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A Phobia of Christmas is Christougenniatikphobia

I am highlighting phobias related to Christmas and why some dread and fear the Christmas period.

What Is A Phobia?

A phobia is an irrational and overwhelming fear of a situation, an object, an animal or insect, a place, a feeling or, a time of year. Christougenniatikophobia is the fear of Christmas.

Here you will find ten phobias to do with the Christmas period.


Christougenniatikophobia is the fear of Christmas and Festivalisophobia is the fear of everything to do with Christmas. I have this phobia and live in fear of Christmas and all that is expected of this so called festive season. I get extremely anxious just at the thought of Christmas and want to retreat or hibernate until it is all over.

Christmas is not a time of joy for me but a time of fear and trepidation. With constant reminders of Christmas coming on the TV, and how we should be excited about how much we are going to enjoy ourselves, I just feel more and more anxious. There is no escape from the constant reminder that its Christmas. My phobia is triggered as early as November. Not many understand this fear but I do. It is believed that this phobia starts very early on in a child's life.


Christougenniatiko dentrophobia

Fear of the Christmas tree.

There could be many reasons to fear a tree. Maybe they bring you out in hives or a rash when you go near them. Maybe as a child the Christmas tree was involved in a serious accident and the memory has caused you to have a fear.

Christougenniatiko dentrophobes might grow in numbers when we realise that people do die, due to Christmas trees setting on fire or falling on people. People have been seriously injured after having a Christmas tree fall on their head.

Santaphobia or Clausophobia

Santaphobia is the fear of Santa Claus or Father Christmas, as we know him. Children do not always understand the concept of Santa Claus and many children are traumatised by the experience of meeting him and having to sit on his knee. That trauma can develop in to Santaphobia in later years.

There could be could be traumatic event, experienced as a child, that involved someone dressed as father Christmas, at the root of Santaphobia. Or, the fear of Santa Claus could be related to a child believing that Santa had the power to know when they have been good or bad.

There are a myriad of reasons why a child would develop Santaphobia. Many children between the age of 2-7 do fear Santa and the fear, Santaphobia is normal and common in young children.


These children look terrified.

These children look terrified.


Agorophobia, the fear of crowds, is an anxiety disorder. Having this phobia can be especially difficult to deal with at Christmas time. Those that experience Agorophobia tend to steer clear of people, situations or events where there is a possibility of embarrassment or shame being felt. Having to go to places or meet people is too hard sometimes. Places and people can leave us feeling trapped and we feel panic. Rather than go through all that negative stuff and be in that panic state, it becomes easier to just avoid Christmas gatherings and the fears that being in crowds can bring.


Is the fear of kissing under the mistletoe.

Have you ever had that feeling where, you want to run away when you see someone at a Christmas event, approach you, shaking mistletoe over there own head, and expecting a kiss and all you want to do is escape? That is Cyssanophobia.

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Refusing a kiss under the mistletoe was thought to bring bad luck.



Fear of turkey. The irrational fear of the turkey and being in a state of mind paralysing state of panic and fear when confronted by one is called Meleagrisphobia.

It is thought that this phobia develops in childhood. Probably as a result of a frightening experience, like being chased or attacked by a turkey which can be quite large.



Fear of relatives. The fear could be of a emotional memory created out of a fearful event. Whatever traumatic event caused you to fear spending time with relatives, the fear is real. You feel on high alert around relatives, ready to make a run if you need to make a run for it.

Maybe you dread having to go to family dinners or a special family gathering like Christmas dinner. You feel dread and fear at the thought of having to sit at the dinner table. Symptoms include anxiety and all the horrible feelings that come with dread. Panic attack feelings such as rapid heartbeat and breathing, sweating, dry mouth and desperate need to get away from the situation you are in.



Phonophobia is an anxiety disorder which means fear of loud noises and sounds. In 2000 the condition Misophonia, which means the hatred of certain sounds and noises, was said to be the trigger to negative thoughts, emotions and negative physical reactions.



Doronophobia is the irrational fear of receiving and opening of a gift. This phobia is said to start in childhood. A young child can open a present like a jackinthebox or something else that comes out of the parcel fast and loud and get a shock and develops Doronophobia. The receiver of the gift tends to fear what could be inside the packaging.



Heortophobia, is an irrational fear of holidays. Holidays are time's when people gather together and celebrate. There are often large meals prepared, gifts exchanged, much noise made by loud guests or children and these days many photos are taken or videos of the event are made. Homes might be filled with family members and friends as they gather to celebrate Christmas or some other religious event and these gatherings can trigger phobias in some individuals which can spoil or interfere with the enjoyment of the holiday for the ones who have this phobia of Heortophobia.

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