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Top Unusual Birthday Gifts for Women Turning 60: Gift Ideas to Make Her 60th the Most Fabulous Ever

For Chris, choosing gifts is like writing a story: By matching the character to the gift, you learn more about people and what they value.

What to Get the Woman Turning 60!

What to Get the Woman Turning 60!

Call her special, call her different—no matter—if she's not your average Jane, getting a woman a 60th birthday gift is not as easy as popping down to the florist to pick up some flowers. For one thing, she probably has particular tastes. She might even have rich tastes. Her home may be chock full of eclectic stuff already.

But you don't have to spend tons of money to get the turning-60 birthday girl the best creative gift ever. Here are several ideas for unusual birthday gifts for ladies in their sixties. From gorgeous art to personal comfort devices to funny gag-gift electronic gadgets to fun and uncommon hobby and craft suggestions, your 60-year-old woman will remember this present as one of the best (weirdest, strangest, most breathtakingly gorgeous, or simply the most special) birthday gifts she's ever received.

Books on Women Turning 60

Consider a trilogy of books—pointed, humorous, and sentimental—on the subject of reaching the age of 60.

The Best Books to Buy a Woman Turning 60

The Best Books to Buy a Woman Turning 60

Books About Turning 60

Also see these additional suggestions for books that may appeal to women in their sixties.

Gift Basket for the 60-Year-Old Birthday Woman

Gift Basket for the 60-Year-Old Birthday Woman

Gift Baskets Don't Have to Be Boring

Want to get her something nobody else will think of? Gift baskets add a personal and eclectic touch to birthdays. They're a great gift for the woman about to turn 60 who has everything... except a basket filled with thoughtful knick-knacks and treats. Digging through the basket of goodies is good for entertainment value in and of itself, whether it's a gag gift, a food gift, or a spa gift.

For a unique basket, you can make your own, or you can get her a gift basket that's...a little unusual.

  • If reaching 60 is a huge milestone for her—and it is for most—then she's either happy or weepy. Make her laugh at being weepy with an Over the Hill "Don't Cry" Gift Set.
  • Or if she's the kind to like to laugh and groan at the same time, and doesn't mind a bit of black humor, give her an Over the Hill Coffin Gift Set. If she's diabetic or doesn't eat sugar, there are also sugar-free option for the coffin gift box.
  • For a bit of a twist, get her a retro gift basket filled with sweet goodies from yesteryear. She'll be surprised at the candies and treats she misses from her childhood.
What to Give the Artistic 60-Year-Old Woman

What to Give the Artistic 60-Year-Old Woman

Is She Artistic?

There's a good chance she's looking to flex her creative urges right now, especially if they've lain dormant for years while she built her career.

Help her explore her creativity. Get her a set of artist's paints, canvas, easel...the whole kit and kaboodle. Or just get her started with a simple set of acrylics or watercolors and an assortment of brushes in different sizes.

You'll watch her face light up as the artistic possibilities for creating unique paintings run through her mind... or maybe she'll just enjoy having fun with her grandkids!

Either way, a painting set is a wonderful and unique gift for a 60-year-old woman who spends too much of her time working and giving to others.

Find more artistic gift ideas.

The U.S. southwest is home to many turquoise mines, including the Bisbee, Arizona turquoise mine and the Sleeping Beauty turquoise mine. And it's also home to many highly skilled Navajo jewelers.

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The craft of working with turquoise, silver, and gold has been passed down from generation to generation within the Navajo Native American tradition. Navajo jewelers use unique methods, complex beadwork, and stunning craftsmanship to produce jewelry that for almost a century has enjoyed worldwide renown.

Navajo turquoise jewelry is a gorgeous way to celebrate the lasting beauty, dignity, and grace of a woman who's reached the age of 60.

Jewelry With Character

Does She Love Unusual Pendants or Making Jewelry?

The Karen Hill Tribe from Thailand makes gorgeous handcrafted pendants that are hard to find here in the U.S. She'll treasure one of these beautiful rose pendants (or other designs found on eBay) for use on a sterling silver chain or in a design of her own making.

Ergonomic Comfort Gift

Help the 60-year-old birthday woman relax her neck and shoulder tension with this headrest ergonomically designed to cradle and support the neck for maximum comfort.

Small, portable, and adjustable, the Real-Ease is a cervical traction device not designed for use as a pillow but to use for just for a few minutes a day.

For use lying down or leaning back (not for driving or sleeping, though).

The Best 60th Birthday Gift: Memories

The Best 60th Birthday Gift: Memories

Memories, Memories

A woman about to reach 60 years of age is a woman that can look both ways: towards memories of the past and towards the future.

A twist on the nostalgic traditional photo album, a digital photo album handles memories in a manner straight out of a futuristic science fiction tale. A small and portable digital photo album can store thousands of crisp, high-resolution pictures, which means she can carry them with her everywhere and brag about her family to everyone. Most digital photograph albums fit in a pocket or small handbag and allow you to organize your photos view them in slide shows as well as transfer them to and from a computer. Some have rechargeable batteries.

These digital photo albums are especially appreciated by someone who does not run a mile from anything electronic. And even if she does...maybe this is a way to bring her into the 21st century.

Digital Photo Albums as a Birthday Gift for a 60-Year-Old Woman

Calf and Foot Massager

Okay, you've heard of massagers for the neck and back, but have you ever heard of a massager designed exclusively to massage the calf and feet?

The Osim iSqueeze Calf Massager is a spa-quality massager and a luxurious and unusual gift for the 60-year-old woman to enjoy. With disks that vigorously knead and squeeze the calf muscles, this piece of massage equipment is great for soreness.

Reflexology points in the feet are hit by pressure nodes under each foot to help reduce fatigue and tension.

An Irish Bodhran Drum

Is the birthday gal a fan of River Dance and Irish jigs? The Irish bodhran is a traditional handcrafted Gaelic drum. If she's the creative and musical sort, she'll enjoy exploring the musical possibilities.

Usually made of goatskin, it comes with a "tipper" to beat the drum. The bodhran is played by using one hand to change the tension on the surface while the tipper beats.

Saving the Best for Last...

If you want to give her a present that she will absolutely, positively love and be able to use, the Body Back Buddy is the one. Almost any female turning "the big six oh" will know about muscle tension— in the back, legs, hips, and feet. This myotherapy tool helps ease that tension.

I should know—I own one, and it's really effective. It helps me get to those troublesome spots on my back and legs that I couldn't reach otherwise. I'm not yet in my sixties, but I read reviews on Amazon of people's grandmothers using them, so age does not seem to be a factor.

Body Back Buddy

Planning a Party for a 60 Year Old Woman?


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