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Christmas Ornaments for Lovers of Different Dog Breeds

Labrador Retrievers

Labrador Retrievers

Christmas Ornaments

Christmas tree ornaments can make a statement. Why not include your favorite dog breeds if you are choosing some new adornments for the Christmas tree this year? And why fight the traffic? Your shopping can be made easy this year by looking online for just that perfect gift.

As a dog lover, have you had different breeds throughout the years? Why not choose an ornament to remember each one of them? Or are you starting and want to have a unique theme for your tree? How about making it a dog lover's delight? The choices are endless.

Labrador Retrievers

  • These gentle and loving dogs always stay at the top of the list of being a favorite dog.
  • Labrador Retrievers make great family pets.
  • They are often trained as hunting companions and with their soft mouths can nicely retrieve birds without harming the bird.

My Aunt Lois and Uncle Jim used to have a retriever dog named Bear and when they went duck hunting their Bear was by their side to happily retrieve anything that they had shot.

I never got to see him in hunting form but from what we were told he did a great job! My aunt and uncle would track anything they had shot no matter how long it took to find. Bear was undoubtedly a great help when they were searching for a downed duck or other types of animal.

He was also a great family dog and all the members of the family had his love and affection on a full-time basis.

Golden Retrievers

These loving dogs are similar in personality to the Black Labradors except in coloration and the length of their hair.

We once had a mixed breed who had a good part of Golden Retriever in him, and he was an absolute sweetie. He loved everybody!

We have a neighbor who lives across the street from us. They have a honey of a golden retriever named Max, and he is the love of their lives! Whenever they are outside doing yard work, Max is there to keep them company. He supervises their activities, and I have to think that he is well-rewarded for his attention to duty. He is a friendly dog, and it always brings a smile to our faces when we get to see him enjoying the fresh air outside.

Cocker Spaniel

In my youth, my family had a Cocker Spaniel dog named Rusty. The name was appropriate because of his coloration.

I remember my parents pulling the snowballs out of his flowing leg hair in the wintertime up north. He had a mind of his own and would come inside, not necessarily when they called, but when he decided it was time. Ha!

One time when he was hanging around the kitchen and hoping for some tidbits, my mother dropped half an onion by mistake. Before she could retrieve it, Rusty had grabbed it and swallowed it almost whole.

We don't think he was happy with his newfound source of food because he kept licking his lips and the expression on his face was priceless. We could surmise him thinking that he was very sorry he had not sniffed it out first before gulping it down. Did that ever stop him from gobbling up dropped bits of food? Nope! Not a chance!

We have good friends who have a black and white Cocker Spaniel, and she is the joy of their lives. Lucy is her name, and she is an energetic and loving dog who is always happy to greet guests. Lucy has never met a person she does not like and anyone visiting our friend's home is likely to get a few sloppy kisses and many wags of her tail if she is allowed to roam freely through the house.


We inherited little Skippy, a cute little blond Pomeranian dog. He keeps us entertained with his endearing ways every day.

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He loves being groomed and does not think of himself as a dog. He thinks that he is our equal! He even thinks that he is the boss and occasionally orders us around.

Examples of this include when he wants his afternoon treats. I swear he can tell time! Of course, sometimes he starts begging a bit early. When we change the clocks twice a year for daylight saving time, he stays on his regular schedule no matter what the clock happens to portray.

Pomeranians are known to be a bit noisy by way of barking. Certainly, no burglar will ever sneak up on our home if Skippy is on duty! Cars driving by as well as walkers or joggers all get his vocal attention. Squirrels and other critters are also announced. Heaven forbid if a stray dog or cat roams anywhere within his sight! He lets us know!

Skippy loves to play with one of our two cats and also loves playing with his toys. He keeps his toys scattered throughout the house. We pick things up if we know that we are entertaining guests but otherwise it looks as if we have a two-year-old in the house with many stuffed toys in just about every room. We figure it is his house also. Why not let him enjoy it!

