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Cat Birthday Party Theme


A Purr-Fect Cat Birthday Party Theme

I would love to help you with some great ideas on having a Cat Themed Birthday Party. So lets go and plan a party that will have you purrrring with excitement.

You will find everything you need here to give you that inspiration you need to make a great memory for your little one. This one one party theme I did for my own daughter and you will also see my ideas and photos from her party shared here as well.


Glamour Cats Birthday Party Packs

Glamour Cats Deluxe Party Pack

Includes 8 invitations, dinner plates, cups, forks, spoons, 16 napkins, tablecover, centerpiece, mylar balloon, 24 balloons (2 colors), crepe paper rolls (2 colors), curling ribbon (2 colors), hearts confetti and cake candles.

Glamour Cats Basic Party Pack

Includes 8 invitations, dinner plates, cups, forks, spoons, 16 napkins, solid-color tablecover, 24 balloons (2 colors), crepe paper rolls (2 colors) hearts confetti.

Think Cats

Keep games simple

Always prepare in advance and have extra games planned for time fillers if needed

Here are few cute game ideas for your PURR-Fect Party

Official Cat Naming Ceremony - Have some plain labels available to stick on each guest. Line the kids up starting with the Birthday Child and now the naming ceremony begins. Each child will be named a cat name using the first letter of their names. For Example: Katie - Kit Kat. Then write their cat name on the label and for the rest of the party she will be called Kit Kat - and so on. Want to add to the ceremony? If so give them cat ears - you can make these simply by getting cheap headbands and adding some cut ears to them or you can buy some online. The kids really love this.

Meowing Contest - Lets get those kids meowing and acting like cats. Have them sit in a circle and starting with the birthday child have them give a nice meow, then follow by the next child and so on. The kids laugh so much doing this. Then have them do an angry meow, a cat fight meow and a good try at a purr. You can award a prize for this if you like, but the laughter is the best prize.

Thirsty Cat - Get some disposable bowls and fill each with the same amount of water using a measuring cup. Maybe 1/2 cup will be enough. Then have all the bowl on the ground lined up and have each guest get on all fours like a cat and on go who ever can lap up their water without using their hands is the winner.

Mousers Game - We all know cats like mice right? Well similiar to an egg hunt you will be hiding mice. Honestly I use the eggs and draw mice faces on them. Hide them around indoors/outdoors and then they have to gather all the mice they can find and bring them back. NOTE: Make sure you know how many you hide or make a limit on how many each guest can find. If you like add prizes inside for the kids - like swedish fish,cat stickers,balls etc... Simple and the kids love it.

Tail Tag - Cats love to chase tails - well mine do at least - so this is good. Get some material and cut it up in 3-4 foot lengths by a few inches. Each guest will stick this out from their pants in the back. This is played like tag, but each guest must save their tails. They have to chase each other and grab the others tails. When you lose your tail you are out. Last tailed cat wins!!!

Musical Cat Beds - Played just like musical chairs with a name change. Instead of using chairs lay out towels and call them cat beds. Play as you would musical chairs. Last cat laying in bed wins!!!

Pass the Flea - Also based on the classic Hot Potato. Find a black Bean bag or something you can pass off as a flea. No cats like fleas ya know!!! So get the music started and which ever cat is left with the flea - well they itch!!! I like to have prizes for all the kids and let them pick from a basket of cheap, but useable items as they get out of the game. Everyone is a winner really. What would be really cute is to find a sound track of the flea commercial and use that music - I got no fleas on me...

Name that Cat - Find pictures of cartoon cats off the internet like Garfield, Cat in the Hat, Sylvester and so on... You can either make a sheet up with their photos and see whoever can get the most right or have them all sit and hold up the pictures and see if they can guess the famous kitty.

Pin the tail on the Kitty - Draw a nice picture of a cat or have us do it for you - just inquire and have them play as you would Pin the tail on the Donkey.

Cat Fishing - Cat love to fish if they have the chance. So you can make a fishing came or buy an inexpensive one with the magnetic fish. To make one just get a wood dowel and string - tie it on and add a magnet at the end. Then make some fun colorful fishes with card stock and put paper clips on the end. You can put numbers on the bottoms that correspond to prizes to if you like. Let them get fishing!!!

