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Best Gifts for Women! Find the Perfect Gift for Every Budget, from Economy to Luxury!

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Low Budget: a Full Set of Measuring Spoons

The measuring spoons are perfect for a woman that cooks for her family and friends. Go for a set made in stainless steel. She will use it forever. Even though this gift is inexpensive, it's the thoughts that count especially when you are on a tight budget. If a woman truly cares about you, then she understands that not every occasion demands a generous gift. A practical gift like the measuring spoons can be used for all of her cooking needs.


Low Budget: Body Sugar Scrub

Are you on a budget? Is the person not very close to you? A body sugar scrub is the best option here. They come in a cute packaging and you can find them in some specialty and import retail stores. You can find them for around $10. Maybe $10 is too much for you? You can actually make this by following online recipes. Go search online and you can create multiple jars for several people at a fraction of the price that you will spend at the store. This little gift is appropriate for co-workers or female friends that you are not close with. They will think positively of you when they use it to exfoliate their dead skin cells.


Low to Mid Budget: One Subscription Box

Does she have a weakness for a collection of curated items? With the surge of subscription boxes, people can try a huge variety of products at the comfort of their homes. With competition on the free market, consumers benefit with high quality products at reasonable prices. Go for a desert subscription box if she has a sweet tooth. Pick a coffee subscription box if she is an avid coffee drinker. For a healthier alternative, go for a tea subscription box to introduce her to the world of tea. How about a cosmetics box? The sky is the limit here. Whatever she likes, you will most likely be able to find a subscription box. She will be delighted to receive such a novelty gift from you!


Low to High Budget: Perfume

Women love perfume especially if she is into fashion. There are so many great choices on the market today for perfume. From economy to expensive, you can find a huge amount of products in this category. Is she into a certain scent or a brand? You can start from there and narrow down your choices. There are even companies that claim natural fragrance as their selling point. Best of all, perfume has gorgeous packaging that most women love.


Mid Budget: Fountain Pen

Is she a writer? Maybe she has the habit of keeping a dairy? A classic fountain pen is the perfect gift for a knowledge thirsty lady. She will be amazed at how much you know about her. Go for a classic brand that is known for their quality. She will keep the fountain pen and remember your excellent choice of gift. This type of pen is also very environmental friendly because it is not disposable. She can keep buying ink and use the pen for a lifetime. Both this deep woman and the environment will thank you!


Mid to Slightly High Budget: Old Style Popcorn Maker

The old style popcorn maker is a great gift for many women. They will love to make popcorn with it and share with their family and friends. Buy a smaller old style popcorn maker if she wants to use it for small gatherings. The tabletop one is under $100. On the other hand, go for the bigger one for maximum impact! This larger old style popcorn maker is great for a woman that hosts parties at her house constantly. She will love to use it and share the popcorn with all of the party attendees. However, keep in mind that a large old style popcorn maker can set you back a few hundred dollars.

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Mid to High Budget: Silk Items

If she loves the luxurious silk fabric, then her gift is very easy to find. With the surge of silk's popularity in western countries, you can find silk hair-ties to pajama and everything in between.

Although it's hard to stick to a super low budget on silk items, silk hair-tie is probably the cheapest silk item that you can find. At the lower end, silk scrunchie can be purchased for around $25.

Other silk items such as pillowcase and pajamas will cost more money. On some online retailer websites, a single pillowcase is priced for as low for $30. But other well known silk brands charge at least $30 for their pillowcase. Silk pajamas are considered a more luxury item and go for at least $100 or more.


Mid to High Budget: Jewelry

Are you looking for a gift with maximum impact? How about jewelry? This is the gift that is appropriate for the most important women in your life. Maybe it's for your mom, sister, or wife. Even when you don't have lots of money, you can still gift them jewelry. In the end, it's definitely the thoughts that count. If she truly cares for you, she will love the jewelry regardless of how much it's worth.

Decent quality mid range jewelry starts from a few hundred dollars. Lots of brands offer this style of jewelry. They are mostly fashion jewelry not made of expensive precious metals.

If you have a good amount of money and want to get her something that will last a lifetime, go for jewelry made of precious metal or gemstone. If the woman is very classy, a strand of pearls will suit her personality and taste. Traditional Asian women appreciate jade. If you are not sure but have almost unlimited funds, diamond can never go wrong.


Mid to High Budget: An Experience (Including Vacation)

Some women don't care about materialistic gifts but relish on experience. This is great for some guys because you can enjoy the time together with this important woman in your life. Mid budget experience gift is a simple dinner. Of course, this dinner can be relatively inexpensive or pricy. More importantly, the dinner is about the experience rather than money. How about a mid range buffet so she can enjoy a variety of different foods. Dinner is probably a better option because you don't want to rush through this experience. How about a place where they offer dinner and show at the same time? Don't forget to check out online coupon to save even more money on this experience gift.

An experience can be a vacation as well. If you don't have a lot of money, a small vacation where you spend the weekend together is perfect. Go to somewhere close and enjoy each other's company. When the money is abundant, you can plan a more extravagant vacation.


High Budget: Designer Accessory or Wallet or Handbag

Are you buying a gift for a special woman in your life? Is she very sophisticated and into the finer things in life? Designer wallet or handbag is the perfect gift for her. Ask her which one is her favorite high end designer. She will be so pleasantly surprised that she is in your heart. Depending on what you buy, this gift can easily set you back at least a few hundred dollars if not more. Reserve this gift for the most important person in your life and a truly special occasion for the maximum impact!


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