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Celebrations You Can Set Fireworks Off For


Everyone knows that here in the United States of America we have the annual tradition of setting off fireworks in celebration of our nation’s independence from England. These firework displays are always as big, loud, and amazing as we can make them for as long as we can make them - typically from the moment the sun sets to well into the night, and perhaps a few the day before or the day after. However, this truly American holiday is not the only occasion where setting off an explosive is deemed appropriate and welcomed with gusto. There are plenty of other holidays and celebrations, national and international, where they are not only welcome but highly encouraged. Below are listed a few examples:

New Year’s Eve

In many areas, including New Orleans and Louisiana in the United States, and Sydney in Australia, known for being the first major city worldwide to celebrate the new year, setting off fireworks is the preferred way of celebrating the new year rather than watching a descending crystal ball as they do in New York.

Additionally, the Chinese New Year, which is celebrated sometime between January 21st and February 20th depending on the lunar calendar, is also a great time to view colorful firework shows that mirror the hues seen in accompanying parades. Fireworks and firecrackers were actually invented in China, most likely sometime during the Song Dynasty, and long believed to be an effective method of warding off evil spirits. As a result, it’s traditional for fireworks and firecrackers alike to be set off throughout the entire period of Chinese New Year, during New Year’s Eve and Day, and during the various festivals and dinners held in the new year’s honor.

Other Summer Holidays

There are many reasons to head to your local fireworks store for dynamically fun supplies. It could be that you want to put on a show after your Memorial Day or Labor Day barbecues, or you just think that the summertime is the best time to be outside and want something beautiful to look at in the night sky. Since fireworks can be so closely associated with patriotism thanks to the Fourth of July, fireworks can be a great way to celebrate the troops and their service for their country.

There’s a chance you could see a lot of fireworks at events such as festivals and fairs, especially in the summer when everyone is out of school and the weather is warm enough. Your state fair, local fair, or traveling venue may include a fireworks display to either open or close out their activities.

Special Occasions

Big events such as high school and college graduations, weddings, dances, and landmark birthdays such as your 18th, 21st, 30th, and 40th birthdays are precious times in the lives of both you and your families and friends, and they should be lauded as such. Fireworks give your party, and by simple association, the reason for the party, that extra special celebratory vibe and entertain your guests at not only the events as they occur but at the after-parties later that night.

Somewhere else you’ll see a fantastic fireworks display is the Olympics, celebrating the athletes and their accomplishments. Usually, these shows are saved for the opening and closing ceremonies as ways to either drum up excitement for what’s coming or to end on a memorable note.

Halloween and Christmas

Yes, in some countries both Halloween, in the case of Canada, and Christmas, mainly in South America, are observed with firework displays. While this may sound unusual to you as an American, just think of the elaborate setups that some private homeowners commit to just to observe these incredibly festive holidays with zeal. Who’s to say that a firework show on top of everything is too much? And, don’t forget, in warmer climates, outdoor Halloween and Christmas festivals are common, and what better way is there to cap off a grand affair than with shooting off some fireworks?

In conclusion, there are many occasions and reasons to incorporate a fireworks display into your holiday, party, event, or celebration outside of American Independence Day. You just have to open your mind to the opportunities waiting out there for you (and make sure you’re doing both safely and legally). Make sure to keep any children far away from the area where the fireworks are being lit, and be sure to respect your local laws pertaining to fireworks, and you should be in for a very memorable and enjoyable occasion.

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