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Christmas Party Theme Ideas: Superhero Costumes

Our Christmas party theme ideas for this year were simple enough. It was a daring choice between the Pirates or the Superheroes!

The voting took place and the Pirates won by…by one vote.  Can you believe that? Well, the Superheroes sent a plea to the Pirates, “Don’t you think finding a superhero costume would be so much easier?” The Pirates didn’t respond. They just stared at us in silence. Gulp, no help there. Obviously, I too wanted the Superheroes to win.

And then out of the blue, one timid voice said, “I changed my mind. My vote goes to the Superheroes.”

Is changing of votes allowed? I really don’t know. The Superheroes didn’t care. They just shouted their hands and clap with glee, “The Superheroes won. We won.” And that was how we chose our Christmas party theme. Nobody thinks life is fair even in the fantasy world.

Butterfly Woman, My Superhero Costume

I have lots of butterfly paraphernalia including a mask so I made up this superhero persona.  I also borrowed this green coat from dayzeebee.  Perfect fit!  Now I can fly...wheeee...

I have lots of butterfly paraphernalia including a mask so I made up this superhero persona. I also borrowed this green coat from dayzeebee. Perfect fit! Now I can fly...wheeee...

Christmas Tradition: A themed party is a must!

Having a theme for our Christmas party has become our preschool tradition. And once the theme is set, we create a bit of ambiance to where we will hold our Christmas party. The choices range from one of the classrooms, the garden, the office or whatever nook and crook we needed to create the place we wanted.

We would then assign the teachers to come up with a game that is related to the theme. This helped me a lot (delegation of tasks) since I always get pleasantly and happily surprised with the interesting twists that they come up with. Some would use the famous games that we all know but add something to it. While others would create a new game of their own which made everything more exciting and fun since it is highly unpredictable.

Christmas Party Preparations

Food was ordered, the classroom was decorated and the tables, plates, spoon and forks were prepared. Juice was mixed and oh yes, we are a very non alcoholic bunch of creatures so we just had soda and lots of water. We need a lot of water esp. with all the games we have prepared.

And so last Friday night (after handling the kid's party in the morning), the teachers removed their teacher’s hats and don their superhero costumes and had a blast.

Take note: We have encouraged the teachers to be creative with regards to the costumes. Meaning buying an expensive costume is a no-no. But they can borrow or put something together or make, create, design with paper, cloth and anything and everything.

Dynamic Heroes League in Action


Photoshoot is a must!

With all the trouble everyone did to create their Superhero costumes for our Christmas party, a photo session is a must. We have it before the festivities begin - eating and playing games. This way we can capture beautiful memories on print.


At this point, I have to say thank you to Daisy, hubber Dayzeebee, for creating this beautiful photos, artistically made with background to fit our Superhero theme. Everything looks so cool! Thanks Daisy! You rock!

For those who do not know yet, Daisy and I also have a website called Loving Abundance. You may want to visit that too.

Superheroes are Hot!


Sample Christmas Games with the Superhero Twist

1. Save the world by finding the 3 gems

Make two groups. Each group sends one representative one at a time. The two persons facing each other will have a challenge. The challenge can range from mental games like answering questions or math equations or from physical activities like who can say "superherooooooo" the longest. No challenge is the same. So prepare many challenges for the contestants to do.

Now on the side is a table with folders laid out. Whoever wins the challenge gets the chance to pick one folder. The folder will be opened to reveal a blank paper or a drawing of gem inside. Remember the first group to collect the 3 gems first wins the game.

Heroes and Villains

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2. Blow the villains away!

Make two groups. Prepare a string that is tied to two chairs with a photo of a villain pasted on a paper.

The goal of each group of Superheroes is to blow the paper from one end to the other. There is a lot of bending and twisting on the ground to blow the paper most esp. since we played this game in the garden where the wind was either helping or distracting the whole thing.

So go and practice blowing the villains away with those mighty breaths!

Of course, the Superheroes won! Ooopos I forgot we were all Superheroes for the night.

Tee hee

More Superheroes Photos


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Superhero Teachers Had a Blast

These photos reminded me that we can have fun even amidst the simplest of events created to celebrate the real superheroes-- human lives!  In our case, the teachers!  They are one of the powerful force that breathe life into the preschool as they continue to nurture young minds to learn, love and live.

Dynamic Minds Learning House salutes our teachers and all the teachers in the world who are heroes!  And we join hands to celebrate all the heroes in our lives - our families, our friends, our neighbors, our co-workers, our community helpers, our leaders and to all those who continue to spread love and joy wherever they go.  You are all our heroes.

And I know as we share of this wondrous love, the Christmas season burns brightly with meaning and its spirit flows magnificently into our hearts and homes as we celebrate the power of love that Christmas brings into our lives.

