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2017 Quilt Calendars for Quilters with Pictures of Quilts and Quilting Patterns

A lover of arts and crafts, Shasta Matova enjoys making artistic, applique, pieced, traditional, miniature, modern, and crazy quilts.


Calendars make beautiful and inexpensive gifts. They are practical, since people can use it to figure out what day it is, remember important appointments, and avoid scheduling events when they are busy.

They are also beautiful to see, and make great decorations. The gorgeous photos allow a small respite from the busyness of day to day life. Since the picture changes every month, it provides a nice change in décor without much effort.

These calendars are especially tailored for quilters. They include beautiful quilts of all kinds, and many of them also serve as a double function, since they also include patterns to make the quilts. These patterns will make them useful past the calendar year. Choose one of these for your favorite quilter!

Of course non-quilters will also enjoy looking at the beautifully photographed quilts from past eras as well as current modern quilts. These calendars are very popular and tend to run out quickly, so get them while they last.

That Patchwork Place 2017 Quilt Calendar

The calendar from That Patchwork Place was the most popular calendar for 2016 and continues to hold the honor for 2017. The quilts include traditional as well as modern quilts, wall hangings as well as bed sized quilts. The calendar has a full picture on the top and large squares on the bottom for the calendar for the days, making it functional as well as beautiful. The designers this year include Vicki Bellino, Melissa Corry, Linda Lum DeBono, Kim Diehl, Mary Etherington and Connie Tesene of Country Threads, Gretchen Gibbons, Krista Hennebury, Carol Hopkins, Amber Johnson, Jeanne Large and Shelley Wicks, and Ayumi Takahashi. There is a tear-out section in the back that includes the patterns for all of the quilts that are shown.

Besides small wallhangings and queen size quilts, this calendar also includes other projects such as sewing-machine covers, patchwork totes, and an appliquéd pillow.

A Year of Quilts

Last year, That Patchwork Place also published A Year of Quilts. This calendar focuses on quilts that have been featured in popular books. These quilts are designed by Sara Diepersloot, Tammy Johnson and Avis Shirer, Jeanne Large and Shelley Wicks, Nancy Mahoney, and Rebecca Silbaugh. This calendar did not include any patterns. I was not able to find this calendar this year.

A Quilt Block Every Day Wall Calendar

This daily calendar includes a quilt block for every day of the year was published in 2016 but is not available for 2017. . Designer Debby Kratovil has provided 366 blocks and 12 quilts on this wall calendar. Instead of a large picture at the top and the days part unadorned, each day has a beautiful block on it, and yet there is plenty of space to write down your appointments and events. There is even space to write additional notes. This calendar does not include patterns.

Debby did publish a desk calendar for 2017, which is provided in this article.

Barn Quilt Calendar

If you have ever driven around the countryside in the Midwest, you probably have encountered a quilt block that has been painted on a barn. Now, you can get to enjoy these barn quilts from the comfort of your own home. Each month, you get a chance to enjoy a beautifully photographed barn quilt from all over the United States. This thirteen month calendar started with December 2015, so you can get an early start in getting organized and enjoying the pictures.

Unfortunately, there is not a barn quilt calendar for 2017.

Quilting Block & Pattern-a-Day Calendar

This calendar provides a new pattern each day from quilting designers Debby Kratovil and Jean Ann Wright. You can make a block every day of the year, and come up with lots of blocks to make several quilts at the end of the year. It provides something beautiful to look at every day. This calendar is not only useful in organizing your life, but getting 286 block designs and 26 new quilt designs is a great value.

Quilt Art Engagement Calendar

For the art quilt lover, this weekly calendar provides 54 quilts selected by Klaudeen Hansen. There are no patterns. This beautiful spiral-bound engagement calendar provides plenty of space to record your thoughts of the day or record your appointments. The book is easy to take with you, lays flat, and provides plenty of space to organize your life.

A Quilter's Desk Diary

A Quilter's Desk Diary is a hardcover book that provides a weekly calendar with beautiful photographs as well as tips and tricks from award-winning quilters. It includes information about national and international quilt competitions, including USA, UK, Canada, and Australia.

Although this beautiful diary was available for several years, it has not been published for 2017.

AQS Wall Calendar

The quilts on this wall calendar are past prizewinners at the prestigious American Quilter's Society Quilt Show and Contest in Paducah, Kentucky. The quilts are works of art, showing mastery in exquisite workmanship, design, and color. There are no patterns in this calendar. Instead, you get to see the best of the best without worrying if you have the skills to make them, and inspiration for your own future quilts.

Quilting By the Buggy Barn Wall Calendar

If you are looking for a calendar from Buggy Barn, alas, it is no longer being published. The store started its "Store Closing" sale in September 4, 2014.