Pomeranian dog lovers would probably love a Pomeranian ornament!


  • Poodles come in all sizes, from standard to miniature to toy to the smallest ones called teacup.
  • They are a perfect breed for people with allergies since they do not shed hair as many other types of dogs do.
  • Poodles are also intelligent dogs.

Will you be giving a gift to a Poodle lover this year? How about considering a Poodle ornament for their Christmas tree?

A good friend of our family by the name of Minn Hibbard once had a large black poodle named Pedro. Minn loved that dog! Every morning she would fix a slice of toast, an egg, and sometimes a strip of bacon or sausage to start their day. I say "their day" because she would split it with Pedro and he, needless to say, loved it!

I once drove Minn up to Minnesota to her home in Ely. Pedro was in the car with us and rode beautifully all the way from McAllen, Texas up to Minnesota. She was a widow at the time and Pedro was her handsome sidekick. She really missed him when he died.

We have some good friends in Houston who have three standard poodles in their home. One of them is trained and our friend takes him to hospital settings and nursing homes where residents and patients can pet him if they like. Their dog certainly brings joy to many people's lives, not just their own.

He is very easy going and seems to sense when patients need his presence. Therapy dogs like that can be a godsend. It is a commitment our friend takes seriously and their dog seems to know the day that he will be going. Perhaps it is because he is freshly bathed the day prior to his visit or perhaps he has a sixth sense just like knowing which patient needs him the most.

Lhasa Apso

My parents once had a Lhasa Apso as a part of their family.

I still remember him sitting up against the back of their sofa and smiling! Yes, he smiled, especially when anyone would sneeze. He must have thought that sneezing was something special, and wonderful.

The lady that regularly groomed him would afterward put him on a pedestal in the middle of her shop that had mirrors until she would summon my parents to come and pick him up. My, how he liked to admire himself!

He was a cute little guy who brought much joy into my parent's lives.

German Shepherds

This breed was my parent's all-time favorite dog, and we grew up with German Shepherds. They are loving and gentle if raised in a family but are also trained as police dogs. German Shepherds are intelligent.

Do you have memories of a special one in your life?

The names of my parent's German shepherds were Sheba, Baron, Heidi, and Tracy. Each of them was great family dogs, but I am sure that they also served as a deterrent to anyone who might have thought of doing anything nefarious.

Baron was quite the play-baby! He would chase a ball or a stick endlessly in the yard if there were someone to play with him. I can still envision my Uncle Ed seated in a lawn chair in the shade of my parent's backyard in McAllen. He got the biggest kick out of finding a tiny stick and throwing it to Baron. Baron would hunt and scour the yard in a methodical fashion until he would locate that stick to bring back and repeat that action over and over again.

A Beagle Dog


Aren't these the sweetest dogs ever? Who can look into the eyes of a beagle without melting? Beagles are good house pets and also make great hunting dogs.

Shih Tzu

  • This breed is a perfect little dog for people who wish to carry them around in oversized purses or some other means of transport.
  • They were originally bred for royalty.
  • Shih Tzu's have long flowing hair and usually exhibit very happy temperaments.
  • They love being held and pampered.

Judi Gullickson raises, grooms, and shows Shih Tzu dogs and has won many awards. Anyone following my articles has seen many of the cute photos she takes of her "babies," and she generously allows me to use them to illustrate my posts. You can see a couple of pictures of hers at the bottom of this very page.


  • These short-haired and muscular dogs have a zest for life!
  • Boxers are great family dogs and need to be played with and get their share of exercise each day.
  • Boxer dogs made it onto the list of the top 10 favorite dogs for 2010.


I always think of Winston Churchill when I think of bulldogs.

Anyone owning one of these sturdy and faithful dogs would be pleasantly surprised to receive a Bulldog ornament as a gift. Perhaps you should consider giving an early present. Why keep anything this cute under wraps? It is easy to find specific dog breed ornaments online.

