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100 Happy Birthday Wishes, Quotes, and Poems

Deciding What to Write in Your Birthday Card?

Happy birthday wishes should always be funny or polite depending on your relationship with that person. This page is meant to help you decide what to write in your friend's birthday card or just give you an idea of what to say to them. These birthday wishes will guide you through writing genuine birthday messages for your Mom, Dad, brother, sister, husband, wife, or whoever you choose.

Instead of just using these birthday wishes, I encourage you to combine and edit them as you see fit in order to suit your situation. In this article, we will be covering topics such as funny messages, sincere messages, belated birthday wishes, and certain milestones, such as the 18th and 21st birthdays. Most of all, I encourage you to have fun in creating your customized birthday card. Open your mind, and let the ideas flow.

Funny Happy Birthday Wishes

These funny birthday wishes are meant to make that special someone smile. If this is not your intent, move on to the sincere messages.

  1. Happy birthday on your very special day; I hope that you don't die before you eat your cake.
  2. Better to be over the hill than buried under it. Happy birthday!
  3. With age comes wisdom, and you're one of the wisest people I know.
  4. The younger you try to look, the older you actually are.
  5. Count your blessings, not your wrinkles. Happy birthday!!
  6. You know you're getting old when the candles cost more than the cake... Happy birthday.
  7. One more year of existence down the drain... Happy birthday!
  8. Forget the past; it's gone. Forget the present; I forgot to get you one.
  9. For all the advances in medicine, there is still no cure for the common birthday.
  10. You would have loved the gift I didn't bother getting you.
  11. Don't think of it as getting old. Think of it as becoming a classic.
  12. Age is strictly a case of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it won't matter.
  13. Happy birthday... You're one year closer to death.
  14. Though I love you forever and can't afford to lose you...You're at an age where your back goes out more than you do. Happy birthday.
  15. So many candles... so little cake.
  16. An old fart is as good as a new one.
  17. I'm not going to make any age jokes because I feel really bad for how old you are.
  18. You're a hard person to shop for so I didn't get you anything.
  19. Happy birthday! Like I cared...
  20. Am I in the wrong room? I'm looking for a birthday party, not an antique show.

Sincere and Positive Birthday Wishes

  1. We cherish and value having you in our lives.
  2. Happy birthday to a very special person.
  3. I hope your birthday is as beautiful as your smile.
  4. I wish you the best on this glorious day. Happy birthday.
  5. You will always be loved and be loved always.
  6. Cheers to the day you were born.
  7. I wish you 100 more cakes with candles.
  8. You are just like a fine wine, you get better with age. Happy birthday.
  9. Today, we celebrate another year of having you in our lives.
  10. I hope all of your wishes come true on this wonderful day.
  11. Happy birthday. May many more follow.
  12. Never forget how special you are. Happy birthday.
  13. Always remember, I'll never forget you.
  14. Happy birthday. I hope you enjoy every second of it.

Belated Happy Birthday Wishes

  1. 2,4,6,8.... sorry this birthday cheer is late.
  2. Better late than never. Hope you had the best birthday ever.
  3. I hope your birthday was splendid, and I'm so sorry I missed it.
  4. I hope you had a wonderful birthday. Sorry I'm late.
  5. Sorry I missed your birthday. That only happens to me like once a year.
  6. Happy birthday!!! Oh, it was yesterday? Well, Happy belated birthday.
  7. It's never too late to wish you a Happy birthday.
  8. Sorry I'm late... Now wheres the cake?
  9. I may have missed your special day but I think about you every day.
  10. Happy Birthday, it's kinda late... Sorry I missed it. Hope it was great.
Happy Birthday Mom

Happy Birthday Mom

Happy Birthday Wishes for Mom

  1. Happy birthday, Mom! I couldn't imagine a life without you in it.
  2. To the most special women in my life: Happy birthday.
  3. Thank you for being there for me my entire life. Happy birthday.
  4. You are the mother of all mothers. Know one can do it better. Happy birthday.
  5. Happy birthday to the greatest women alive.
  6. Mom, you know you rock.
  7. Happy birthday, Mother. There will never be another
  8. Thank you for allowing me to be your son/daughter for another year.
  9. May today be as glorious as the day I was born. Happy birthday.
  10. Happy birthday to my #1 women in whole wide world.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Dad

