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My Bucket List WISHLIST for World Peace;

PERSONALLY, I could use a mental, emotional, physical and personal vacation after working for years; I love the novel 'The DaVinci Code';

Syrians in Turkey

Syrians displaced in Turkey - but not for long!

I hope, wish, pray and want that all Syrians will live in Peace during the early part of this year in 2016 within the 21st Century of course :)

As for the Syrians which had to be displaced to Turkey, may they find their prayers answered as soon as possible -- therefore, I want that they may have sheltered homes, livelihoods, food and lead happy, full lives; I pray for the Syrians and many others-BibiLuzarraga.

I am appalled with what's been happening in Syria, the Ukraine, Pakistan, ISIS and the Mid-Eastern world in general within this 21st Century;

What if I wish for overall World Peace, as if I AM an archangel with a direct connection to making dreams come true inevitably and, INSTANTLY; how great would that be; do you ever wishfully dream you could do that; in fact, what if this were our last lifetime on Earth; how would you like to live your life; MAKE A WISH;)BibiLuzarraga;

Now immediately x Infinity(x)32, I hope, wish and pray that I immediately live in Peace, Love, Balance and more^BibiLuzarraga.

I hope, wish and pray that ISIS is defeated as soon as possible and the Jihadists as well for I am sure that no one wants ISIS in Libya, Europe nor anywhere in this world! It is quite unbelievable that what has happened to the town of Kobani in this 21st Century occurred; in fact, I wish, hope and pray that its refugees find Peace, Love and Happiness and live freely immediately;

April 1st, 2015 (21st Century) Iraq gloriously and victoriously defeated ISIS!!

ISIS, The Jihadists, Boko Haram's war in Nigeria, corrupt politicians and their governments, corrupt so-called "leaders" and religious leaders are purely evil monsters that act is if they were gods, goddesses, etc. but are not;

6,000 civilians and militants were killed in Eastern Ukraine since 2014 AD, according to CNN News today, March 3rd, 2015 AD. "The report paints a picture of a 'merciless' devastation of civilian lives and infrastructure," said U.N. High Commissioner Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein. CNN refers to the war in Eastern Ukraine as a "Humanitarian Tragedy" which it is ! In Kobani, thousands were needlessly sacrificed as well as their city. Put yourself in their shoes and you would be hoping that your prayers are answered. I know that I would;

Today on March 23rd, 2015 AD in the 21st Century, a woman named Farkhunda "was beaten, hit by bats, stamped on, driven over, and her body dragged by a car before being set on fire," as reported by by BBC news on-line! The police in Kabdul did not stop anyone whom mistreated Farkhunda and believed that Farkhunda burned the Koran; ?!? As I care very deeply as to what is going on with the world;

I hope, wish and pray that there will NOT be a World War III and that the United States pull its troops out of Syria. However, as I read this morning's news (3/5/2015 AD) on, the following was reported by Jim Rickards, the CIA's Asymmetric Warfare Advisior, "should the rise of conflicts across the Middle East and Ukraine serve as a warning sign that something much more dangerous is approaching?...the answer is yes" although the answer should be an overwhelming "no";

"In a startling interview Jim Rickards reveals that all 16 U.S. Intelligence Agencies have begun to prepare for World War III. Making matters worse, his colleagues believe it could begin within the next 6 months (September 2015 AD?)" Horrible;

I hope, wish and pray that our U.S. troops be returned honorably to their homes SAFELY and as soon as possible within the year 2016 AD. I also hope, wish and pray that their families are waiting for them with as much support as necessary and that reserved military civilians will be happy in their employment, and will receive the benefits for which they apply and of course, that they, too, will live full and happy lives;


As for the Syrians which had to be displaced to Turkey, may they find their prayers answered as soon as possible; I hope, wish and pray that they have safe, sheltered homes, livelihoods, food on the table and lead happy, full lives;

May the cost of crude and brent oil stabilize especially in the U.S.A., China, India and the world as soon as possible within 2015 AD. It would be great if the price of regular gas at the pump costs $1.50 allover and within the United States of America. And, it would be equally beneficial if the stock prices for gold and silver became suddenly more affordable now. In the meantime, for today is March 17th, 2015 A.D., the price of crude oil per barrel on the stock exchange is trading at $43.00 per barrel, give or take. [July 27th, 2015] Crude oil is trading at $48.00 per barrel, however, I would like to see that price decline so that consumers pay less money at the pump;

[August 2nd, 2015] Crude oil tumbled to fresh lows again this year to $45.00 per barrel--if you'd like, thank me later, lol, for keeping a very close eye on the price of crude oil per barrel and accessible prices at the pump;

I hope, wish and pray that the severe weather which we have witnessed during the years 2014- 2015 AD thus far, calms down for if there is a shake-up, it is a way in which Mother Nature cleanses the ground and we must not forget that we are undergoing a global climate change which has reached a crucial moment in which we, as humans, must create solutions to live on this Mother Earth while we can-BibiLuzarraga.