Shih Tzu all dressed up for Christmas

Shih Tzu all dressed up for Christmas

Christmas Tree Ornaments

There are so many breeds of dogs and even cute little mixed breeds. We have had the pleasure of several mixed breed dogs gracing our home with their presence through the years.

By now, you must know that there are many fantastic online shopping options for pleasing dog lovers. Whether decorating your own Christmas tree with ornaments this year or purchasing some to give to others who might appreciate a gift of their favorite breed of dog, the choices are almost endless.

If we could only love the people in our lives half as much as our dogs show their love to us, the world would be a wonderful place! Merry Christmas to everyone and especially all the dog lovers out there!

Shih Tzu doggies all dressed up for Christmas

Shih Tzu doggies all dressed up for Christmas

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2010 Peggy Woods

Comments are welcomed.

Peggy Woods (author) from Houston, Texas on December 04, 2017:

Hi Roberta,

Our canine friends give us so much in the way of love and loyalty. would be good to learn from them!

RTalloni on December 04, 2017:

Dog lover ornaments are cute, as are the dogs you've highlighted here. The loyalty they display for their owners is indeed a great example for us to follow.

Peggy Woods (author) from Houston, Texas on December 14, 2014:

Hi Jaye,

I should have added schnauzer dogs to this but had to stop somewhere! They are great dogs and very intelligent from what I have seen. It is obvious that you truly love that breed of dog! :)

Peggy Woods (author) from Houston, Texas on December 13, 2014:

Hi Au fait,

Thanks for the share. We have not put up a large Christmas tree in many years now and even gave almost all of our ornaments away years ago. We do have other smaller decorations out including our 3 nativity of which is as old as I remember. My parents always had it placed under the Christmas tree when I was a child.

Jaye Denman from Deep South, USA on December 12, 2014:

I have everything from ornaments to pillows to keyring charms to a painted tile to sit my coffee cup on--all schnauzer-related. Oh, yes...I also have a pen-and-ink drawing of a salt 'n pepper schnauzer that was rendered by a California artist in the fifties that looks so much like my dog did when she was a few years old that people think the portrait is of her!

Can you tell I think schnauzers rock? Yes, they do! Of course, every dog lover thinks the same thing about his or her favorite breed--particularly the one that's part of the family.

Voted Up++


C E Clark from North Texas on December 12, 2014:

Came back to share this again in hopes it will help someone with some ideas for that hard to gift person on their list.

I haven't put up a tree or decorated for Christmas in several years. I love Christmas and all the lights and decorations, but I just don't have the time or the space anymore. I hope you and your family are enjoying all the holiday get togethers and events that take place this time of year. Christmas just keeps getting closer and closer. It will soon be here and gone . . .

Peggy Woods (author) from Houston, Texas on December 07, 2014:

Hi Pamela,

Like you we have had various breeds also including mixed breeds. They are all wonderful!

Peggy Woods (author) from Houston, Texas on December 06, 2014:

Hi Stella,

You must obviously have or have had beagle dogs. They are wonderful, but then most dogs fit that category. :)

Pamela Oglesby from Sunny Florida on December 03, 2014:

The ornaments are adorable but I love all the information about the various dog breeds. I love dogs and have had some different varities in my life also. This is the perfect hub for the Christmas season!

stella vadakin from 3460NW 50 St Bell, Fl32619 on December 03, 2014:

Enjoyed the ornaments and really liked the Beagle one, but I'm prejudice. Have a wonderful Holiday. Stella

Peggy Woods (author) from Houston, Texas on November 17, 2014:

Hi nanderson500,

That is nice that you have a record of your family's pets by having those specific ornaments on the tree. Am sure it brings back good memories when you view them each year.

nanderson500 from Seattle, WA on November 16, 2014:

I have Christmas ornaments of the dog breeds that my family has had over the years. They are definitely a great addition to any Christmas tree!

