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Vintage Christmas Cartoons! Classic Holiday Shorts from 1930s MGM


It's the most wonderful time of the year! Christmas season is almost upon us which means Christmas cartoons are on my list of holiday celebrations! If you are not in the Holiday mood yet, hopefully you will be soon!

As I finish up finals for the semester I am looking for things to lift my mood for Christmas. Christmas Music always works but the lights and decorations help brighten the dark time of year. Christmas Trees are fantastic and of course your typical Christmas movies! But one other thing that always puts me in the Christmas Spirit is some vintage classic Christmas cartoons!

Sure, everyone is familiar with the holiday cartoons that air on television every year like How The Grinch Stole Christmas, Frosty The Snowman, and A Charlie Brown's Christmas. However, there are plenty of other Christmas cartoons out there, including some from the 1930s. These classic Christmas cartoons are fun, cute and still entertaining! A great addition to a family movie night!

I grew up watching these not so mainstream cartoons on VHS when I was younger. For years after getting rid of our last VCR I searched and searched for these cartoons. It wasn't until recently that I found them on YouTube! Now when ever I get the chance I watch one of the short Classic Christmas Cartoons and i feel like a child again! These cartoons mean so much to me I figure I would share it with the Hubpages community! I'm sure many of you have seen these as well but take a few minutes to get in the Christmas Mood!

Alias St. Nick

Alias St Nick

Alias St Nick is a MGM cartoon released on November 16, 1935. This fun cartoon shows a family of mice who live in a tree getting ready for Christmas Eve. As their mother reads them the classic story "The Night Before Christmas" all the mice anxiously wait for Santa's arrival, except for one cynical little mouse in white pajamas.

As the mice wait, a stray cat is walking by outside in the cold snowy weather. He sees the family of mice through the window in instantly recognizes his next meal! Like all cartoon cats, this one seems to be sly. He disguises himself as Santa in order to get into the home of the mouse family. Once in he gives away toys to all the mice, carefully observing and salivating over each and everyone. The cynical little mouse in white pajamas is the first to find out the cat's plan, gathering the other mice to use their new toys to kick him out of their home. It's just a fun Christmas theme cartoon!

A Pups' Christmas

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The Pups' Christmas

The classic cartoon 'The Pups' Christmas' was released on December 12, 1936 by MGM. This cartoon follows two small puppies as they discover Christmas morning. Like all puppies, they find it hard to stay out of trouble! As they explore the toys under the Christmas tree, the toys seem to come alive and terrorize the dogs. It's a cute little cartoon with some great laughs!

Christmas Comes But Once a Year

Christmas Comes But Once a Year

This is a great cartoon released on December 4, 1936. It is about orphans in an orphanage waking up on Christmas morning to discover that all their new toys from Santa are broken. As the children cry an old man (Professor Grampy) traveling by hears them and decides to help! He decides to not only fix the children's Christmas but plays Santa as well! It's a great message of giving and a fun cartoon to watch.

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