[January 5, 2016AD] Crude oil is priced at approximately $36.00 per barrel :)

This past weekend, I filled up my automotive gas tank with $18.01 which was payable at the pump for $1.99;

Also, my birthdate was drawn within The Florida Lottery's Play 4 afternoon drawing: 8-1-0-1;

I should have played that game and had a feeling it would show up a few days ago, seriously :) Bibi Luzarraga.

[January 7, 2016AD] Crude oil drops to fresh new lows;

And the stock market has been predicted to crash although I already had a feeling about that a few months ago-Bibi Luzarraga.

January 18, 2016AD: Crude oil & brent oil continue to decline rapidly;

The price of crude oil slid to lower than $30 per barrel-Bibi Luzarraga.

"Vatican paper slams Charlie Hebdo’s anti-God cover marking anniversary of attack";-

Personally, I agree with the cartoonist-Bibi Luzarraga.

In my honest opinion, I care not whom the next President of the US would be;

Although, my best guess is that Hillary Clinton may come quite close to winning the Presidential Election; there does not seem to be any viable candidates anyway-Bibi Luzarraga.

QUESTION: What New World Order;

Now immediately,times Infinity times 3 squared to the second power;

— BibiLuzarraga.


Apparently, someone had filed my taxes in March 2016; to date, I have yet to receive my tax return-Consuelo D Luzarraga.

QUESTION: What of The New World Order or, One World Government;

I, for one, do not wish that The Illuminati have any luck in establishing nor, finalizing their plan for a 'New World Order' therefore, now immediately times Infinity times three (3) squared, I hope, wish and pray that those involved within establishing the NWO, are exposed, enchained and questioned, at the very least; how many times will their symbolic language be in our faces and right in front of our noses;

Perhaps, The Illuminati have been around since The Genesis, appearing 'in Spirit', forming 'religions' as a political conspiracy to create a 'supreme society' and have been deceiving mankind with extreme beauty, extreme talent, extreme grace, extreme fame and fortune, extreme riches (whom seem 'perfect on the outside but are NOT perfect on the inside at all') within false pretenses and parameters; as you have noticed, they are vain models, supermodels, actors, actresses, et AL whom are not exactly very peaceful nor very kind nor humble (apparently);

Now immediately times Infinity times 32 I hope, wish and pray that The Illuminati are exposed to the Universe within 2016;

Also, in my opinion, The Illuminati might be ANCIENT ALIENS whom have been THE RULING FAMILIES AND DYNASTIES on Planet Earth; is anyone else a fan of the "Ancient Aliens" cable TV series on the H2 Channel as I am; in fact, it is not an overnight investigation anymore; there is obvious evidence that Planet Earth was influenced by extra terrestrials, such as 'The Greys', 'Reptilian Aliens', etc; again, it has been discussed, therefore, we have learned, that aliens can be in two (2) places at once in a physical, 'spiritual' form and in a personal, legal form; with reference to the Illuminati, what is your opinion of the Mergovinians and the other Satanic bloodlines which most people know of although The History Channel has not provided a documentary on The Illuminati (yet), I hope that a documentary will be made along that vein;

Therefore, I feel that there are archaeologists, scientists, history professors and the like whom have been investigating the possibility that nearly everyone on Planet Earth is an alien of some kind and have unveiled the theory that extraterrestrials mixed their alien DNA with human blood (even as far back as millennia--why, even he whom is regarded as Jesus of Nazareth, The Goddess of Love & Beauty, The Goddess of Wisdom, even The Virgin Mary, The Goddesses, The Gods, Angels and the like in every religion and theology (which could be cults, in reality) which trace as far back as BC, Greek mythology, Egyptian lore, Celtic religions, pagan matriarchies, etcetera) so it seems that we should remain open-minded to new theories which expand not only our minds, but spirits as well; furthermore, if the so-called 'gods' reincarnated, then they may be living everywhere on Planet Earth;