Peggy Woods (author) from Houston, Texas on November 16, 2014:

Hi Rebecca,

I think that I have seen some cute ornaments in the past that did look like mutts. Am sure they are out there! Most of our dogs through the years have been mixtures all except for our Irish Setter and now a Pomeranian that used to belong to my mother prior to her death. Thanks for your comment.

Peggy Woods (author) from Houston, Texas on November 16, 2014:

Hi Mary,

Your 'Baby' offers you so much love and affection. I love reading stories about you and your miniature schnauzer. Thanks for the votes and shares again. Wishing you an upcoming happy holiday season.

Peggy Woods (author) from Houston, Texas on November 16, 2014:

Hi Au fait,

What you said is so true. A dog themed ornament would please most dog lovers especially if it matched their favorite breed. Christmas will be here before we know it! Thanks for the share.

Rebecca Mealey from Northeastern Georgia, USA on November 16, 2014:

I think an ornament to match your dog's breed is a great idea. Now they need to make a mutt, too though LOL.

Mary Hyatt from Florida on November 15, 2014:

Hi, I just came back to reread and reshare this timeless Hub. I still have my Min. Schnauzer just as I did when you wrote this Hub.

Voted this Up, etc. again and reshared all around in time for Christmas season.

C E Clark from North Texas on November 10, 2014:

This article has the perfect solution as to what to get the dog lover on one's list. I know several dog lovers and none of them seem to be able to get enough dog related items into their collection. Sharing again since Christmas is only 6 and a half weeks away. It will be here before you know it!

Peggy Woods (author) from Houston, Texas on December 19, 2013:

Hi moonlake, They are cute ornaments for dog lovers and there are certainly a variety of them. We have had them on our tree in the past whether they matched the type of dogs we had or not. Except for our Irish Setter and now our Pomeranian all the rest of our dogs have been mixed breeds. Can you believe that Christmas is only 6 days from now? Hope yours is Merry and wishing you a wonderful year to come.

moonlake from America on December 13, 2013:

Love the ideas of dog ornaments. I would need a Springer and a Chihuahua ornament. Good idea as gifts too.Voted up and shared.

Peggy Woods (author) from Houston, Texas on November 27, 2013:

Hi Au fait,

It is freezing here tonight again in Houston but then will warm up for at least the next week so we will once again put our potted crotons outside. Thanks for sharing this hub regarding Christmas ornaments for dogs. Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow!

C E Clark from North Texas on November 26, 2013:

The last few days here in North Texas have felt a little like Christmas with our temperatures right at freezing. Ice pellets were threatened but I never saw any.

Only 30 days 'til Christmas. Black Friday is just 3 days away and most shops have already started their 'pre-Black Friday sales.'

One of my coworkers is dog crazy. She collects all manner of 'dog' things. If someone has a dog lover on their list this article could be very helpful to them in finding just the right gift.

Voting it up again, pinned it to 'Awesome Hubpages,' and sharing again.

Peggy Woods (author) from Houston, Texas on August 27, 2013:

Hi younghopes,

Yes...animal lovers would certainly enjoy these ornaments if they like these specific breeds of dogs or know others who have them. Thanks for the visit, comment and share.

Peggy Woods (author) from Houston, Texas on August 27, 2013:

Hi Au fait,

I have seen some fall decorations in the stores already and Christmas ones will soon follow. I know what you mean about the high temperatures. Looking forward to cooler ones one of these days. Thanks for the shares.

Shadaan Alam from India on August 17, 2013:

These are pretty good ornaments and i am sure all the dog lovers would love to have these beautiful ornaments for their dogs, voted up and sharing it too, have a nice day Peggy

C E Clark from North Texas on August 17, 2013:

An ornament to commemorate a beloved pet is great on one's own Christmas tree and a thoughtful gift for someone who has everything too! Or it can be a charming tie-on to a larger gift. Pinned this hub to my 'Christmas' board and will share again with my followers because Christmas will be here before you know it even though our current 100+ temperatures make that hard to believe!

