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Christmas Gifts For Business Travellers



Is there anyone special in your life who travels a lot? Business travellers must spend a significant amount of time waiting in flights, trains, and cars. They are weighed down by their luggage and must often pass the time in waiting areas.

Gift Ideas

Here are a few gift suggestions for the traveller in your life:

  • Miniatures - Miniatures are anything and anything that is tiny or miniature in scale. Perfumes, aftershaves, deodorants, and shaving foams all help the exhausted traveller lighten their load. Miniature bottles of real malt whisky and other alcoholic spirits will help your travelling companion unwind before and after a trip!
  • Handheld Play Station – This is a perfect way to pass the time while waiting for a delayed flight or train. For those that are extremely anxious, make sure to include the best shoot and destroy games.
  • Travel and Neck Pillows – These are ideal for sleeping or relaxing on long trips. Be sure to have a bottle of calming oils to help you cope with the stresses of the workplace. It is well worth the extra money to purchase one that remains inflated and lasts for many trips.
  • Blow-up Balls – If you're trapped in a hotel in the middle of nowhere, these are a perfect way to stay in shape. It's crazy how many exercises a fitness fanatic can do with only a blow up ball!

  • Luxury Hot Water Bottle – Perfect for cold nights in hotels that aren't well-heated.
  • Grooming Kit - Make sure the grooming kit contains all of the required high-quality grooming aids. This way, when they return from a long trip, they'll always look good enough to sleep with!
  • iPod Nano – This is a remarkably small portable media player. It has the ability to play all of their favourite songs and store up to five hours of video and TV shows. This will keep the bored traveller occupied for several hours at a time.
  • Latest Digital Cameras – These are now so fine... Who wants an old-fashioned video camera? Check for a built-in flash and a large memory card.
  • Sunglasses – Without them being present, you'll need to know your partner very well to find out which style will fit their face shape.
  • Annual Multi-trip Travellers Insurance – If you've been together for a long time and dating isn't a problem, why not get them anything useful? This gift would also alleviate your concerns over who will pay the bills if your loved one passes away!
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Having their gift waiting for them when they arrive at their hotel room is a really romantic idea. Have a bottle of their favourite wine or some beautiful flowers delivered on the day of their arrival, and their face will light up when they arrive.

Good luck!!!

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