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Birthday Wishes, Quotes, Sayings and Poems to Daughter

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My daughter's birthday: the dawn of new possibilities.

My daughter's birthday: the dawn of new possibilities.

A daughter is a like a budding flower to her parents. Every parents who loves their daughter want to give their daughter something really interesting on her birthday to enjoy her beautiful smile. Birthday wishes to daughter should be sweet and special, just like her.To bring the light of happiness on her face on that special day, fathers try hard. After all, you are after her happiness in life, is not it?

Here is a list of some interesting birthday wishes which will be great for your lovely daughter's birthday, be it her 5th or 35th. These messages and quotes are quiet unique. Some of which are of great quality but some will not sound too good to you. You shall have to choose what is appropriate for you.


1) The sky is blue bu the eye of my daughter is bluer. She is the most beautiful angel on earth.

2) Daddy is sending you a ton of hugs and blessings for your birthday. I hope that you will have a lot of fun today.

3) Greeting for your special day from your mom and dad. We wish you a very special birthday!

" Daughters are angles sent from above to fill our heart with unending love."

-- J. Lee

Eight Great Birthday Wishes to a Daughter!

  1. You are like that dewdrop, which rests on a green leaf. You are beautiful like a flower. Calmness generates in the heart of those who see you. Happy Birthday sweet daughter!
  2. With every passing year you grow naughtier, smarter, cleverer, more beautiful, more caring, more full of fun and more mature. Is this for real or am I just becoming an emotional parent? Haha. Happy Birthday dear daughter!
  3. With the passage of time, our daughter is going to be more smarter. She is becoming more beautiful, more caring and more mature. With every birthday our daughter is going to be much better. Happy Birthday sweet one!
  4. No Princess was ever so beautiful, so smart and so caring as our little princes is. We are wishing a happy, happy birthday for our little Princess!
  5. In your Birthday today, we hope that your happy times will multiply, depressing times divide, successes add up and frustrations get subtracted. Wishing you a Happy Birthday girl!
  6. In your birthday we are hoping that all your depressing times and frustrations will be deleted from your life. You shall see only the happy days ever after. Happy Birthday my little girl!
  7. You are now a mother, a wife and a successful person in life. You have many rolls to play. But for me you are and always remain my small baby. I wish all the best for you on this special occasion.
  8. The sun looks brighter and the grass greener. The day is special for not only for you but also for two of us, your loving mom and dad.
Daughter's Birthday Card

Daughter's Birthday Card

Some Great Birthday Quotes for your Daughter

  1. Today, we want to let you know that, no matter how much you grow up, you will always remain our bundle of joy, rolling in her pajamas and stealing candies from the jar. Wish you a Happy Birthday daughter! May you never grow up for us!
  2. Today we are going to tell you that no matter how much you grow up, no matter how much you become smart and clever, you are the same little girl to us. We hope that you shall never be grown up to us. Happy Birthday sweet little one!
  3. A daughter is like an angel to a parent’s life. Happy birthday our angel!
  4. A daughter gives thousands of sweet dreams, millions of smiles and uncountable amounts of happiness. Happy Birthday to our daughter!
  5. Wherever you go, you may feel our love, touching and comforting you in all your happiness and distress. This connection of love between us will be more and more stronger. Happy Birthday!
  6. People try to look for their guardian angels at the stars. We can see our guardian angel on the sweet face of our little doll. Happy birthday dear!
  7. I know it for sure that you have been made with the stardust of heavens, chosen by the brightest angels of heaven to make us happy. I wish my daughter a great, grand birthday!

" What I wanted most for my daughter was that she be able to soar confidently in her own sky, whatever that may be. "

Helen Claes

Four Birthday Poems for a Daughter

Here is a collection of four birthday poems specially written for a daughter. Do not expect to get Keats or Wordsworth like quality here. But, still these poems are not bad as birthday wishes. What do you say?

Poem No: 1

I am not going to give you…

Jewelry, chocolates and expensive wine…

We are going to give you our pure love,

To you dearest daughter mine…

I shall with joy say

and shout : Happy Birthday!