Peggy Woods (author) from Houston, Texas on December 11, 2012:

Hi mperrottet,

I tackled some of the more popular breeds with regard to this hub about ornaments for specific dog breeds so as not to make it too long. Nice that you found one for your English Sheepdog. I'll bet that it is cute on your Christmas tree. Thanks for the votes.

Peggy Woods (author) from Houston, Texas on December 11, 2012:

Hi Mary,

Would love to see the Christmas outfit that you sewed for Baby last year. A hub idea? My cousin's wife who dresses her Shih Tzu's in all of those cute outfits just got chosen to have them on a Hallmark card! Am sure it will be the first of many. She is very talented. Their photos would also be cute on ornaments. Thanks for the up vote and share.

Margaret Perrottet from San Antonio, FL on December 11, 2012:

What - no Old English Sheepdog ornaments? I'm not surprised - I always have problems finding anything to do with my favorite breed. I was lucky one year, and did find an ornament that looks just like my Old English, and it is hanging proudly on our tree. This was a wonderful idea for a hub - voted up and useful!

Mary Hyatt from Florida on December 10, 2012:

I just came back to read this Hug again cause it is so great for the Christmas Season. I love the little Shih Tzus all dressed up for Christmas. I made my Min. Schnauzer, Baby, a little Christmas outfit last Christmas and she can still wear it!

I vote this Hub UP (again) and reshared, too.

Peggy Woods (author) from Houston, Texas on October 26, 2012:

Hi Mary,

I'll bet that they have Schnauzer Christmas ornaments as well as other dog breeds. I could have added many more breeds to this list. One that would look like your Baby would be cute on a tree. Thanks for your comment, votes and the share.

Mary Hyatt from Florida on October 26, 2012:

What a clever idea for a Hub! My little dog, Baby, would love to have an ornament on our tree just for the Miniature Schnauzer, I'll bet. Will have to check and see if they make one for her breed. I'm glad you included the Shih Tzu, one of my favorite breeds.

I was happy to see Skippy's sweet little face again.

I voted this Hub UP, etc. and shared.

Peggy Woods (author) from Houston, Texas on May 07, 2012:

Hi alocsin,

There is always next Christmas! The months seem to fly by and soon enough it will be that same time of the year. I used to shop year round when we gave a lot of Christmas gifts, if I would see something I liked. If you have a bit of storage space, you could do the same. Christmas ornaments don't take up a lot of space. Thanks for your comment and votes. :)

Aurelio Locsin from Orange County, CA on May 07, 2012:

I wish I'd noticed this hub before Christmas. My brother has a black labrador and the present you mentioned would've been perfect. Voting this Up and Useful.

Peggy Woods (author) from Houston, Texas on November 29, 2011:

Hi Minnetonka Twin,

So glad that you enjoyed the videos and selection of ornaments for dog lovers. Black labs are sweeties! Actually most every dog is if treated well. They all add so much to our lives! Thanks for your comment and hope that your holidays are great ones this year.

Linda Rogers from Minnesota on November 28, 2011:

What a wonderful selection of ornaments for the dog lover. I have grown up with black labs all my life. They are so loving and loyal. I have to agree with K9 about the last line of your article. It is so true that if we could behave like our dogs treat us, life would be full of peace. Happy Holidays to you. I enjoyed the videos too :)

Peggy Woods (author) from Houston, Texas on October 11, 2011:

Hi Sinea Pies,

Labs are wonderful dogs. They are so sweet and friendly. We once had a mixed breed that was probably a good part golden retriever...but much smaller. He was also a sweetie. Glad you enjoyed this hub. :))

Sinea Pies from Northeastern United States on October 11, 2011:

The minute I saw that you had a LAB video, I had to take a look. We've had 3 labs and they are exactly like the yellow labs in the video. LOVE 'EM! Thanks for the fun.