Poor Kitty Game - Arrange the guests in a circle with a blindfolded player in the center. Then have the players move around the circle very quietly. The blindfolded guest should approach the circle in any direction and secure a victim who, in a disguised voice, says 'poor kitty' and then imitates the 'meow' of a cat. If the blindfolded guest fails to identify his prisoner, he releases him and the game continues. If he succeeds, the two change places.

The Cat-Walk - Have some fun dress up stuff available for the guests, old clothing big and funny hats and so on. Make a runway - you can even use a solid colored sheet and have cameras in hand for the pose. Put them all in a pile and on go each guest, one at at time, will run to the pile pick some stuff to put on and walk The Cat Walk with their best cat walk they have meowing and all. You can even play the theme song from Josie and the Pussycats while each guest model. At the end of the runway they can strike a pose for a photo!!! This is fun!!!

How many cat treats? - Guess how many cat treats are in the jar. Find a cool jar and add some goldfish, swedish fish or anything you think looks like cat treats and have the guests try to guess how many are in the jar. Whoever comes the closest wins them!! For the losers maybe make little bags up so everyone really is a winner.

Clean the litter box - This is cute and the kids love this - can get messy. Get a litter box from the store and a scoop. Fill the box with rocks - smaller rocks. Have a big bowl next to the litter box to scoop into. Blind fold the guest and give them 30 seconds to see how much litter they can get into the bowl. Another alternative to rocks and LESS messy is to use cotton balls - this makes it even tougher to do and so funny - cause they think they are getting stuff on their scoop, but a lot of times are not at all. Want to add to the fun - add some tootsie rolls in there for the effect. Kids love gross stuff and it makes them laugh.

Eating with no hands like a Cat

Eating with no hands like a Cat

Eating with no hands like a Cat

Feed The Kitty Game


Stuff a Cat Party Activity

What is a Stuffable Cat Party Package You ask?

It is all about the Cat - We will supply you with Stuffable Cat of choice (and there are many) stuffing and wishing stars, outfits (so many to choose from), Custom Birth Certificates, Custom Invitations with all your party info, Thank yous (all sent in a JPG format for easy printing), Game Ideas and more. We ship anywhere you just pay the shipping and it is there.

What is the cost you ask?

Well that will depend on the party size and how many stuffable Cats and outfits you need.

The Party Animal will work with you any way we can so that your child can have a one of a kind party with out breaking the bank. That is what we do. It is like having a party coordinator without the bill.

We like to give you that one on one service to see what all your needs are for the party and help you make it the best and as easy as it can be for you.

How do you order?

All you need to do is visit our website The Party Animal


Craft Ideas

Kids love crafts

Keep them simple and think of their ages

Crafts can become the child's favor too to save money!!

There are so many crafts out there you can do for a cat theme - Oriental Trading is a good place to search and find some affordable crafts for the party. Here are a couple of my favorites:

Froot Loop Collars - The kids really loves these - they are easy - oh and YUMMY. Just take fruit Loops some yarn/string and the white round sale tags for the middle where they can put their Cat Names on. Have them string on Froot Loops making sure it is big enough to go around their necks and "WALLA" an edible collar that is fun to eat.

Cat Faces - Take paper plates, one for each guest, cut them so you have pointy ears on the top (do this before the party). Glue or Tape on craft sticks to the bottom. Have crayons available so that all the guests can create their very own cat face on the plates. Then when everyone is done take a photo of everyone holding their cat face in front of them. It is a great group shot.

Cat Face

Cat Face

Cat Face

Cat Face Group Shot

Cat Face Group Shot

Cat Face Group Shot


Food Ideas

Keep Food Simple

Have Finger foods kids like to eat

Make it Fun

Kids do not tend to eat a lot at parties - then like to snack mostly. Keep it simple and do not go crazy. A nice variety of little things is really what they love to have. Get creative and choose a kid friendly menu and get creative with the way you display the food to keep within your cat theme. Here are some fun food ideas for your cat party that will make everyone - MEOOOOW

Goldfish - Just add them in a Cat Food Bowl - you can find these at the dollar store and it adds just the right touch - or use a plastic bowl and draw cat prints or cat words on the side to look like a cat bowl with markers. Or find a cheap Fish Bowl to display them in.

Cat Chow - So many ways to make this - some use the Chex Mix recipe or I just took some Cocoa Puffs and another cereal and mixed some together and it looked like Cat Food - Kids loved it. Just get creative.

