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Cleopatra Costumes

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Cleopatra Costumes

Although sometimes people think of being Cleopatra on Halloween or a costume party as not being much more than wearing a toga, in reality it's much different than that, and if you want to present yourself as queen of the Nile, you definitely have to come dressed as more than a bed sheet.

You want to add some mystery, beauty, glamor and royalty to your look, as Cleopatra is thought of in all these ways.

And even if you decide to make your own Cleopatra costume from a white type of sheet foundation, there are tons of simple and easy things to do to make it look really nice. You can add all sorts of shiny things like sequins and gold ribbon, gold arm bands, and other types of accessories to make you look like a queen yourself.

Another fun part of dressing like Cleopatra is you can always have your husband, boyfriend or some other male friend dress up as an Egyptian figure of that day,such as a Pharaoh like Ramses, King Tut, or some other historical character.

Just be sure to include color schemes like gold and black as part of the style of your costume or look, as it is identified readily as part of that historical period.

Variety of Cleopatra Costumes

This first photo of Cleopatra costumes is to give you a good idea of the styles out there and the colors employed to present yourself as the Egyptian queen.

While not all of it is black and gold, those colors are important, and even if you go a different route, you can see the designs and colors which make up dressing up and the Nile Queen.

Different Types of Cleopatra Costumes

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Traditional Cleopatra Costume Look

Even with this traditional Cleopatra look, you see how fun it is to dress up like her. Notice all the little gold wraps and accessories on her calves, arms and head. Great Cleopatra costume.

This is a good example of what you could add to a toga-type of costume to make a great Cleopatra. A golden tiara, sandles and pieces for the arms and legs would really boost the look of the queen.

Cleopatra Costume Photo


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Black Cleopatra Costume

I included this black Cleopatra costume in order to show how nice it can still look with a completely different color and design. Do note the inclusion of gold and black which always works for the Cleopatra look.

She looks a little more mysterious and sultry in this costume.

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Cleopatra Costume Accessories

Half the fun of dressing up like Cleopatra is the accessories which make it so real looking. In the photo below you have the great hair, arm band and head piece which really look fantastic.

The number of different accessories you can come up for a Cleopatra costume are almost endless, and are half the fun in the overall experience

Accessories for Cleopatra Costume


Cleopatra Costume Fun

As you can see from these Cleopatra costumes and accessories, the Queen of the Nile is still hot after all these years, and you can channel yourself as the beauty with a large number of looks and styles which will generate a lot of attention and comments from those who appreciate this compelling Halloween costume style.


quinnyra on October 05, 2011:

i likethose dresses

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this is stupid

blue123 on April 20, 2011:

where do i get the head thing

Jezzzz on August 09, 2010:

The Cleopatra Costume is a great costume for Halloween. And as you said it is not just wear a bed sheet.

Lala on April 18, 2010:

I really like that costume do you

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