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Happy Birthday Son - Quotes & Poems Inspiring, Funny, Emotional Messages

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And here comes your son’s birthday. Once your little boy, now he is able to read and understand the wishes you send his way. A birthday message for a son could be so many different things, it could simply convey your boundless affection, or it could be a timely advice. It could be meant to inspire him, or just to let him know how proud his latest achievement(s) make you feel. Actually, it could be a combination of any of these and even more.

So what’s your son’s birthday greeting needs to contain this time? Here are a few ideas. Feel free to copy paste, but even better, improvise on these - by mere personalization or by sheer characterization - your choice. It’s your greeting card and your son’s birthday after all. :P

Rhyming Birthday Wish for Adorable Son

All doting parents have a similar view. They all find their sons adorable. Here are some ideas to write Rhyming messages for an adorable son.

The day, that magical day when you first laid eyes on your Little One. And now when he is not little, when he can understand that emotion - even if just a little, do let him know, how much he has meant to you since that moment.

It was that day you were born,

The Day I first laid my eyes on you,

My throat constricted with emotion,

World was suddenly brand and new,

I felt blessed and happy and ecstatic,

All appeared afresh like drops of dew,

That magical moment and since then,

I’ve always loved and cherished You.

Happy Birthday to my Adorable son

Birthday Poem for Son - Little Prince's Beck and Call

Time always flows away with your son - young and full of charm, activity and enthusiasm. Birthdays are times when you can muse a little about this nonstop flying bird - time! And let your hyperactive son know how great it was to be at “beck and call” for this particular “boss”.

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They say, time which flies away, time which doesn't make you

All too aware while passing, is actually the best time of all…

We would say, since we’ve had you, time has always flown by,

We've been quite engaged being at our little prince’s beck and call.

Happy Birthday to our Prince

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Inspirational Birthday Wishes for Son

Birthdays are time for celebration all right. But they are also akin to milestones of lives. Your son could be going through a difficult phase, or he might be on the verge of starting an important endeavor of his life, and you could take this birthday as an opportunity to encourage him, to inspire him to be strong. Your words on his special day can become a memory which is source of endless courage and strength for his entire life.

Here are some ideas for inspiring your son with Inspirational Birthday Poems.

Birthday Poem for Son - Never Lose Hope...

While you were growing up,

We told you a simple thing,

Nights are dark and days are bright,

You know differently now,

Days could appear dark too,

Packed with situations grim and tight,

But don’t you ever lose hope,

Problems always have to elope,

Your courage will be like the sunlight,

So Just keep trying your best,

Almighty will take care of rest,

Finally everything will become alright…

It’s your birthday, and we wish,

You enjoy it with surprises swish,

That this night for you be full of light...

Wish you a Happy Birthday Son…

Inspirational Poem for Son's Birthday - Live your Dream

Inspire him with loads of belief in his capabilities.

I don't want to wish you magic by a fairy or an elf,

To be happy you would just need to be yourself,

Believe in your immense capabilities my son,

You’ll find all worries and problems abandon,

‘Cause I know once you decide at something,

It’s just matter of time, until you get it swinging!!

And Your success will always make me beam,

So go ahead son, go and live your dream!!

Happy Birthday!!

Time to have your say!

Funny Birthday Wishes for Son

Sometimes, a touch of humour is great for writing a memorable birthday message for your beloved Son. Remember, improving his sense of humor is also a responsibility you carry as a parent. :P


Guys are fascinated with cartoons or superheroes at some point of their life. Use your son’s favourite cartoon to make him smile on his birthday.

There was a time when you were confused, whether you loved me more or Doremon (change this with your son’s favourite cartoon) I hope you're not confused anymore, and off course I love you, then now and always. Happy Birthday Son.


If your son is matured enough, he is ready to take some of innocent jibes about his troublesome toddler self. Go back to that stage when he seemed as costly as he was priceless, and you will come up with something like this:

I was always told babies are priceless. When I had you, I realized, that meant costly too. While you cost me my full night’s sleep with your tantrums as baby, my relaxed state of mind as troublesome toddler, my perfect schedule with your hopeless sleeping routine and so much more… each time you smile, I get a reminder - you’re worth all of the above and more. Love you son, Happy Birthday.

Not too meaningful, funny rhymes are always fun. If your son is a practical person, he might not be fond of “sappy” messages, and since “sappy” rhymes with happy, you take a pick of your own rhyming words, and there you go:

It’s you birthday card, I don’t wanna be sappy,

I know that this stuff makes you quite scrappy,

So I chose Rhymes, they are always snappy,

I wish on his Birthday my Son is very happy!!


Birthday Wishes from Proud Parents - Poems for Appreciating Your Son

Any parents would feel blessed if they have a mature child who is capable of taking good decisions, making choices with intellect. So go ahead, and express your relief and appreciation in your Son’s Birthday Message.

They say aging is a compulsion, growing up is not,

But with you, growing up has happened quite a lot,

We're so glad you're mature enough for your age,

That you'll take decisions after turning every page,

Your foresight and intellect stands second to none,

We wish you succeed always, Happy Birthday Son.

If your son always has always made you proud, what better day would it be to express that? His birthday is the best time to say you don't just love him, you admire him and feel overjoyed to be proud parents of this wonderful young man.

It’s your special day son, and I want to say it loud,

You make us feel blessed, so happy and proud,

You think and do lot better than I could at your age,

That you’ll be an all rounder, I can anytime gage!

Enjoy a lot on your birthday and enjoy your life,

Wishing you success & satisfaction always & rife!!

Happy B’day Son!!


So, Use These Well

I’m a Harry Potter Fan, and although these messages are nothing like the Invisibility Cloak, I would still like you to use them well. :D As I said in the beginning, personalize these messages to best suit your son’s personality, and your relationship with him. Last but not the least, a very Happy Birthday to Your Son.


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