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Wedding Anniversary Love Letters & Messages for Husband

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Happy Wedding Anniversary to Husband Card

Happy Wedding Anniversary to Husband Card

Wedding Anniversary Greetings and Wishes for a Husband

The conjugal life of a husband and wife has many ups and downs. If you are a contended wife, then show your husband the honor and love he deserves for being nice to you as a spouse. We need to refresh that relationship time to time for keeping it in better shape.

A great wedding anniversary message can win again the heart of your husband and spark the old passion between you. Here is a good collection of such messages to inspire you.

Five Anniversary Messages - Short and Sweet

1) It was ten years ago when we married, but the day is still as clear as today for me. All the best for the day.

2) Every day with you is the day of celebration to me. Happy anniversary, my love!

3) The day of our anniversary gives me the chance to say how valuable you are to me.

4) I am the Cinderella who has met her prince. You know what I mean.

5) With the passage of time, you have changed a lot but the sparkle of your eyes betrays the same affection for me as it was years ago. I wish to be your loving wife forever. Wishing you a superb anniversary, my love!

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Five More Anniversary Greetings for Husband

1) I have a nice ‘L,’ a good looking ‘O,’ a fine ‘V,’ and a cool ‘E,’ but all I want is nothing but ‘U.’

2) You are nothing but somebody to the world but for somebody, you are nothing but the whole world. Somebody is sending her love to you.

3) All the best things in the world like sunlight, air, or the moonlight are free, but my heart is not. It is the most valuable thing, which I have given you forever.

4) The relationship between a husband and wife is one of mutual understanding and love. I am obliged to you my dear that I have not any lack of these thanks for you.

God could not have given me a gift much better than you. My husband is the best gift that I ever got in my life.

5) You are the most valuable jewel in my possession. I can afford losing a diamond ring, but nor you.

Four Great Anniversary Wishes for Husband

1) I thank you for giving me such a wonderful ten years, in which I have learned that love can wash away any obstacles. I wish a happy anniversary to you!

2) On this anniversary, I can tell you that I love you more than last year but less than I will next year.

3) Once you were the superstar of my life, now you are the guiding star of my life.

4) The Pacific Ocean is so big that you cannot cross it with a boat: My love for you is greater than the Pacific Ocean; it has no end.

Anniversary SMS to Husband

1) Before I met you, my dear,

About love my idea was no more

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Than a child aged ten or near,

You have opened the door

Of my heart.

2) Hugs, kisses and a SMS. My wishes are brief and short.

3) When stars are born, that is the kind of light I see in your eyes. Wishing you a bright anniversary, my love!

Three More Little Messages

1) On the day of our wedding anniversary, I am going to tell you three simple words: I LOVE YOU.

2) You are my love, true love, / You are the one whom / I can go on forever kissing / I cannot bear / The idea of you missing.

3) You are the man who taught me how to love. You are the man who taught me how to forget every grief. You are the man who is very special to me and always will be.

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If you like it then Pin it.

A Letter to a Husband on a 10th Anniversary

My love,

This letter to you is—yes you guessed right—to celebrate the coming of our tenth wedding anniversary. Isn't it strange that we have spent ten years together but still feel as though we married only a few days ago?

You know how I have scolded you for many reasons. There have been some misunderstandings among us from time to time. But this is nothing compared to the joy of spending those days with you. I can tell you that you are the perfect man for me and I could not have asked for a better husband. You have shown me sympathies and tried to share my joy as well as grief. You were always beside me and I hope you shall be for many, many years to come.

That’s all.

Enjoy the day,

Your dear wife

More Letters to Husband

Dear Mike,

This letter is to show my love and respect for you in the eve of our 10th wedding anniversary. We have spent T-E-N years together! Unbelievable, is it not? Time goes so fast!

Ten years ago when we were much younger, both of us had a common dream of making a great and happy family. After 120 months together, we can now proudly say that our dream is now 100% successful.

Dear Antoine,

I must thank you for giving me such a wonderful married life. You were so gentle when my mood was off and tender to me when events bowed me down. When misfortune tried to break me, I had the strong soldiers of my husband to lean on. Yes, you have been a very dependable soldier, with both feet on the ground.

Dear David,

I shall not say that we have always had a golden and loving relationship. No, there were misunderstandings between us. There were some rough moments, too, but these all are nothing. The final victory has been won by our mutual love, respect, and fellow feeling.

I finish this letter by giving you lots of love and wishing a very happy anniversary.

Your Wife,


Wedding Anniversary Song

Buying Your Husband a Card

When wishing a happy wedding anniversary to your beloved husband, you need to give him a cool-looking card. Anniversary cards may be priced from very low to high. Cheap cards with bad quality materials are not advisable because it shows you care little about your husband. The image and the design are important.

Happy Anniversary Wishes Card

Happy Anniversary Wishes Card

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