Being that I am a fan of the History Channel and the H2 Channel which is affiliated with the History Channel and personally, am nautious every time I tune in to a program which reveals Illuminati symbolism, their masonic order and how The Illuminati hid their ideologies into shaping the modern world. I watched a show on the H2 Channel which made sense to me; why does the "hooked x" come to mind :) at least, I am NOT in utter denial;

It has been discussed that celebrities, government officials (such as Presidents and their staff,) the FBI, CIA, Interpol, The World Bank, bankers, the media, "Christians" whom practice Catholicism (and members of The Vatican) whom say, "Thank god" and lead double-lives--personally and as spiritual extraterrestrials (aliens), including Roman Catholics, Presbyterians, Jews, Muslim, believers of Scientology, Born Again Christians, et al, whom are "regular, normal, professionals" throughout Planet Earth whom are actually truly loyal members of the Illuminati which illegally exist on Planet Earth as criminals; well beyond a shadow of a doubt;

Speaking of the History Channel, I watched a documentary last night which was entitled "End Days: Road to Babylon" which was mostly set in war-ravaged America; question: is that documentary true because if it is, it's downright scary;

Anyway, many years ago, I had a funny (not-so-funny and disheartening) experience that god, gods, demi-gods, goddesses, angels, etc. are the CORE ILLUMINATI; hopefully, it was only a disheartening experience because THAT would be a total drag; I usually dream of rainbows and sweet thoughts and pray for others, whom I may know or, have not personally known but know 'of' and for the world(s) in general;

By the way, why doesn't Pope Francis make mention to The Illuminati and why hasn't any 'god' nor 'goddess' confronted The Illuminati?! Such as SUMMONING THEM FORTH; perhaps they are Jihadists, members of ISIS, or others;

In any case, it would be great, in my opinion to have an actual Love & Peace Army against The Illuminati which, according to many books such as The DaVinci Code and many television programs, speak of and tell society in general that The Illuminati do happen to live on Planet Earth and are trying hard to lure humankind with lies and deceit since The Beginning of Time thus, then why not crusade against them today before they relentlessly cause the apocalypse; just sayin'.)

By the way, does anyone believe in alien abductions?! Scientists believe that alien DNA was mixed with human blood since The Genesis; it may be true;

Again, according to the H2 channel, there have been alien abductions throughout history and, apparently there are three (3) spiritual worlds which contain 21 BILLION ANCIENT ALIEN SOULS. Be open-minded and learn The Truth-BibiLuzarraga.

Am I the only one that agrees with the Pope in excommunicating The Mafia from the Church;

I hope, wish, pray and want that The Mafia (and Mafia-like groups and individuals) are completely cut off and excommunicated from The Catholic Church (which is most likely a conspiracy as are all churches) therefore, and want that they be hunted, investigated and punished equally for what they have done to others; whether criminal, financial, violent or, found guilty to any degree, that they pay their punishment with their lives;

The Mafia has been comfortably making a living notoriously for nearly a century or longer (it depends how you might classify The Mafia; which brings me to another point, what of The Illuminati that we know exist in some way via secret societies because it is public knowledge that The Illuminati are infamous as well; and, not in a good way;

Are you following the news and words of Pope Francis such as "do not resist change-"BibiLuzarraga.

I wish that suddenly, there is a cure against Ebola;

I hate to bring it up so blatantly but there has been much media coverage on Ebola which is a deadly disease today; however, I hope, wish and pray that no one suffers nor dies from Ebola; Nor cholera obviously; that would be great news, right; (by the way, I wished that there would be a cure found for Ebola and a few months later, there WAS a cure for Ebola :) on March 17, 2015;

(August 17, 2015) Awesome news :):):) "Sierra Leone Ebola village quarantine lifted";

My Bucket List WISHLIST for World Peace feels a little as if Mother Theresa is writing this on-line essay but no, I am writing this on-line essay and have not even wished anything for myself and will not as those whom know me know that I am NOT vain, brash, presumptious, arrogant, egocentrical but instead, I am loving and very generous soul; I do, however, wish, want, hope and pray to live in Peace; what do you wish and pray for;

This weekend, I went to see "The Letters", a biographical movie featuring the life of Mother Theresa of Calcutta whose heart and soul was selfless, won the Nobel Peace prize after spending sixty (60) years within the slums of India helping the sick, the hungry, the poor, the homeless and the like; the film caused me to shed tears; at a point in Mother Theresa's life, Mother Theresa questioned whether there really was a 'omnipotent and all-knowing and Merciful, Peaceful, All-Loving god" and now, even I, too, feel that perhaps there is not. Despite all the sadness I see in people's eyes, the bad weather, the divided nations, the dark, bad influences upon one another, it seems almost useless to pray at all, however, one should not lose hope and Mother Theresa is truly a remarkable inspiration to myself and to so many sisters of charity, therefore, I highly recommend the aforementioned film (12/7/2015;)-BibiLuzarraga.

