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Free Christmas Coloring Pages

Please scroll down to download the Christmas coloring pages

Please scroll down to download the Christmas coloring pages

These free Christmas coloring pages will help to keep the kids out from underfoot while you prepare for the holidays. The full-page coloring sheets have Christmas themes and will keep the little ones busy for hours.

These Christmas kids coloring pages feature four designs: a beautiful snowflake; a dog chasing snowflakes; a fox and dog in the snow and two Christmas puppies. Each coloring page also has a holiday message on it, so your children can give them as greeting cards to friends and relatives after they've colored them. You can even help them personalize the messages on the coloring pages for each recipient.The coloring pages can also be used as Christmas clip art!

For a special effect, glitter glue can be used on top of crayon, markers or paint to make the pages sparkle. If you use the glitter glue, the results will be better if the pages are printed on cardstock instead of paper.

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