Tuna Sandwiches - Just note most kids do not like Tuna - maybe have other choices.

Cheese Plater - Most kids love cheese

Cookie Shapes - Make fun Fish shaped cookies

Cut up fruit and veggies - Add something healthy and have some fruit and veggies - you can even put them on sticks for extra fun. Most kids like carrots and cucumbers and small tomatoes with dip.

Popcorn - Pop some up for a healthier choice than all the chips. I am not saying to not have chips - just try and limit all the high fat stuff when able.

Litter Box Cake - Gross - but a hit every time

Litter Box Cake - Gross - but a hit every time

Litter Box Cake - Gross - but a hit every time

Litter Box Cake Recipe

There are many recipes out there for this, but this is what I did. Make sure to buy a NEW small litter box and a NEW litter box scoop. I actually used pudding - chocolate pudding mixed with cool whip with a bottom layer of crushed chocolate Graham crackers. The top is crushed regular Graham crackers and Nilla wafers. After you crush them up take a small amount aside and add a drop or so of green food coloring - this will give the litter that look of the smell crystals in it. Then mix it will the other and "POOF" you got your litter. Add the litter to the top close to the time guest arrive. The Poops are Tootsie rolls. You make those by sticking them in the microwave for 15 seconds till workable, then you form then into poop shapes. Make sure to sprinkle some litter on them - so they look real. Then just stick your scoop in and you have a gross dessert that will have people talking and the kids giggling.

Cat Face Cup Cakes

Cat Face Cup Cakes

Cat Face Cup Cakes

Cat Cupcakes

This is how I made mine. I just made cupcakes and frosted them with chocolate frosting. I added green M&M's for the eyes, jelly bean noses and small graham cracker sticks broken in half for the ears and string licorice cut in 6 small pieces for the whiskers. That simple. You can really use anything to make the faces - just be creative - see what candies are in your cabinets and get to work. They are always sure to please...

Goldfish in Cat Dish

Goldfish in Cat Dish

Goldfish in Cat Dish

My Cat Chow

My Cat Chow

My Cat Chow



Keep it Simple

Be creative

Try to use things you all ready have in the house

Get the kids involved

In my party planning experience people seem to spend money where it is not really needed. Like on fancy plates and expensive decorations. Ok it is nice, but really we all like to save money and this is one way to do just that. You can have a room look like you spent tons, but did not and it has more character and meaning my way.

I like to get the kids involved when ever I can - they like that. For my daughter's cat party I had her and my niece make all the party signs. They drew colorful cats and I hung them all over. They loved to see their artwork and so did everyone else. Then I had them gather all the cat stuffed animals and toys around the house. I then just took them and put them all over in fun spots and there you had it - Cat Party. Of course you can add in things like balloons to make it more festive. A cute way for this is to purchase some inexpensive plastic cat toys, then tie them on to the bottom of the balloon strings to make weights for them. Have them different heights all around the rooms. Then as the kids leave have them take one with them and now clean up is done and they got something extra to take home with a cat toy at the end. Good place to look for cat toys - even littlest pet shop cats in bulk is Ebay.

Now onto plates and stuff. I usually do not buy the fancy stuff - I just pick a solid color plate to save money. If you like the fancy stuff - maybe just pick and accent napkin or cake plate. You can even draw paw prints onto the solid cups in permanent markers. It just takes small touches to add that theme flare - do not over do it. Simple is the key.

You can even get a solid colored table cloth and a paw print stamp and stamp it up or my favorite is a big paper one cut from a craft store roll in a solid color - throw some crayons on top and let the kids draw pictures all over it - who does not love that?

Cat Decorations everywhere - using stuffed animal cats

Cat Decorations everywhere - using stuffed animal cats

Cat Decorations everywhere - using stuffed animal cats

Stuffed animal cats hanging out on a window sill

Stuffed animal cats hanging out on a window sill

Stuffed animal cats hanging out on a window sill

Handmade party decor by the kids

Handmade party decor by the kids

Handmade party decor by the kids

Party Favors

Keep it Simple

Be creative

Think small useful items and goodies kids like

Be creative

This is another area where people seem to go nuts. People seem to think they need to send the kids home with an expensive gift as a thank you. Remember favors are just a small token to say thanks for coming - not christmas gifts. I do not know at what point favors became $20 dollars to each child - that is just insane. Now kids do look for favors at the end of a party - them love them, but you can keep them simple and inexpensive too.