  1. Happy Birthday to the coolest Dad in the world.
  2. Happy Birthday! For a Dad, you're pretty cool.
  3. Dad, you know you're special when I skip Monday night Football just to wish you a Happy Birthday.
  4. Dad, your my favorite. Don't tell Mom. Happy Birthday
  5. Happy Birthday to the world greatest Dad.
  6. Happy Birthday Pops...You rock.
  7. To the worlds #1 Dad, Happy Birthday and many more.
  8. I'm so grateful to have a father like you. Happy Birthday
  9. May today be as special as you are. Happy Birthday Pops

Happy Birthday Wishes for Your Brother or Sister

  1. I'm so happy to have a sister like you. Happy Birthday
  2. Happy Birthday! You're the best brother anyone could wish for.
  3. Happy Birthday to my awesome sister for being a awesome person
  4. Happy Birthday! You know...You're like a brother to me.
  5. Happy Birthday Sis. I hope today is as beautiful as you are.
  6. Happy Birthday! It's been an honor being your ________(brother or sister)

Happy Birthday Wishes For Your Wife or Girlfriend

  1. Happy Birthday Babe. You're as beautiful today as yo were when we met.
  2. Happy Birthday honey...You make my life complete.
  3. Thanks for another year of happiness with you
  4. Happy Birthday Beautiful. Your smile keeps me going.
  5. Neither gold nor diamonds match your lovable beauty...Happy Birthday to my wonderful cutey.
  6. Happy Birthday to my beautiful wife. Because of you, I live one beautiful life.
  7. Happy Birthday. Every year I fall more in love with you.
  8. Even though you've gotten older and gained a few pounds, you're still the beautiful woman around.

Happy Birthday Wishes For Your Husband or Boyfriend

  1. To the most handsome, wonderful man of my dreams..Happy Birthday
  2. Thanks for always being my're the husband a woman could have.
  3. Happy Birthday sweetie...Our love will remain strong forever.
  4. To my wonderful man, my beautiful prince. I wish you a happy birthday, sealed with a kiss.
  5. My love for you grows stronger everyday...Happy Birthday honey.
  6. Your the best man I've ever met...Happy Birthday and don't forget to thank your mother.
  7. Happy Birthday to the love of my life and the most wonderful ma in world.
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Happy 18th Birthday!!!  Now that you're can leave.

Happy 18th Birthday!!! Now that you're can leave.

18th Birthday Wishes

  1. Now you are legally grown so why are you still here? Just kidding. Happy Birthday.
  2. Happy Birthday you adult you
  3. Happy 18th Birthday!! Technically you're grown. Mentally is another story.
  4. Happy Birthday! Let me be the first to welcome you to responsibility.
  5. Happy 18th Birthday! Seems like just the other day you turned 10.
  6. Happy Birthday. Today should be the best birthday of them all.
  7. Happy 18th Birthday, I hope it's the bomb. But now you're grown so go get a job.
  8. 18! 18! what a wonderful number. But you still can't drink. Oh what a bummer.
  9. When you turn 18, the court system becomes your new parents.

21st Birthday Wishes

  1. It's your 21st birthday. Now you can do all the things you already did but weren't supposed to.
  2. Happy 21st Birthday although I don't expect you to remember it.
  3. Happy Birthday. Try not to drink too much.
  4. Happy 21st Birthday! Don't drink and drive!
  5. Happy 21st Birthday!! You're adopted!
  6. Welcome to the best years of your life. Happy Birthday
  7. Happy 21st Birthday! Say hello to the golden years and goodbye to your kidneys.
For more Birthday Pictures, click here..

For more Birthday Pictures, click here..

Write Your Own Birthday Message - Personal is Better

When writing your happy birthday wishes, try to use inside jokes and be personal to the point that your not too offensive.

Example: Your friend wore a very bright shirt in camp... you could say...

"Happy Birthday, I hope your future is as bright as your camp shirt"

The more personal, the better. Try to be genuine and sincere whether you're being funny or not. Always let off a positive vibe and make the reader feel like you meant every word. Also, look around you. Often times, you can just look around your surroundings and gain inspiration. Use special moments and memories to show that you care. Let them know that you really cherish your time with them.


fresh2def05 (author) from Louisville, Ky on November 17, 2012:

Hi hawaiianodysseus.

Actually, I did come up with a few of these birthday wishes myself but most of them where picked up over time. The picture with the granny holding the pistol is my favorite. Thanks for reading!

Hawaiian Odysseus from Southeast Washington state on November 12, 2012:

Awesome! Did you come up with these, or were they gleaned over time from others? I really enjoyed them, but the opening photograph will definitely haunt my sleep tonight. : )

Great job! Thanks for sharing!

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