costume for a group!

Let The Kids Help Make The Costumes

Let your kids help with the costume making process. Give them the ideas you have, let them help pick out the theme, and then let them release their creative ideas. Have them look over all the ideas you have and vote on which is their favorite. Or do you, as a family, all ready have a favorite theme? Make it easy and simple!

Reuse & Recycle To Make Your Costume

The three "R" s, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

It an idea is too complicated, reduce it. Check your closets to see what you can use to make your costume, reuse. Check out your friends closets or local thrift stores and recycle parts of your costume.

Recycle Snack Bags To Make A Costume


If You Buy Part Of Your Costume, Be Cheap

You may have to spend some money when you are making your costume, but try to get everything on sale or for a cheap price. Check out coupons! Shop around, after all, there are thousands of stores to choose your costume accessories from. Get the best price. Use Ebay, Amazon, search all over.

Make Your Own Costume Accessories

Those costume accessories can cost a fortune! Check out Youtube and craft websites to learn how to make some of your own. It's worth the little bit of time you will use to create your own accessories. The costume will only be used for one Halloween, don't go crazy and spend a fortune on it.

How To Make A Magic Staff For Halloween

More Simple Homemade Costume Ideas

  1. Bulletin Board - Cork with papers or pictures stuck on it
  2. Troll Doll - Wear a funky troll wig in an outrageous color
  3. Pop Art Painting - Your makeup will be your costume
  4. Formal Apology - Dress up in formal clothes and carry an I Am Sorry card
  5. Queen Bee - Wear a crown and attach lots of letter B's to your clothing.
  6. She Sells Seashells - Attach seashells to your clothing and carry a For Sale Sign.
  7. Scarecrow - Jeans, a flannel shirt, and some hay.
  8. When Life Gives You Lemons - Put lemons in a box with a tag that reads "From Life".

Pop Art Painting Tutorial

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