By the way, if you follow me, I'd love to know so feel free to comment or click the 'Follow" button;

Mother Theresa was right; where exists a truly compassionate, selfless, peaceful, merciful, loving god afterall whom should be concerned with the issues of the world (which is crumbling; the fish are dying, the mammals are becoming extinct, there is major global warming, the glaciers have been melting into lakes for years, there are refugee crises, the stock market is haywire and volatile, the world economies are weakening, so where the hell is the 'power of god;' and, what of the Second Coming of Christ, as preached by priests, pastors, etc-BibiLuzarraga;

Last night on a CNN Special Report entitled "Aethists: A World of Non-Believers" touched my heart and soul because I believe that the pastors of aethism are truly onto something; aethists are good people and probably are not Satanic; as a matter of fact, I found an article this morning, March 25th, 2015 AD entitled "Thousands Worldwide help write "Aethist Ten Commandments" which are very moral, kind and logical; very appropriate for this 21st Century; on CNN's Special Report, there was an interview with Mr. Silverman, the President of Aethists, whom founded Aethist TV which is broadcasted on YouTube and reaches approximately 25 million worldwide [];

To continue (as I'm on a roll, as the euphemism states), I hope, wish and pray that those whom are hungry around the World are nevermore hungry nor homeless;

Last but not least, I hope, wish and pray that there are cures discovered against cancer, Parkinson's disease, Alzeimer's disease, mental illnesses, dimentia and other diseases which I failed to mention;

In the meantime, as I live in Miami ("The Sunshine State") I will just BREATHE along with Little Tree Car Fresheners hung from my rear-view mirror; and so should you; (in fact, I am willing to bet that there are at least 6,000 Little Tree Car Fresheners around the world hanging from rear-view mirrors because my essays on-line have gone worldwide at least 9,000 times, as I linked my on-line essays to Google Analytics reports-BibiLuzarraga.

Aliens among us-

Which has been proven well beyond a shadow of a doubt-BibiLuzarraga!

CNN posed the question, "How to survive on an alien planet"-

You'v got to be kidding; according to others and maybe even the TV show "Ancient Aliens" presented by the H2 Network, it may actually already be the other way around-BibiLuzarraga.

Mother Theresa starring in "The Letters"!

Pope Francis visits Africa--

February 9th, 2018AD: This Red & Black world;

I have never been into Sci-Fi programs or movies because I prefer romantic comedies, epic dramas, historical dramas etcetera along those veins so why the heck are there television programs which revolve around vampires, witches, ghosts and similar subjects? By the way, have you noticed how much the colors RED & BLACK are incorporated into logos, commercials, television programs, movies, clothing, furniture, companies; even The Vatican, churches, Hollywood's Red Carpet, and other, places; quite distressing-BibiLuzarraga!

This breaks my heart-

This is the stunning scope of the world's refugee crisis, which the United Nations expects will leave at least 60 million people displaced by the end of 2015AD. This is the highest level of displacement that the international body has ever recorded-BibiLuzarraga.

Russia is already kneeling and, so is the World-Bibi.

An article this morning reports on how the HIV-virus is rampant in Russia; the wild declines in crude oil and the stock market in general have also affected the Russian economy; they may not want my prayers, however, I cannot ignore the very blatantly obvious circumstances of Planet Earth; thereby, I hope, wish and pray that the Russian economy becomes healthier and its citizens as well; inclusively, that an affordable cure is offered to those whom suffer from the HIV virus as soon as possible before this Spring 2016;AD with all my Love-BibiLuzarraga.

The gorgeous Full Moon in Leo-

Did anyone happen to see the Full Moon in Leo last night, 1/24/2016AD? Its amazing light, in the shape of an illuminated, extended cross, gleamed to the naked eye-all around the world ; I wish, I may, I wish, I might, I wish upon the first star I see tonight; MAKE A WISH :) BibiLuzarraga.

