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Christmas Ornaments for Lovers of Different Dog Breeds

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Labrador Retrievers

Labrador Retrievers

Christmas Ornaments

Christmas tree ornaments can make a statement. Why not include your favorite dog breeds if you are choosing some new adornments for the Christmas tree this year? And why fight the traffic? Your shopping can be made easy this year by looking online for just that perfect gift.

As a dog lover, have you had different breeds throughout the years? Why not choose an ornament to remember each one of them? Or are you starting and want to have a unique theme for your tree? How about making it a dog lover's delight? The choices are endless.

Labrador Retrievers

  • These gentle and loving dogs always stay at the top of the list of being a favorite dog.
  • Labrador Retrievers make great family pets.
  • They are often trained as hunting companions and with their soft mouths can nicely retrieve birds without harming the bird.

My Aunt Lois and Uncle Jim used to have a retriever dog named Bear and when they went duck hunting their Bear was by their side to happily retrieve anything that they had shot.

I never got to see him in hunting form but from what we were told he did a great job! My aunt and uncle would track anything they had shot no matter how long it took to find. Bear was undoubtedly a great help when they were searching for a downed duck or other types of animal.

He was also a great family dog and all the members of the family had his love and affection on a full-time basis.

Golden Retrievers

These loving dogs are similar in personality to the Black Labradors except in coloration and the length of their hair.

We once had a mixed breed who had a good part of Golden Retriever in him, and he was an absolute sweetie. He loved everybody!

We have a neighbor who lives across the street from us. They have a honey of a golden retriever named Max, and he is the love of their lives! Whenever they are outside doing yard work, Max is there to keep them company. He supervises their activities, and I have to think that he is well-rewarded for his attention to duty. He is a friendly dog, and it always brings a smile to our faces when we get to see him enjoying the fresh air outside.

Cocker Spaniel

In my youth, my family had a Cocker Spaniel dog named Rusty. The name was appropriate because of his coloration.

I remember my parents pulling the snowballs out of his flowing leg hair in the wintertime up north. He had a mind of his own and would come inside, not necessarily when they called, but when he decided it was time. Ha!

One time when he was hanging around the kitchen and hoping for some tidbits, my mother dropped half an onion by mistake. Before she could retrieve it, Rusty had grabbed it and swallowed it almost whole.

We don't think he was happy with his newfound source of food because he kept licking his lips and the expression on his face was priceless. We could surmise him thinking that he was very sorry he had not sniffed it out first before gulping it down. Did that ever stop him from gobbling up dropped bits of food? Nope! Not a chance!

We have good friends who have a black and white Cocker Spaniel, and she is the joy of their lives. Lucy is her name, and she is an energetic and loving dog who is always happy to greet guests. Lucy has never met a person she does not like and anyone visiting our friend's home is likely to get a few sloppy kisses and many wags of her tail if she is allowed to roam freely through the house.

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We inherited little Skippy, a cute little blond Pomeranian dog. He keeps us entertained with his endearing ways every day.

He loves being groomed and does not think of himself as a dog. He thinks that he is our equal! He even thinks that he is the boss and occasionally orders us around.

Examples of this include when he wants his afternoon treats. I swear he can tell time! Of course, sometimes he starts begging a bit early. When we change the clocks twice a year for daylight saving time, he stays on his regular schedule no matter what the clock happens to portray.

Pomeranians are known to be a bit noisy by way of barking. Certainly, no burglar will ever sneak up on our home if Skippy is on duty! Cars driving by as well as walkers or joggers all get his vocal attention. Squirrels and other critters are also announced. Heaven forbid if a stray dog or cat roams anywhere within his sight! He lets us know!

Skippy loves to play with one of our two cats and also loves playing with his toys. He keeps his toys scattered throughout the house. We pick things up if we know that we are entertaining guests but otherwise it looks as if we have a two-year-old in the house with many stuffed toys in just about every room. We figure it is his house also. Why not let him enjoy it!

Pomeranian dog lovers would probably love a Pomeranian ornament!


  • Poodles come in all sizes, from standard to miniature to toy to the smallest ones called teacup.
  • They are a perfect breed for people with allergies since they do not shed hair as many other types of dogs do.
  • Poodles are also intelligent dogs.

Will you be giving a gift to a Poodle lover this year? How about considering a Poodle ornament for their Christmas tree?

A good friend of our family by the name of Minn Hibbard once had a large black poodle named Pedro. Minn loved that dog! Every morning she would fix a slice of toast, an egg, and sometimes a strip of bacon or sausage to start their day. I say "their day" because she would split it with Pedro and he, needless to say, loved it!

I once drove Minn up to Minnesota to her home in Ely. Pedro was in the car with us and rode beautifully all the way from McAllen, Texas up to Minnesota. She was a widow at the time and Pedro was her handsome sidekick. She really missed him when he died.

We have some good friends in Houston who have three standard poodles in their home. One of them is trained and our friend takes him to hospital settings and nursing homes where residents and patients can pet him if they like. Their dog certainly brings joy to many people's lives, not just their own.

He is very easy going and seems to sense when patients need his presence. Therapy dogs like that can be a godsend. It is a commitment our friend takes seriously and their dog seems to know the day that he will be going. Perhaps it is because he is freshly bathed the day prior to his visit or perhaps he has a sixth sense just like knowing which patient needs him the most.