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Christmas Decorations on a Budget and a Peek at Some Treasured Ornaments

This bench is easy to construct and is portable. It is an excellent spot to enjoy some cool breezes and hear the sounds of nature.

A lovely wreath to welcome guests~~Made by my daughter several years ago, it is still beautiful and hangs on my front door again this year.


Cute little snowman


No need to break the bank, to stress, to be unhappy at holiday time when it comes to decorating your home. It takes only a little imagination and creativity to create decorations that will bring a little cheer to your home.

In this article two Christmas wreaths and one Thanksgiving wreath is shown. There is also a happy little snowman decoration and a Santa napkin holder. The idea for the little snowman was one my daughter found on Pinterest.

Another way to save is to purchase gently used tablecloths and cloth napkins. They can be laundered carefully and they are ready to use.

. I have found that some of the cutest and most memorable decorations are the simple ones. You may wish to give these a try this year.

A felt Santa napkin holder/fun for kids to make


Santa napkin holder (Can be turned in an Easter Bunny napkin holder simply)

To make the Santa napkin holder:

  • You need red, pink white felt
  • small pom poms
  • googly eyes
  • glue
  • scissors

Make a pattern using steps shown. Cut out. Glue. Let dry.

Cute and fun for a holiday dinner or breakfast on Christmas morning

Excellent Little DIY Ideas

Where to get free or almost free ornaments/ribbons/lace

  • Yard sales
  • Relatives
  • Your attic
  • Your containers in which ornaments are stored
  • Church rummage sales
  • Discount tables in many stores

A good time to stock up if you want new items is after Christmas when items are marked down to 75% and 90% off.

Another beautiful wreath my daughter made/ready to be stored away

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Create a wreath

To create a wreath you need:

  • a wire form for a wreath/straw form for a wreath
  • lace
  • glass balls
  • decorations or ornaments
  • faux pine garland/real pine garlands can be used too (they smell so good)

Assemble the parts of the wreath as you please.

This is not really too time consuming. These three wreaths were put together in 2 hours.

About the wreaths in the photographs:

These wreaths are mounted on metal wreath forms that were in the free bin at the church yard sale.All other items were ten cents apiece at the same church yard sale. The grand total that my daughter spent on them was about $3.50. If you have priced wreaths especially of this size, they begin at about $59.00.

A Second Christmas wreath


Storage of wreaths

Storing wreaths safely can mean that you can use them again and again.

To store:nd through the loop that is used to hang the wreath on the wreath holder on your door.

2. Tie ribbon or cord in a secure knot and hang over a clothes hanger.

3. Cover the wreathe with a large black trash bag or two smaller bags connected together it you have no black ones. I invert the bag so the open end is at the bottom so dust does not come in to spoil the wreath. I make a tiny hole in the bottom of the bag and slip it over the crook of the clothes hanger.

4. Voila!! Protected wreath....You can use the following year or several years later.

The little snowman

To make a snowman you need:

  • a little clay pot
  • a sock that an infant has outgrown
  • a pom pom
  • paint
  • paint brush

You can put your own personality into these little decorations as well. You could make a family of elves, a Santa or Mrs. Claus, A Rudolph, a team of reindeer. You can have lots of fun with these crafts. These are simple enough for children to do. Happy decorating.

Thanksgiving wreath


Time Stood Still

When I was preparing to decorate, which I do just before Thanksgiving, I came across a bag of memories. And in another container, more memories awaited. I am sharing a few of them with you in photos.

Truly, time flew back to the years when I first acquired these items and all of the wonder and excitement and magic of Christmas time flew into my mind and heart.

Our Musical Angel from our travels in Japan in the 70's


Annual Trip to Asakusabashi, Japan

From 1973 to 1977, my (then) husband and I lived on Tachikawa Air Base in Japan. Each year a few weeks before Christmas, we traveled to Asakusabashi to buy tons of decorations for very little yen. It was kind of an overwhelming experience because there were so many sizes, shapes, and designs. Too many choices were possible.

But somehow my friend who was also my neighbor managed to fill our bags and head home via the train. At home we had to ooh and aah over each new purchase.

The ones pictured here are only a fraction of what I acquired on those annual trips.

A Fun Pilgrimage Every Year

A Few of the Ornaments bought in Asakusabashi, Japan in the 70's


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Patricia Scott (author) from North Central Florida on December 02, 2019:

Howdy, Neighbor..Yes they do. It is a walk down memory lane each year. One I did not show is a tiny faux bell my daughter made when she was four. It was made from an egg carton and a pipe cleaner. What a precious memory. Thanks for stopping to read and comment. Angels are headed your way this evening. Stay warm. It is supposed to be 34 up her in north central FL. ps