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Cheap, Creative Halloween Costume Ideas

Tornado Idea

Tornado Idea

Easy and cheap, oh my!

Halloween is creeping up quickly. What will your costume be this year? I think about that last in retrospect to home remodeling, work, groceries, and other melancholy "adult" things. Once upon a time, I invested time and money into a 4-5 hour makeover, but that phase has come and passed. Now, Halloween costumes are about creativity and fun; an art masterpiece if you will, which leads me to my first cheap and easy, but definitely creative Halloween costume suggestion...

Cloud Costume

Cloud Costume

12 funny, cute, awesome, and clever costumes for anyone

  • This one works well for kids and adults alike: "Where's the Cat in the Hat?" Sport a striped sweater, thick-rimmed, circular glasses (black works best), and a large striped hat. Add a couple of whiskers to your cheeks using eye liner or face make-up from the Halloween section at the store, and you have taken "Where's Waldo" to Dr. Seuss land! Of course, you can opt for either or as well: The Cat in the Hat, or Where's Waldo.
  • An "Art Masterpiece"! Take an old poster, or use a frame & create your own artwork, punch a large hole (large enough for your head), and hang it proudly around your neck. Even easier and less expensive: draw a picture on a big piece of cardboard and string it around your neck, or tape it to your shirt. Alternatively, paint your clothes in crazy designs and colors, and paint your face to coordinate. YOU are now an art masterpiece!
  • Q-tip. This one is simple and extremely cheap. Dress yourself head-to-toe in white. Then, gather cotton of some sort (cotton balls, but I find it easier to use décor cobwebs) and form the cotton of your choosing into a cone-shape atop your head. You're now a Q-Tip!
  • Siren the alarms! Cover yourself head-to-toe in dark colors (gray, navy, black). Attach random objects (a paper clip, leaves, candy wrappers, crumpled paper, etc.) using string & tape - to your shirt (ALL of your shirt - front and back). Once done, spin around. You are now a tornado! Feel free to tease your hair to mimic the wind tunnel effect!
  • For the tech-savvy man... Using foam, cardboard, paper, or whatever fits your budget/needs, cut out 2 simple (but somewhat large) letter E's, and tape or glue one to the front of a shirt (of your choosing. An under shirt would work just fine.), and the other to the back of the shirt. Wallah, you are E-male!
  • Friends of mine in high school did this. If you have a group of 5 or so, this & the following would work well for you! Find cheap, brightly-colored sweats (sweatshirt & sweatpants) -thriftstores are great places to look- and stuff the sweatshirt with a pillow. On the front (belly area) of the sweatshirt, glue or paint designs like a cloud, a heart, or a sun. You all are now Carebears!
  • Dress yourselves head-to-toe in green. Get colored fabric that measures approximately 3-4" wide and 15-20" long. This fabric will wrap your head (around your eyes), so you'll want to cut 2 eye holes enabling you to see! Using black fabric paint, paint or spray the look of a turtle shell on your back, and throw on some shorts that match your headband! You're all Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! (Adding "muscle" suits, if your budget allows, makes this a little more real.)
  • This one is probably the cheapest of all! Wear your normal clothes, but backwards. Put on a hat of some sort, but also backwards. You're Backwardsman! Walking/running backwards adds to the allure of the costume!
  • (I have found that this one works well for the 20-something crowd.) Females: wear a button-down, collared shirt that is loose-fitting, with shorts, flip-flops, messy hair, and "day-old" make-up (smear a little lipstick and mascara). You are "the walk of shame".
  • EASY Beer Bottle: From your local grocery store, get a foil pie pan. Poke/cut a hole on one side, and again on the opposite side, and run string (about 12-18" long) of your choosing from one side to the other, through the holes. Get a beer-endorsed shirt of your own, and dress casually otherwise. Place the pie pan on your head, w/ the string under your chin (as a hat). You are now a beer bottle! Of course, this is a cheaper version. You can certainly dress this up however you would like!
  • Wrap your body in aluminum foil (arms, bodice, and legs separately so that you can still walk and move). Wear a beret, and you are now a french kiss! Vuala!
  • Wear a dark-colored sweatshirt, covered in cotton balls or artificial spider webbing from the local craft store. You are a cloud! Carry a squirt gun, and you are now a rain cloud! Add a fabric lightning bolt, and/or a cone-shaped "Cloud" atop the head for more cloudiness!

Happy Halloween!

Be creative!

Halloween -for adults at least- is no longer about "less is more". Feel free to be cheap and creative! I recently saw on Ellen that a little boy dressed like a prince, but with a stuffed whale (hole cut in it, and he slid in it as a costume, around his waist) around him. He was the "Prince of Whales!" Not only was it clever, but cute and funny.

This year, while rushing to figure out what to wear, think about what is already in your closet, bathroom cabinet, utility room, or kitchen, and make your own costume! It will not only save you time and money, but bring laughs -or scares- to the party!

Enjoy, and Happy Halloween 2012!

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