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Birthday Wishes, Texts and Quotes for Sisters - Funny & Teasing, Heartfelt & Sincere

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A sister plays so many roles in our life. A friend that you can safely take for granted. A confidante whom you can trust with all the secret crushes. A bridge between you and your family, so on and so forth.

Your sister's birthday is the time to let her know how much her presence in your life mean to you. Or may be, you could tell her in a very personal birthday wish, that you will be there for her, with all the love and support whenever she needs you.

This collection of rhyming birthday messages, birthday quotes for sister and loving wishes may help you in creating a birthday card/message which be memorable and bring a smile of fondness for you on the face of your sister.

Animated eCard for Sister's Birthday with Beautiful Quote

Birthday Cake for Sister wishing a Blissfully Happy Birthday

Birthday Cake for Sister wishing a Blissfully Happy Birthday

Birthday Quotes for Sister

Sister by Chance, Friend by Choice

You may be my sister by chance, but you're definitely my friend by choice. And I've been quite smart in making this choice. Happy Birthday Sis.

Your Achievements Make me Proud

Since childhood, You’ve been a constant source of inspiration.
You’ve achieved a lot, and I’m so proud of your achievements.

May you continue to be blessed, happy and continue to make all of us proud with your diligence… Happy Birthday to my Dear Sister.

What’s my Sister like?

People in my life who haven’t met you, often ask, what’s your sister like?

This is what I tell them:

S - Supportive
I - Independent
S - Smart
T - Talented
E - Elegant
R - Remarkable

I'm so proud when I describe you, glad to have you as my sister. Happy Birthday!

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The Award Goes To...

I know I'm not very good at expressing. But if there ever was a World Wide contest for best sister, I would have fought for the award for you sis. I wouldn't have rested till I’d heard… "And the Award goes to… my Sister (Replace this with your sister's name) " You are not the best sister I could’ve had. You are the best sister in the world.

Choice was Easy

They say, you can choose your friends, but you can’t choose your family… But I am really fortunate that I could choose my sister as my best friend! And it was an easy, rather obvious choice indeed. Happy Birthday, to my Best Friend aka Wonderful Sister

Your Birthday is My Day

Your birthday is supposed to be your day, obviously. But I still feel it’s mine… in ways more than one. You were sent to the world, thus my lucky day. You celebrate and are so generous, I get more cake & chocolates then you, so again, my day. You share your gifts, being the lady with big heart you are… Okay, I know no amount of flattery will let me get your precious gift, but hey, it’s still my day - coz I just love to see to beaming with happiness!!

Rhyming Birthday Messages for Sister

Thinking of You

When I think of Childhood…
I realize it was so special, so memorable because I shared it with you.
Every mischief we commit together, made each day feel brand new.
When I think of growing up…

I can’t imagine where would’ve I been without the support which was you.
You were the shoulder to cry on, you were the light when all seemed blue.
When I think of today…
Feel so blessed to have a great friend that I can always take for granted, you.
Not everyone has such good fortune, Thank god I'm one of those lucky few.
Happy Birthday Sis, Thank God for sending you in my life.

All That You Deserve..

On your Birthday, I thought, I’ll wish you all the happiness you Deserve,
But that’s hard, since then all the world’s joy would end up in a Reserve,
Because my sister is most worthy of endless moments of sheer delight,
With a pure, honest soul, with a heart that’s gloriously beautiful n bright,
So I thought I’d settle with lot of fun and enjoyable moments for my sis,
And I wish that all your days and nights, each moment becomes a bliss.

Have a blessed Birthday Sis!

Birthday Poem for Sister

Birthday Poem for Sister

Thanks for being the best dear sister! Happy B'day!!

Thanks for being the best dear sister! Happy B'day!!

Wishing Happy Birthday to Your Elder Sister

A Different B’day Wish for the Best Elder Sister

You've been a friend, when I badly needed someone to listen,
You've wiped away my tears, your eyes reflecting the glisten,
You've fought for me, with me too, when it was in my interest,
You've been my mentor, making me see both sense and jest,

You've received many wishes, this one is different from the rest,
Along with saying Happy B’day, it says thanks for being the best!
I hope you have a blasting birthday Sister!

Happy Birthday Wishes From the Annoying Kid Brother

I know I've been a pain when I used to teased you at leisure,
But how else would’ve I got the World’s greatest pleasure!
I love you a lot and wanted you to become cool and tough,
And you owe me your quick-wittedness, that’s not a bluff!!

Okay, it’s your B’day and I don't want to sound so Gruff,
You know I love cake, so be a sport, don't you dare rebuff!!

Happy Birthday Dear Sis!!

Birthday Love From the Little Copy Cat Sister

I love you, I really do. But you also annoy the hell out of me.
Coz you're so good, falling in your footsteps is so hard, see?
But when I’m saner, I feel quite full of gratitude. I really do,
Coz you pose as a role model whom I can always look up to!
It’s not always easy, but I love challenges, don't forget that.
And with time, I've started to love being called your copy cat!!

Happy Birthday Sister!

Wishing Happy Birthday to Your Kid Sister

Resigning as your Babysitter

Its your b’day again, which means you’re a little grown up. Now I hope, people will stop expecting me to be your baby sitter. Just Kidding, Happy Birthday Sister

Birthday Blessings to a Sister From the Big Brother

I know you sometimes get annoyed with my over protective attitude sis. But you’re so dear to me, I can’t help it, although I’m trying harder, since you’ve grown up…

On your birthday, I want to give you all my blessings, best wishes from the bottom of my heart. Have a lot of fun… Happy Birthday.

Heartfelt Birthday Wishes From Elder Sister

Since the day you came in my life,
You've been my little baby doll,
I was fascinated by you,
Quite protective too,
Afraid to hold you, in case you fall!

And now, though you're all grown up,
I still feel you’re my delicate doll,
So forgive me, if I can’t overcome this strife,
And act sometimes like troll.
I respect your freedom,
Your decision making, is actually better than mine,
There, I confessed it, don't get too smug,
And do take me to dine.

Happy B’day to the Little Doll of my Heart.

Micro Birthday Wishes for Sister

  • May your birthday be a bliss, Happy B’day Sis!
  • Birthday of world’s best sibling, it’s making my heart sing! Happy B’day!!
  • Birthday joy for my sister, I wish is more than her room’s litter!! Just Kidding! But keep your room clean, Happy B’day
  • I hope you remember I shared my best gifts with you last birthday. Waiting for return of favor sis. And I’m not kidding. Happy Birthday
  • I don’t say it often enough, but I know acting a bridge between me and whole family is a task Sis. Thanks for never complaining. Happy B’day.

Happy B'day Sis!!

Wishes for a blissful b'day for sister

Wishes for a blissful b'day for sister

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Anusha Jain (author) from Delhi, India on August 04, 2016:

Thanks Pragya, I hope your sister liked them

Pragya on June 05, 2015:

Thanks for all these fantastic messages for Sister. my sis is gonna celebrate her b'day this weekend, couldn't think of what to write in her b'day card. Now I've enough ideas

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