Peggy Woods (author) from Houston, Texas on November 10, 2010:

Hi Cheryl,

I agree that it is nice to have ornaments that remind one of one's special pets through the years. Another way to decorate a Christmas tree would be to find ALL animal ornaments. Wouldn't that be a cute idea? Dog lovers, cat lovers and every other type of wildlife could all be represented. Thanks for the comment.

Cheryl on November 10, 2010:

A very good selection of dog ornaments. I like the different breeds. It is very nice to have Memorial Christmas ornaments in rememberance of one's lovely dog or dogs.

Peggy Woods (author) from Houston, Texas on November 08, 2010:

Hello KoffeeKlatch Gals,

Happy to hear that you enjoyed this hub about buying Christmas ornaments online for the dog lovers in your life. Thanks for the comment.

Susan Hazelton from Northern New York on November 08, 2010:

Great selection of ornaments for dog lovers. Love your style.

Peggy Woods (author) from Houston, Texas on November 06, 2010:

Hi Billy,

I see what you are doing with your hubs and am trying to follow that lead. Have also read some other writers that are using Amazon. I never even used to use that capsule. I consider you to be quite! You have had some great dogs! Our only full blooded breed was our very Irish setter who played basketball. Oh yes...he did! He even has his own hub on that subject. Haha! I could keep adding Christmas ornaments for more dog breeds, but this hub would get too long.

Peggy Woods (author) from Houston, Texas on November 06, 2010:

Hi Prasetio,

Happy to hear that you liked this idea of showing Christmas ornaments for dog lovers as a hub. A little different idea on writing being tested right now. Thanks!

billyaustindillon on November 06, 2010:

Peggy I was happy to read your comment and that I have been some help - what wonderful feedback. Yes there are so many wonderful breeds - my other dogs have been blue healers and labs :)

prasetio30 from malang-indonesia on November 06, 2010:

Another great hub from you. You always have an original idea for Christmas. I believe this useful for dog lovers. I believe Christmas would more beautiful. Thanks for share with us. Rating Up again and again.


Peggy Woods (author) from Houston, Texas on November 05, 2010:

Hello K9keystrokes,

Glad that you found this Christmas ornaments for dog lovers hub pleasing. Golden Retrievers are such dolls! Our neighbor across the street has one and we love looking at his happy face and wagging tail when he is our front supervising his people working in the yard. He does a good job of it too!

Will see what I can do about a hub for cats. They deserve equal treatment! Ha!

India Arnold from Northern, California on November 05, 2010:

I do have a Golden and he has been a life saver! I don't don't how I would manage without him.

My best (human)friend was hoping that maybe you had a cute cat Christmas ornament hub in ya? She is a real cat lover, and is very jelouse over the fact that I found the perfect dog ornament for the 2010 Christmas tree here in our hub. ;}


Peggy Woods (author) from Houston, Texas on November 05, 2010:

Hi Billy,

The Pomeranian and Poodle Christmas ornaments are cute as well as the other breeds of dogs. I'm learning a bit from reading your hubs as you can see from this one. Will see how it works out. A bit different style of writing for sure. Thanks for the visit and comment. :-)

billyaustindillon on November 05, 2010:

Some fun gift ideas Peggy we have a Pomeranian and Poodle and I can see the boys have a laugh with these.

Peggy Woods (author) from Houston, Texas on November 04, 2010:

Hello lyjo,

All of our dogs except the first one, an Irish Setter, were rescue dogs for one reason or another and mixed breeds. One in particular, Trudy, took years to get her socialized but when she decided to trust people again (she has her own hub, BTW) she became quite the charmer. We know the pain of losing our beloved animals and yet, I can't envision life without them.