Obviously, we live within The Information Age-

"U.S. and Europe in ‘Safe Harbor’ Data Deal, but Legal Fight May Await: European officials on Tuesday agreed to a deal with the United States that would let Google, Amazon and thousands of other businesses continue moving people’s digital data, including social media posts and financial information;"

Mother Teresa at Sunset

Mother Theresa

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Law & Order:  SVU

Wishful thinking: crime, violence, sexual predators, drug abuse, child abuse, spiritual nonsense, etc. must stop now.

Have you ever watched the TV show "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit";

If not, I highly recommend it; it is a big eye-opener. The matters of crime, violence, sexual predators and drug abuse are addressed in the show by detectives, medical examiners, the FBI, lawyers, District Attorneys, Assistant Attorneys and others. Have you heard the phrase which says, "Art imitates Life?" Law & Order heightens the awareness of its viewers to the point of near-reality;

I hope, wish and pray that all druglords, drug cartels, etc. worldwide are caught by the law immediately now; they are disgusting, two-faced liars whom live "double lives" one could say. Like The Mafia, they say "Thank GOD", "practice" some form of religion (in most cases) but hide behind a shady curtain full of deceit. I, for one, do not want crime on this Planet Mother Earth anymore;

What has this world come to; with respect to Global Warming and how programs should be put in place for future generations - I just read an article on which estimates the cost of worldwide "Save The Earth" programs, let's say, are projected to cost $60 billion dollars which currently, is not feasible for ANY country to finance; So, what will happen;


December 29, 2015AD--??!! Has anyone kept an eye on the severe weather outbreaks besides myself; Winter Storm Goliath unexpectedly wreaked havoc with several disastrous tornadoes and floods throughout the United States during Christmas 2015AD; and more floods are forecasted; check the weather reports on The Weather Channel's website;

My Soul cries for Mother Earth--Bibi Luzarraga.

Why is the 21st Century so unforgiving?

Inverted Soul (they say the eyes are the windows of the Soul)

Happy Holidays 2015AD :)

With much appreciation, thank you kindly and wish you a Joyous holiday Season--BibiLuzarraga.


Sacred texts quote, "When you see yourself in my eyes, then you will know"; I am waiting-BibiLuzarraga.

HOSTAGE SITUATION; your help is requested-

Personal travel to Cuba-

[May 2, 2016]-Crude oil prices;

As you are well aware, I have been keeping my eye on the price of crude oil; today, the price of crude oil is priced at $44.00 per barrel which may be too high and unaffordable for consumers at the pump to purchase; perhaps the price of crude oil per barrel should slip and decline a little so as to appease both, the consumers and the big oil companies, not to mention oil riggers and field workers-BibiLuzarraga.

Religious Freedom for the Military-Bibi.

  • Our Mission | MRFF
    The Military Religious Freedom Foundation is dedicated to ensuring that all members of the United States Armed Forces fully receive the Constitutional

An informative poll (Part 2)-Bibi.

An informative poll (Part 3)-Bibi.

An informative poll (Part 4)-Bibi.

An informative poll (Part 5)-Bibi.

An informative poll (Part 6)-Bibi.

An informative poll (Part 7)-Bibi.

Cyberintelligence works;

Cyberintelligence works;


Honor the soldiers that fought for their countries with their souls and, voices of their hearts:)-BibiLuzarraga.

August 15, 2016AD--All around the world, the Truth is that you know;

that not only are the States of Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, Puerto Rico, North Western Florida, the Florida Keys, etc which have all been declared States of Emergency; there is however, much more which is currently happening which is extremely critical-BibiLuzarraga.

September 27, 2016AD: Turkish prayers answered;

"Pre-Paid Debit Cards Will Help 1 Million Refugees In Turkey Pay For Food, Housing; It’s the 'largest' humanitarian project the E.U. has supported;"

September 27, 2016AD:

"Dutch retailers paying 'starvation wages' to Indian textile workers";;


Do you enjoy watching the History Channel episodes, too-Bibi.

A quiz & re-cap of My Bucketlist WISHLIST for World Peace;

For each question, choose the best answer for you.

  1. Do you hope, wish and pray that the price of gas is affordable at the pump-Bibi.
    • Yes-Bibi.
    • No, I don't even think about it.
  2. Do you follow Pope Francis
    • Sure
    • Not really-Bibi.
  3. Do you pray for others to be at Peace and happy-Bibi.
    • Yes, I pray for others besides myself-Bibi.
    • Honestly, no; I pray for me, my family, my friends primarily.


Use the scoring guide below to add up your total points based on your answers.

