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Christmas-Movie Trivia

Christmas-Movie Trivia Quiz - Questions And Answers


Elf Movie Trivia Questions And Answers

Here are some trivia questions, along with the answers, from the movie "ELF" from 2003. This is my favorite Christmas movie and here are the names of some of it's more famous cast members. You can use this cast list as extra questions for your trivia game.

  1. Will Farrell as Buddy the Elf
  2. James Caan as Walter Hobbs
  3. Bob Newheart as Papa Elf
  4. Ed Asner as Santa
  5. Mary Steenburgen as Emily Hobbs
  6. Zooey Deschanel as Jovie

Q: Who portrays the character Buddy the Elf?

A: Will Farrell

Q: How did Buddy get to the North Pole?

A: Buddy crawled into Santa's bag while Santa was eating a cookie.

Q: How many Etch-A-Sketchs did Buddy the Elf make while in Santa's toy workshop?

A: Buddy made 85 Etch-A-Sketchs while the other elves made 1000.

Q: What does Papa Elf give Buddy before he leaves for New York City?\

A: Papa Elf gives Buddy a snow globe and a picture of his father, Walter Hobbs.

Q: What is the best way to spread Christmas cheer?

A: Singing loud for all to hear

Q: What's the name of the girl Buddy falls for?

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A: Jovie

Q: What song do Buddy and Jovie sing in the bathroom?

A: Baby it's cold outside

Q: What does Buddy fix for Santa Claus in Central Park?

A: Buddy fixes the engine of Santa's sleigh.

Buddy The Elf Quote

"Santa! Oh my god! Santa's coming! I know him! I know him!"

— Buddy The Elf From The Movie ELF

Home Alone Christmas Movie Trivia

Home Alone is the Christmas classic story about a young boy, Kevin, who is left home alone when his family leaves for their vacation. The movie was released in 1990 and here are the names of some of it's famous cast:

  1. Macaulay Culkin as Kevin
  2. Joe Pesci as Harry
  3. Dan Stern as Marv
  4. John Heard as Peter
  5. Robert Blossoms as Marley
  6. Catherine O'Hara as Kate

Q: How did Kevin get left behind?

A: The family over-slept and was rushing to get to the airport to catch their flight. Kevin fell asleep the night before on the third floor of the home and wasn't missed int the rush.

Q: What kind of pizza did Kevin order while he was home alone?

A: Kevin order a Little Nero's cheese pizza

Q: How old is Kevin?

A: Kevin is 8 years old

Q: Who was the first person to realize that Kevin had been left behind?

A: His mother, Kate, played by Catherine O'Hara

Q: Where did Kevin's family fly to on vacation?

A: Paris, France

Q: What name did the crooks, Marv and Harry, give themselves?

A: The Wet Bandits

Q: What item does Kevin steal from the store?

A: Kevin steals a toothbrush. It was an accident.

Q: What kind of arachnid was released during the movie?

A: Kevin released a tarantula during the movie

Home Alone Movie Quote

“You guys give up, or are you thirsty for more?”

— Kevin McCallister From Home Alone

Scott Calvin finds himself in a real Christmas pickle when he mistakenly helps Santa fall off a roof. Scott finds himself involved with The Santa Clause and finds out that he has to take on Santa's responsibilities. Released in 1994, The Santa Clause has become another classic movie to watch during the holiday season. Some of the actors in The Santa Clause are:

  1. Tim Allen as Scott Calvin
  2. Judge Reinhold as Neal
  3. Wendy Crewson as Laura
  4. Eric Lloyd as Charlie
  5. David Krumholtz as Bernard
  6. Larry Brandenburg as Detective Nunzio

Q: What happens to Scott when Santa falls?

A: Scott is magically transported to the North Pole.

Q: Who explains what's going on when Scott gets to the North Pole?

A: An elf named Bernard explains the situation to Scott.

Q: How old is Bernard?

A: Bernard is 900 years old.

Q: What did Santa Claus need to have by Christmas Eve?

A: Scott Calvin as Santa needed to find a wife by Christmas Eve.

Q: Which of Santa's lists was Charlie on?

A: Charlie was on the naughty list because he got in trouble at school with principle Newman.

Q: Who does Scott marry?

A: Scott marries Carol Newman, Charlie's principle.

Q: How did Scott gain so much weight so quickly?

A: He was living on a diet of cookies and milk.

Q: What does Comet get Scott for Christmas.

A: Comet gives Scott a rope.

The Santa Clause Quote

"Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night! When I get home, I'm getting a CAT scan!"

— Scott Calvin In The Santa Clause

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