As to Christmas gifts...ours have always gotten special wrapped goodies at that time of year also. Enjoyed your comment as always! Thanks!

lyjo on November 04, 2010:

We are dog lovers, we lost one just after Christmas last year...New Years Eve to be exact...he was a far as we were concerned...he was amazing in every way...our younger part Pomeranian,part Collie, and part other stuff...he was a rescue dog...we weren't sure whether we could keep him the first couple of years...most people couldn't go near him...but now he is so sociable, he thinks all visitors are coming to visit him...including the repair was difficult at first(the first 2 years) but I am so glad we stuck it out!....We couldn't imagine life without him...even though he is a mutt! We have been thinking of getting a Bernese Mountain Dog...except their life span is not that long due too certain conditions...we are not sure we want to go through that loss again...however with that is all so worth it! In close, we do have tree ornaments for the dogs...and get Christmas presents, which we wrap, and help them open, every year! Yah, we love our dogs...not more than the kids though...although its pretty close sometimes...! Ha! Ha! Thanks for a great hub! Take good care!

Peggy Woods (author) from Houston, Texas on November 04, 2010:

Hello K9keystrokes,

Glad that you enjoyed reading this hub about buying Christmas Ornaments for dog lovers...and you even found one you like! I take it you like Golden Retrievers! They are such loves! Thanks for the comment.

India Arnold from Northern, California on November 04, 2010:

You know I had to stop by any hub that has dog lover Christmas ornaments to offer! Your selection is huge! I will be back to grab one of your Golden Retriever goodies, even as all of the choices are very cute!

Most of all know that I agree with your final two sentences immensely!!


Peggy Woods (author) from Houston, Texas on November 04, 2010:

Hello Happyboomernurse,

Glad you liked this Christmas ornaments for dog lovers hub. Trying something a little different as a test. Thanks for the comment and I truly meant those last two sentences.

Peggy Woods (author) from Houston, Texas on November 04, 2010:

Hi Micky,

I'll just bet that somewhere there are squirrel ornaments for the Christmas tree as well as these for dog lovers. Want to do that hub? Haha!

Peggy Woods (author) from Houston, Texas on November 04, 2010:

Hello sarovai,

Christmas ornaments including those with dog themes have been around for many least in the U.S. Dog lovers spend lots of money on their beloved pets and having some ornaments on the Christmas tree is just an extension of that idea. They are kind of cute! Don't you agree? Thanks for the comment.

Gail Sobotkin from South Carolina on November 04, 2010:

Hi Peggy,

Great hub for dog lovers or those who have friends who really, really love their dogs!

I particularly liked the last sentence which is oh so true: "If we could simply love the people in our lives half as much as our dogs show their love to us, the world would be a wonderful place! Merry Christmas to everyone and especially all the dog lovers out there!"

Peggy Woods (author) from Houston, Texas on November 04, 2010:

Hi Stephanie,

Back when we used to put up a large Christmas tree loaded with all kinds of ornaments, we had some dog ornaments on the tree. Always enjoyed looking at them. We no longer go to that trouble each year and have given away all those ornaments. We just put out some simple decorations and the house is still pretty for the season. Now we simply admire other people's Christmas trees filled with ornaments. Shelties are darling dogs! With your lifestyle now, would you consider getting another one?

Peggy Woods (author) from Houston, Texas on November 04, 2010:

Hi Hello, hello,

This hub would be impossibly long if every dog breed was listed but this gives the viewers an idea of the many Christmas ornaments that can be purchased online for the dog lovers in their lives. Thanks for the comment.

Micky Dee on November 04, 2010:

No gifts for my squirrels? Oh well. I'll give them Christmas dinner!

sarovai on November 04, 2010:

Dogs with ornaments always looks differntly. Thank u for sharing.

Stephanie Henkel from USA on November 04, 2010:

This is a very nice collection of dogs and ornaments. These are great ideas for little gifts for the dog lovers in your life, too! It makes me miss my little Sheltie!

Hello, hello, from London, UK on November 04, 2010:

A wonderful selection.

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