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Celebrating Women everywhere on Mother's Day.

I have a passion for life, and a zeal for understanding the depths of human nature.


A mother's character.

Ever heard the saying "It takes a village to raise a child?" Nurturing may start in the womb but it's a cycle that continues throughout the span of life. Who is a mother? A mother is every woman who sets an example for her son, knowing she will play a role in the wife he chooses.

For her daughter's, she's a role model, understanding she will be her daughter's first example of how ladies should conduct themselves.

A mother was your first babysitter while your parent's worked. The one Who kept you on schedule teaching you time management.

A mother is your grandmother, female relative, adoptive parent or another woman who offered you shelter when you had no place to go; this kind of nurturing can only come from someone who possesses the ingredients of being a mother.

A mother is the woman who imparted wisdom in you and, was or is, essential to your spiritual or academic growth.

A mother is the nurse who made you feel like you were her only patient; Or the caregiver who has the gift of showing her client's unconditional love.

A mother is the stranger who corrected you when she saw you doing wrong, and, though you didn't appreciate it, because she wasn't your mother, correction comes from a place of love.

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Every woman on earth is a mother and, every man on earth is a father, we all have a responsibility to lead, guide and nurture showing the next generations what mothers and fathers should look like; we are the face.

A Mothers Love.

Your mother: was most likely the first woman who believed in you, the one who encouraged you in every way.

Your mother overcame every obstacle and witnessing that strength is why you're still standing today.

Your mother taught you right from wrong instilling the values you still hold dear today.

Your mother cried the moment she heard your first heartbeat and knew from that moment on her life would never be the same.

Your mother endured things you could never imagine understanding it was her responsibility to keep you fed, clothed and safe.

Remember: this day is not about flowers and candy, it's about celebrating your mother. You only have one mother but you've encountered many mother's. I encourage you to appreciate your mother's, not just today but every day.

© 2022 Dana Tate

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