Merry Christmas!  Be blessed tremendously! 

Love and light,

Michelle Simtoco


Cebu Philippines, 2009



saif113sb on July 23, 2011:

Very nice and great information. thanks

Katrina Ariel from The Highlands of British Columbia, Canada on January 04, 2010:

Super fun! Thanks for sharing these pictures, they make me smile! I love getting into costume for parties - it always makes it fun, and gives people a chance to play in ways they don't usually.

I think you could've gone with a SuperHero Pirate party, and had both, but it seems like the superheros have more individual personality.

Michelle Simtoco (author) from Cebu, Philippines on December 23, 2009:

Money Glitch, it is my pleasure. Please do write a hub about it and when you do, may you inform me so I can be sure to read it. Up, up and away! Swooosssh....Happy Holidays to you too!

Money Glitch from Texas on December 23, 2009:

LOL the photos are great. I love butterflies for numerous reasons; one day, I'll write a hub on why. A superheros theme for a Christmas party; what a unique idea to create more holiday fun. Thanks for sharing, ripplemaker, and Happy Holidays!

Michelle Simtoco (author) from Cebu, Philippines on December 22, 2009:

Wooohooo thanks so much for visiting and having fun with the fun-tastic superheroes LOL May you enjoy this beautiful season too... :)

MercuryNewsOnline from Toronto, Canada on December 22, 2009:

Wow. this hub is fun-tastic. Love to see the great costumes and everyone having fun. Enjoy the festive season, Michelle.

Michelle Simtoco (author) from Cebu, Philippines on December 22, 2009:

Hello Daisy! How is my master artist? Thank you so much for doing the photoshop thingy. I loved the concept and recognizing your energy as you allowed the child in you to come out and play. Blessings all the year round, amen to that! And to you dearest friend. :) Love and light...

dayzeebee from Cebu, Philippines on December 22, 2009:

Hahahahah great one Michelle. Sharing what we went through makes the photos come alive with great energy. Keep the loving energy of the season flowing all year round. Blessings:)

Michelle Simtoco (author) from Cebu, Philippines on December 21, 2009:

I do, I do, I do LOL Thank you for your passionate energy that boost my spirits up! Thanks :)

cr8ve1 on December 21, 2009:

LOVE LOVE LOVE this article! You know I do! Great costumes too!

Peace, Love & Harmony

Michelle Simtoco (author) from Cebu, Philippines on December 21, 2009:

Emohealer: Sue, thank you for your super encouraging comment packed with super energy and love. Thank you for the love, light and angels sent my way. I share them with all those who come here. Wooohooo! Merry Christmas! :)

Michelle Simtoco (author) from Cebu, Philippines on December 21, 2009:

Green Lotus, yipppeee, thank you for sharing this hub. I hope your sister enjoys it too and gets to use these ideas. :)Thank you for the visit.

Papa Sez, you are so right. I agree that it can be challenging but fun. It is a must for teachers to lay down the teacher's hats and enjoy themselves hahahahaha Thanks for dropping by.

Michelle Simtoco (author) from Cebu, Philippines on December 21, 2009:

Hi Dottie, we usually assign a Friday to be the last day of classes and this is Party Day! During the morning, we have a Christmas party for all the morning classes. And then another one in the afternoon for the afternoon classes. Finally, at night, we have our party for the teachers. So you can just imagine all the preparations going on and the fun that goes with it. :) I am off to read your email...hehehe glad you liked the photos.

Sioux Ramos from South Carolina on December 21, 2009:

Super-hero's...Super Pictures...Super-teacher's...Super-games...Super-hub!!! Michelle, these are fantastic ideas, I Love the games, I am sure the children received more from this than any of you will ever know! What a beautiful tradition, I hope others will adopt some of your ideas becaue of your sharing. Merry Christmas to you...Love and Light and Angels through out the coming year...Thanks for you and your light!

Papa Sez from The Philippines to Canada on December 21, 2009:

Hi Michelle, this hub reminds me of my eldest's preschool days...back when my wife and I were challenged every birthday party as it became a tradition to have a theme. Of course the children loved it...but was so much time and effort for the parents to come up with the right costumes (our creativity was used to the max). Anyway, we survive the one year of costumes and now we only have memories and photos to remind us of those happy times.

I see the teachers had so much fun in your Christmas party. It's nice to take off the teacher's hat and let loose once in a while. Merry Christmas!

Hillary from Atlanta, GA on December 21, 2009:

What a SuperHub! Awesome photos, great games and overall good humor! Merry Christmas to you too Rippplemaker! I'm forwarding this to my sister in law who teaches up north.

Dottie1 from MA, USA on December 21, 2009:

Hahahaha, loved the photos! you are a superhero without the costume in my eyes...haha, Glad you got another chance to just be with the children...I sent you an email as you were publishing!

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