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Birthday Wishes for Brother - Funny Quotes, Heartfelt / Sincere Poems

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Some Funny, some Sincere, for Brothers who are dear

Some Funny, some Sincere, for Brothers who are dear

A Special Relationship With A Brother

The relationship you have with your Brother is very special. You could argue, disagree as often as you like, and still be sure that he will be there for you when you need him. For his birthday, you need a birthday wish that expresses your deep affection. Or maybe, this time, you simply want to tell him, how grateful and blessed you feel to have him, and express your gratitude for all he has done. Or even better, maybe you want to tease the hell out of him. Whatever kind of wish you're looking for, you'll sure get it in this article full of some original wishes in the form of texts and poems, or at least be inspired enough by these ideas and will be able to write your very own birthday wish for your dear brother.

Poem To Express Your Affection For Your Brother

When you were little, you were like a doll, as if a gift for me,
Few years passed, and everyone could easily foresee,
That you are going to be the Family’s naughty little Monkey,
And that you’ll have me by your side, at shore or in sea,
The affection I had for you, kept on increasing every year,
Here is an affectionate hug for a brother who is so dear!
And that would be your birthday gift kid brother. Happy birthday.

An Affectionate Hug for Brother's Birthday

An Affectionate Hug for Brother's Birthday

Happy Birthday Brother - Feeling Blessed To Have You - Wishes Expressing Gratitude

  • When I look back at our childhood memories, I find plenty to cherish,
    Although sometimes we fought so bad, it was more than nightmarish,
    Yet our bond kept getting stronger, and I’m honestly grateful for that,
    Without the support system that you are for me, I would’ve fallen flat,
    Your belief and encouragement have often been the only ray of hope,
    Your consolations when I have failed, have always helped me to cope,
    On your B’day, I want to wish for happiness which knows no bounds,
    May you get such abundant joy, that you’ve to stack it up in mounds!
  • Having you as a brother is one of the best things that have happened to me. Thanks for being you brother, happy birthday.
Blessed to have you Bro

Blessed to have you Bro

For A Troublesome Brother

Hairy Imagination, for a teasing a trouble seeking brother!

Hairy Imagination, for a teasing a trouble seeking brother!

Funny And/Or Teasing Birthday Wishes For Brothers

  • Naughty brothers while growing up are worse than pimples. They annoy the hell out of you. And yet I’ve always preferred you rather than… Don’t you think I’ve a big heart? You don’t? Okay, don’t frown though, it’s your birthday, you might get a wrinkle
  • If you had an extra hair for each time you’ve got me in trouble, I’d have to start calling you not brother, but “bear-ther”! Happy Birthday Kid Brother!!
  • When I look back to my childhood, everything was so good, and then mom dad decided to have you!! Just kidding, you know I love you :) Happy birthday
  • I’ve never said you were an intruder in our family resembling three musketeers. I’m not saying it today either. Big heart, you see. Or just a silly sense of humor? In reality, you were once my little angel, and you’ll always be! Not little, but angelic. Happy Birthday!
  • Have I ever told you, your teeth look little awkward when you laugh out loud? I haven’t? Yeah, that’s because it’s a lie! Keep laughing your heart out! Have an awesome birthday!!
  • Hope none of the days this year prove to be crappy,
    After all, I want my little monkey to be really happy,
    I know I’m no poet, but at least this one isn’t sappy,
    The way you sometimes looked while still in a nappy.
    Okay, enough of the stupid rhymes, Happy Birthday monkey man.
  • Thank god for your birthday. I was feeling so old, glad you’re keeping me company. Happy Birthday.
  • Do you know the best thing about having a sibling? Parents have an extra person to scold. And when you have an apparently naughtier brother… well, thanks for taking more than your share brother, happy birthday.
Just Apparently Naughtier!

Just Apparently Naughtier!

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I’ve Got Your Back! - Birthday Wishes From A Brother

Sibling rivalry, at least some degree of it, is something which you simply can’t avoid. But as grownups, you definitely want your brother to know that he means the world to you, and what you actually feel for him. What better time then your brothers birthday? But of course you want to achieve the desired effect without any silly sappy words, don’t you? Here are a few heartfelt, yet strong wishes apt for your powerful bond.

  • Life can be cruel at times. So I think it’s good we’re brothers - always there for each other. Happy Birthday! Have a great one!!
  • You may be my brother by chance. But you are my buddy by choice. Smart choice. Happy Birthday, Buddy Bro!
  • Quarrels have been a significant part of our relationships. But somehow, I think they’ve not made our relationship weaker. The word which comes to mind is "survivor". Our relationship is a survivor, considering sizes of our Ego. Guess that’s what makes siblings so special. Happy Birthday.
  • I might not have been the best brother at times, but I want you to know that irrespective of who is the opponent, what is being thrown, I’ve always got your back buddy. Happy Birthday, bro.

Birthday Wishes For An Elder Brother From A Loving Sister

  • I can’t forget my countless potential boyfriends you’ve scared off and even beaten, and still, I love you a lot. You’re so lucky to have me! But since it’s your birthday, I’ll not make it about me. So here’s something good about you. You have a heart of gold, and I am proud of the golden glow of your kindness! Wish you a Shiny Birthday Big Bro.
  • Some big brothers out there have a personality which demands respect. I’m so glad I have the one who doesn’t just demands it but deserves it too. Happy Birthday Respected Big Bro. Hey, I didn’t say that to make you sound old. Trust me. ;)
  • Your presence in my life has always given me such feeling of security, that I can’t thank you enough for that. Love you a lot, happy B-Day Big Brother.

Birthday Wishes For An Elder Brother From A Fanatic Brother

  • My Friends often complain, that my expectation from self (and sometimes from them too) are quite high. I always try to explain, how it is completely obvious with a brother like you. You’ve always set the bars too high, and I’ll always be grateful for that. Happy Birthday -- from, your fan since birth.
  • Although we’ve been together since ever (at least it’s ever for me), you continue to amaze me with the amazing way you do everything thing and the finesse with which you do it. Always striving for excellence, so here is birthday wish for you -- Have an Excellent Birthday big brother.
  • Are you any good? Of course, you are; in fact, you’re so good that fitting in your shoes has been a constant pressure big bro. I would’ve succeeded, but the problem is, you keep getting better! slow down a little. Happy birthday.

From a Caring Elder Sister

Take care Kiddo!

Take care Kiddo!

Birthday Wishes For Younger Brother From A Caring Sister

  • I know you’re all grown up now, but for me, you will always be my kid brother. And I can’t stop fretting about you. So, have all the fun in the world, but do take care of yourself. Happy Birthday.
  • On your birthday, all I have to say is, you are a gem of a person with a wonderful heart, and great potential. Don’t let anyone tell you any different. Happy Birthday to my talented Brother.

Birthday Wishes For Younger Brother From A Brother

  • Sometimes, I have been harsh on you. And I wish I could have acted differently, but I want you to know, you mean the world to me kid bro. Have a lot of fun on your birthday.
  • Your birthday reminds me every year, that no matter how much you grow up, mom and dad would still defend you saying, “He is younger than you”. It seriously annoys the hell out of me, yet, happy birthday to you.

A Note From The Author

Hope you liked these wishes. If you did, don’t forget to share the hub, if you didn’t, or would like something different, please leave some feedback using comments. I will continue to modify, improve and add more wishes to this hub, and your feedback would be very helpful.

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