  1. Do you hope, wish and pray that the price of gas is affordable at the pump-Bibi.
    • Yes-Bibi.: +5 points
    • No, I don't even think about it.: -5 points
  2. Do you follow Pope Francis
    • Sure: +0 points
    • Not really-Bibi.: +0 points
  3. Do you pray for others to be at Peace and happy-Bibi.
    • Yes, I pray for others besides myself-Bibi.: +5 points
    • Honestly, no; I pray for me, my family, my friends primarily.: -5 points

Interpreting Your Score

A score between -10 and -4 means: ?

A score between -3 and 2 means: ?

A score between 3 and 6 means: ?

A score between 7 and 8 means: ?

A score between 9 and 10 means: ?

August 17, 2017AD: It is unfortunate that the President of North Korea seems so immature;

it is also quite unfortunate that President Kim is so trigger-happy and misaligning nuclear war with world powers; it is equally unfortunate that President Trump is so nerve-wracking; between them both, there should be a truce otherwise, it would wreak havoc on Planet Earth and more than eight million (8,000,000) lives will be lost which is completely absurd; shall I attempt a prophecy or, just let it take its course; everyone is warned, it seems; if only this world would reflect RAINBOWS and truly DIVINE PEACE and LOVE-BibiLuzarraga.

August 18, 2017AD--It appears that we are on the brink of yet another World War and, unfortunately,

President Kim and President Trump seem to be at incredible odds and must find a way to make Peace, rather than "playing god" with millions of innocent civilian lives; thousands of walruses have landed on the coast in Alaska due to melting ice sheets, India is experiencing a devastating and crippling state of emergency, there are three (3) tropical disturbances in the Atlantic Ocean headed for the Caribbean and they are still running ads on the Internet pushing clothes, makeup, luxury, real estate, music, gourmet food, etcetera along that vein; which is why I wonder, "do we live in a god-less world", because how could a 'true' god allow these catastrophes to happen while, I, personally, pray for this world's True Peace within 'My Bucketlist WISHLIST for World Peace'-BibiLuzarraga!

February 8, 2018AD: Freedom Reigns;

NASA hosted and published a guest speaker on YouTube to explain, in layman's terms, an understanding of the intentions of the website, so that the general public, civilians, the military and other agencies are well-informed regarding The Illuminati whom will finally be confronted and subsequently, thousands will be arrested worldwide which have belonged to the Illuminati, whom have conspired since The Beginning of Time the attempt to establish a New World Order and OneWorldGovernment; the premise of NASA is to explain the message of "Freedom Reigns" to mindfully listen and tune into the radio program from its website entitled,, which is intended to go viral worldwide; do your homework; thanks-BibiLuzarraga.

© 2014 Consuelo De Bilbao Luzarraga aka Bibi


Consuelo De Bilbao Luzarraga aka Bibi (author) from Doral, FL (Greater Miami) on July 25, 2016:

FYI, this hub entitled "Bucketlist WISHLIST for World Peace' is my most popular hub which has, by the way, also gone viral worldwide :) Bibi.

Consuelo De Bilbao Luzarraga aka Bibi (author) from Doral, FL (Greater Miami) on December 21, 2015:

My greatest wish for Christmas 2015 and the New Year 2016 is personal peace, world peace, joy & happiness--BL.

Consuelo De Bilbao Luzarraga aka Bibi (author) from Doral, FL (Greater Miami) on December 11, 2015:

I will take the fact that my 'BucketList WISHLIST for World Peace' was translated into Spanish as a HUGE compliment; Thank YOU :) BL.

Consuelo De Bilbao Luzarraga aka Bibi (author) from Doral, FL (Greater Miami) on August 20, 2015:

So, today is August 20th, 2015 and oil fell to $40.00 per barrel, there are two (2) twin typhoons headed for Japan and Asia and then there is Hurricane Danny which may plow the Caribbean islands later this week & next week--BibiLuzarraga.

Consuelo De Bilbao Luzarraga aka Bibi (author) from Doral, FL (Greater Miami) on February 17, 2015:

Thank you both, Andromida and Cagsil :)

Raymond D Choiniere from USA on February 16, 2015:

That's definitely an interesting Wishlist. I don't get into the religion aspects, so I'll refrain on that topic. It's nice to see someone else being vocal. :)

Consuelo De Bilbao Luzarraga aka Bibi (author) from Doral, FL (Greater Miami) on September 26, 2014:

Any commentaries are most welcomed!

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