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Best Gifts & Toys for 10-Year-Old Girls – Christmas, Birthday, Hannukah or Just Because.

Top Gifts & Toys for 10- to 11-Year-Old Girls

Top Gifts & Toys for 10- to 11-Year-Old Girls

What Gifts Do 10-Year-Old Girls Want?

There are some toys that still appeal to a 10-year-old girl (more to some than others) but generally girls at this age are picking up on fashion and beauty - nothing too glamorous, though, they are still kids after all! Any gift that allows her to change up her look or pamper herself will always be appreciated.

At this age their personality really shines through and they usually have hobbies they love. You can use this as an advantage when picking out the perfect gift.

I think you'll find something for every girl on this list as it features some of the most asked-for gifts of the year.

Always a Hit: The Rainbow Loom

10-year-olds do love to make their own jewelry — bracelets being the most popular pick. There are many different methods from weaving to beading but the most popular of them all at the moment is the looming.

Rainbow Loom is literally taking over the world and girls just love using it to make their own creations. We have one at home and it's super easy to use. Girls can make their own bracelets in minutes. They love wearing them and even trade them as signs of friendship.

See the Rainbow Loom in Action: Easy Inverted Fishtail Bracelet Tutorial

A Gift for Their Their Room

A girl's room is the centre of her universe (along with the mall, more often than not), so getting something for their room is a good idea.

It can be as simple as a poster of their favourite singer or actor or a piece of unique furniture. Some lovely figurines, a music box, or a funky throw pillow, blanket, or rug would definitely do the trick. Even better would be to let her pick it out – that way you know she’ll like it. You can make it a bit of an adventure and go to the local furniture store or thrift shop to pick something out together.

I like the idea of installing a bedroom doorbell. Most girls at this age definitely want their privacy and this will give them a sense of having it.

Something for a Trendy Hair-do


I wanted to do all kinds of things with my hair when I was ten: put beads in it, curl it, braid it, make it straight, make it curly, etc. Things haven't changed that much since then; having a nice hair-do and being able to express her individuality is important.

Anything to accessorize her hair will get praise. Give her a new hair clip, glittery beads to decorate their locks, or hair chalk

A Trip to the Zoo: An Experience to Remember

  • Date Night. Often, girls at this age would love nothing better than to get to spend some time just with you - no other siblings allowed. A night of an adult's undivided attention can often be the best gift of all. You and she could take a day in the city to go, go to the zoo, go out to lunch, see a movie, or maybe do a little bit of shopping together.
  • Tickets to a special event. Maybe tickets to One Direction aren’t an option, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take her to something really special, like Cirque du Soleil or a musical of some sort. A friend took her daughter to see Mamma Mia! and they both had a great time. In addition to the performance itself, it’s really fun for her to get dressed up and have a special “grown up” night out in the city. She’ll definitely remember it for years to come.

Should You Get a Book for a 10-Year-Old?

The answer is always yes, no matter the age. Shorter novels are great for this age. Thinking back, one of my favourite stories was Black Beauty. And what 10 year-old girl doesn’t have a thing for horses?

There are some other more recent books that a lot of 10 year-old girls would also love.

  • Wonder – R.J. Palacio. This is a truly wonderful and touching novel about August Pullman who’s a totally normal kid except that he was born with facial deformities. The novel starts with August entering a mainstream school after being homeschooled for years and is about his efforts to fit in and have a normal life. Your daughter will absolutely love it.
  • The Mysterious Benedict Society – Trenton Lee Stewart. In this fun-packed series, a group of children respond to a strange ad in a newspaper and are put through a series of strange, difficult, and mind-bending tests. The ones that pass go on a secret mission at the Learning Institute for the Very Enlightened and if I were to tell you anything more, that would ruin the whole thing. It’s a real page-turner and I know your ten year-old would love.

10-Year-Olds Love Board Games

They will more likely play them with friends than with family though.

HedBanz is a really fun game for parties or slumber parties. The players pick a card and, without looking at it, put it on a headband so everyone else can see it but they can’t. The players then have to guess what’s on their card by asking “yes” or “no” questions. It’s super fun.

Jenga is also a favorite in our household. You know the game: build a tower with wooden blocks and then remove the wooden blocks very carefully so as not to cause the tower to topple. Whoever avoids causing the tower to topple over wins.

Apples to Apples is another wonderful all-ages game that she will be able to keep playing as she gets older. Another perfect slumber party game.


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I love love them

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I love the ideas so cool my daughter will love the chalk for you hair but one suggestion is put more stuff on the web but otherwise great ideas

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