A lot of times party crafts can become the party favor - so you spend the money on crafts and it also serves as the favor - like in the stuffable cat party (seen above).

I can go on about all favor ideas, but this is a cat party and I will just tell you what I did for my daughters party.

Just when choosing your favors - think useful items - I cannot stand when my son or daughter comes home from a party with bags full of pounds of candy and junk. I know you all know what I am talking about. So just think of what you would not mind your child coming home with and watch for sales and great deals on bulk items. Once again - KEEP IT SIMPLE.

Here is what I did in a pinch - I was limited on time, but this is what I can up with quickly and they were PURRR-FECT. I took plastic cups and turned them into my favor - I cut out triangle ears colored middles Pink with marker and a tiny triangle nose and glued with a low temp glue gun onto the cup. I drew on eyes and whiskers. They I had some bows left over from X-Mas and glued them onto the cup for an extra touch - now my favors were born.

Now what to fill them with

I found Plastic Paper clip Magnets at Rite Aid for .50 ea - clipped to the back of the cup and it acted like a tail. The kids can use this in their lockers or to hold papers. Then on the bottom of the cup I had a small layer of swedish fish (most kids love them), I added one Peanut Butter cup (my daughters favorite), I then added a small snack size bag of Cheetos, a cool design mechanical pencil - which I bought in a pack and I added in 3-D glasses for the upcoming Miley Cyrus concert on TV - they were free at Wal-Mart. That is it - and the kids were excited and I did not break the bank.

So what can you come up with?

My Cat Favor Cups

My Cat Favor Cups

My Cat Favor Cups

Top view of Cat Favor Cup

Top view of Cat Favor Cup

Top view of Cat Favor Cup

Unique Cat Crafts

Cat Party Favors

More Cat Party Favors Ideas

Cat Party Dishes for snacks & Litter Cake on Amazon

Cat Stickers for Favors

Cat Games - Great Unique Gifts ideas for The Birthday Child

Unique Cat Gift Ideas - Great Unique Gifts ideas for The Birthday Child

Links to other cool Cat Related Pages for the Party

Another inexpensive favor idea is to print out a bunch of Cat Coloring and Activity Pages - make a cover sheet - bind them together and give them as a favor along with a pack of crayons. A cute favor that will not cost you tons. Below are some links to FREE printable coloring pages.


My Shout Out

Happy 8th Birthday Amber who was my inspiration for a PURR-Fect Party. You are my precious angel!!

Feedback would be just PURR-FECT

shellywh on June 23, 2013:

Having a purrr-fectly fun 8th Birthday party soon. Love lots of your ideas. We will play several of the games you suggested. Thank you!

Beverly Rodriguez from Albany New York on January 16, 2013:

Very cute ideas and tips.

aardvarkapparel on June 23, 2011:

The litter box ones are too funny!

heehaw lm on April 25, 2011:

i did not know that people do celebrates cats party too , hehehe , however it is a good activities for kids and family.

r2fish on April 14, 2011:

hey...nicely decorated lens. I love this one..

Missmerfaery444 on April 12, 2011:

What a purrrrrfect party idea! Fabulous ideas for a cat party, I love your cute game ideas! Blessed and featured on Blessings from the Birthdays Angel!

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anonymous on July 19, 2010:

Okay, I am not a cat lover but I think that litter box cake is so cute and gross that I want to throw a cat party. Great lens.

Shelly Sellers from Midwest U.S.A. on January 17, 2010:

Prrrrr.....love the lens :) We LOVE kitty cats too!

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Susanna Duffy from Melbourne Australia on December 30, 2008:

This Cat Party lens just knocked me out! Off my chair! Also had me reaching for my notebook to scribble ideas. Truly this is one of the loveliest lenses I have ever seen, informative, instructional, inspiring and highly entertaining. Absolutely top notch and a whole heap of excessive superlatives. I wish I could give you more than five stars

anonymous on July 25, 2008:

Nice lens. I love the glitter text. Very cool. Plenty of good party ideas here. I also lens rolled you on my Frisky Felines and Cat Quotes page. 5*'s.

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