Laundry Basket Quilts

For 2014 and 2015, Edyta Sitar's designs were featured in a calendar. . Each month features a different block from one of her books. The calendar did not contain any patterns. Instead, there was plenty of space to note everyday plans and events, and holidays and special days were highlighted. I was not able to find a 2016 or 2017 version of the calendar at the time of this writing.

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Jim Shore Wall Calendar

Jim Shore is known for his paintings, particularly of quilts. This calendar includes paintings of quilts. Even though every month does not feature a quilt, some of these paintings can serve as inspiration for landscape quilts. This wall calendar is made with linen textured and has plenty of space for writing down your appointments.

If you like calendars that are quilt related, but not exactly pictures of quilts, you may also be interested in Charles Wysocki wall calendar. It has Americana imagery such as an antique store that sells quilts.

Stitches to Savor

Sue Spargo has created her own wall calendar for the first time in 2016. Sue Spargo is well known to the quilting community and is the queen of embellishment. She uses simple shapes and diverse thread and fabric choices to make works of art with a variety of exquisite stitches. It is a way to get beyond simple piecing and applique. You can really put your heart and soul into your quilts with embroidery and these wonderful embellishments.

Orange Circle Studio

Another new calendar for 2016 was this Art of the Quilt calendar. It was successful and the company made a 2017 calendar. It includes a blend of traditional and modern quilts. The calendar includes instructions and patterns for quilts which were placed in a handy pocket calendar.

The company also makes a desk calendar pad.

Quilts from a Painter's Art

Diane Phalen paints beautiful watercolors of American life, and many include quilts in them. There are country cottages, flowers, barns, country stores, and other scenes of Amish country life from the rural Pennsylvania countryside. For many years, her paintings were featured in a calendar. There were no patterns in this calendar, so there is no pressure to make a quilt. Simply look, admire, and organize your life beautifully. I was unable to find a 2016 calendar at the time of this writing.

Cozy Cottage Calendar

Lori Holt has a blog called Bee in My Bonnet. I have been following it for several years now. She has shared many beautiful quilt patterns and inspiration on her blog. She's also written several books, including Farm Girl Vintage. I just a copy of that book this week.

This year, she has created a quilt calendar. It is available at quilt stores like The Fat Quarter Shop, but it is also available through Amazon. Each month, you can look at one or more beautiful projects that Lori has made, while you schedule your busy life. As a bonus, there are also patterns for a house block in two different sizes, a mini quilt and a pillow. People have been swept away with this calendar as The Fat Quarter Shop has organized a blog hop featuring this calendar, so you can see different ways people have interpreted her patterns in the calendar.

Lori has also provided a cute bonus project on her blog that features the cottage from the calendar and adds a tree, flowers and flying geese.

Personalized Calendar

Another idea for a calendar is to take photos of the quilts your favorite quilter has made, and get a calendar made from it. There are many photo places, including drugstores, which will make photo calendars and other photo gifts. Imagine the look of surprise on your favorite quilter's face as she recognizes that the photos on the calendar are the quilts she has lovingly made herself.

Quilt Calendars

Calendars make great, inexpensive, beautiful and practical gifts. Quilters appreciate looking at beautiful things, especially quilts, and would love to get a calendar.

A quilt calendar reminds the quilter about her favorite form of relaxation and eases some stress as she stays organized and keeps track of the appointments and activities of her life. It is a gift that will make her think of you every time she uses it.

© 2011 Shasta Matova

Comments: "Calendars for Quilters with Quilt Pictures and Quilting Patterns"

Shasta Matova (author) from USA on September 01, 2014:

Thanks Brenda. I use several - there is one which I use to keep track of my appointments, but the rest are there as decoration, and handy for keeping track of time especially when I am not working. When I make an appointment or hear about an event that is occurring on a particular date, it is nice to look at the calendar and see what day it falls on. It helps me remember the event that way, and helps rule out most conflicts before I check the tracking calendar.

Treasures By Brenda from Canada on August 19, 2014:

I love calendars -- too bad one can only use so many. These ones are lovely & perfect for quilters.

Shasta Matova (author) from USA on December 17, 2013:

Thanks Beverly. These calendars are so much fun since they include patterns. I haven't seen a recent Cd that goes with a Quilt Block a Day Calendar.

Beverly Hicks Burch from Southeastern United States on December 12, 2013:

What fun! I used to get the yearly Piecemakers Calendar, but I haven't seen one of those in years. I like the little Quilt Block a Day Calendar. One year they put out a CD/DVD with the calendar. Do you know if they still do?

Fun, article. Thanks.

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