Another one is:

My daughter is the pearl

From the bay of Mannar,

This is a dead's praise

And love for her


Here is the 3rd poem:

You have become grown up,

Is now tall and sharp,

I wish for you oh dear,

Another happy year.


The 4th one:

My precious little angel,

You look so pure,

That the clear blue sky

Of the autumn is faded

Beneath thy innocence.

I can only wish

To the blue nature

And the Almighty

To give my little daughter

A birthday memorable.

A Cool Daughter's Birthday Card

A Cool Daughter's Birthday Card

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Five More ...

1) The ocean is blue, and the sky is blue, but nothing is more deeper than the eyes of you. Happy birthday to my daughter!

2) Gold is valuable;diamond is precious; a daughter like you is priceless. Enjoy the day!

3) From the depths of the long lost oceans came the purest heart like that of yours. My daughter I pray for you on your birthday!

4) I hope all the best for you for the next year. Happy birthday to you!

5) You know the difference between good and evil; you know how to fulfill your duties; you have made us proud.

Sixteen One Liner Birthday Wishes for Daughter

1) A daughter is the petal from a flower of heaven.

2) I wish the greatest birthday for the gift of God to me, my lovely daughter!

3) My girl is better than the most beautiful pearl.

4) My girl, you are the treasure of your mother.

5) This is the birthday message soaked with love from a father to his dear daughter.

6) You are the most sweetest experience of my life sweetheart. Happy Birthday!!

7) You are so sweet that the people with high blood sugars should be aware from you.

8) This is not a birthday quote but the declarations of my love for my little daughter!

9) I don't care its your xth birthday or xxth birthday, you are only my little dear!

10) A daughter like you is the blessings send to us by the Almighty.

11) Beauty, duty and care - these three words describe my daughter dear!

12) Happy birthday dear! It is the time to party!

13) We all know that how special you are and what you mean to us.

14) Daughters are like raindrops which reflects the light of sun.

15) Enjoy a royal birthday my princes !

16) We became happy from the day when you came into our life.

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A Birthday Card for a daughter.

A Birthday Card for a daughter.

A Bunch of Beautiful Birthday Wishes to a Daughter

  1. There is not anything in this world which is comparable with the beauty of our daughter. There is not anything in the world which is as sweet as she is. Happy birthday to the most sweet and beautiful daughter any parents ever have!
  2. This day is special not for your birthday but for being the day on which we first saw and touched our little angel. Happy Birthday to you!
  3. We are proud to see that our little baby has grown up to be a fine, beautiful young woman. Happy birthday to you!
  4. From the first day we knew you are something special. You have proven it to be true. Wishing you a very happy and memorable birthday!
  5. We are the happiest when we see the smile on your face. We want to see this smile on your face forever. Happy birthday sweet daughter!
  6. My dear daughter wishing you a very special 18 th birthday. I am glad that you looks like your mummy and not like me!
  7. In this very special day we are proud to say that our daughter has proved that she has advanced much more than we have ever expected. Keep surprising us sweetheart.
  8. For years both of us has forgotten all of our griefs when we had looked at you. You have grown up now but still we feel the same fullness in heart when we can see you.
  9. Greetings to the girl who is the star of my life. Enjoy the day to the fullest my dear, little doll !
  10. Today is the day of joy because my daughter has completed another year on earth. Very soon you will be grown as a successful person.

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Chikane111 on April 16, 2019:

Nice post for Love and Relation between family

Diane Asama gandamra on January 24, 2014:

Having you as my child made me realize how beautiful life is,Your smile always brightens my day I will always cherish the day that you came into my life,You are one of the reasons why I continue to survive. May Allah continue to bless you ang protect you,I miss my princess yana..happy birthday!

Warm hugs and kisses for you...

pinappu (author) from India on May 12, 2013:

Daughters are our lovely dolls and little princesses.

Jeremy Rawlings on January 13, 2013:

Some very good saying for daughters and well presented.

pinappu (author) from India on June 09, 2012:

Happy Birthday to the all little ones. Thank you RTalloni.

RTalloni on June 08, 2012:

Happy Birthday to your precious little daughter!

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