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Why do we Give Gifts? 9 Reasons People buy Presents

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Why do we buy or give gifts on Christmas?

It is hard to imagine celebrating Christmas without thinking about giving or receiving Gifts , Christmas tree and Carols. Giving presents to loved ones on Christmas is an ancient tradition. Decorations and displays are done at almost all Christian homes during Xmas. Some plan their Holidays during Xmas.Remember the three wise men that visited Jesus Christ when he was born and brought him gifts. From the time of Creation God has given us innumerable gifts to us including his own son Jesus. Over time, the culture of giving gifts on Christmas to family and friends in Christian families developed.

But today we give gifts for our own reasons. For some people, it is a way to celebrate it as a very special day. For others, it is a special occasion to let family and friends know that you care by giving gifts. In short, People give gifts as a way of showing thoughtfulness, love and affection. When we give gifts, it brings joy or pleasure to the receiver. In addition, giving gifts is something which usually makes us feels good. When Shopping for gifts it does not matter whether the gift is small or cheap, the value in terms of love is beyond measure.

So, What makes us buy gifts? Given below are some common reasons for giving presents.

Why do we buy or give Gifts? Check out the Reasons for giving Presents on Christmas, New Year, Birthdays etc

Why do we buy or give Gifts? Check out the Reasons for giving Presents on Christmas, New Year, Birthdays etc

Some all time Gift Ideas

Reasons for giving Gifts

There are many reasons why people buy or give gifts.

1) First and foremost, it is a tradition to give gifts on occasions like Christmas and New Year. Giving gifts on Occasions like Christmas, New Year, Easter, Valentine's Day, Birthday and Wedding is becoming an expected ritual now.

2) Another valid reason for giving gifts to others is that others are of value to us. Gift-giving occasions are opportunities to affirm one's personal bonds to loved ones. If you ask me I don’t think there need to be any occasion to give a gift. It is just a way of showing affection. Chocolates, flowers, Best seller Books, jewelry, Music CD’s, Gadgets and Stuff toys are some all time gift ideas. One can pick a gift based on your understanding of what the other person appreciates or needs.

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3) Gifts can be a way of showing off our skills. I have given some of my own crafts as gifts and have received appreciations from the receiver. Giving a hand made gift indicates that you were willing to put in the time and efforts for that person. It’s just not crafts or painting which can be given as gifts in this category it can also be homemade chocolates and cakes, self knitted scarves and more.

4) Gift Occasions can be used for promoting your business. Last Ganesh Chaturthi I gave a Ganesh Rudraksha Bead as a gift to a friend and received several orders for rudraksha beads because of him. Companies give gifts on New Year especially to their Customers as a token of appreciation for their support. But I guess the actual point is influencing the customers to give more business. It has become a practice of most Companies to bribe Clients by giving them gifts which may be why Banks and institutions of repute have norms regarding employees accepting gifts beyond a certain value.

5) Gifts are given to mark milestones, such as Birthdays and Anniversaries, special occasions like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s and Father’s Days etc. Special events like the birth of a baby, graduations, retirements, baptisms and first communions are also celebrated.

6) Some people are reluctant to accept money even if they are in need of that because they consider it as Charity or hurt ego. But if it is a gifting occasion they would not mind accepting a gift from you. You can give something of utility to the person. My father does not need to accept money from me, but he would happily accept a shirt from me.

7) Companies give gifts to its employees as a token of appreciation for their valuable contribution. Similarly, one could give to those who work for them like a watch man or maid on this occasion.

8) Gifts are given for accomplishments. We may give gifts to reward another’s behavior such as a promotion or some achievement.

9) We also can give gifts as a cause. We are fortunate to have all what we need to have a comfortable life. But what about those who are not that fortunate? We can use the gifting occasion and bring a smile on those faces.

When it comes to giving gifts, we ourselves are the treasures to be given. Online shopping stores like Amazon has a wonderful range of gifts at affordable prices. Through online shops you can even send presents to those who stay in another country. There is a lot more one can do like even if it’s not a gifting occasion like adopting a child, giving education to a poor child, giving clothes or blankets to poor families, donating toys, food etc to those who cannot afford it.

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