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Best Gifts & Toys for 8 Year Old Girls in 2013 - Christmas, Eight Birthday and 8-9 Year Olds

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What are the gifts and toys a 8 year old girl wants?

Turning 8 is great! If you don't know what to get as a gift for a 8 year old girl on her birthday or on any other day from 8 to 9 years old these picks will help you out.

She still likes some toys but she has outgrown quite a few of them and she does know what she wants. Following up with the trends is really important to girls at this age too.

Get Rainbow Loom

Most asked for gift of the year 2013!

There's a great chance you already have this but if you don't Rainbow Loom is the thing to get! It's taking over the world! It's trendy and it's creative and that's why girls love it.

This clever little toy lets you create your own rings, bracelets, necklaces and many other things.

The basic kit includes 2 looms, a hook and 600 colorful rubber bands which will be enough to create quite a few masterpieces and when they run out of bands you can always get more and they are really inexpensive.

These are all the rage with kids now, everyone is making and trading the bracelets they make and there are a lot of tutorials available on Youtube that go beyond basic looming so the fun really never ends.


Another Creative Gift for 8 Year Olds

I'm sure you were playing with something similar when you were a kid, I know I have and I loved it. I would make spirals in all colors possible and would even mix and match different sized ones to make even more fun creations.

This set is relatively new and brings you 19 different wheels, 2 rings 3 pens and more so your kids will be able to make thousands of different spiral creations.

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Top Toy For 8-9 Year Old Girls in 2013


8 Year Olds Love Board Games

"What am I" is a popular game usually played on parties as a icebreaker game - you know the one where you get a piece of paper with the name of the famous person (now or in history) on your forehead and you have to guess who you are by asking yes and no questions. It's one of my favourite party games and I'm so happy they made a kid friendly version if it HedBanz Game.

They made it even more fun and goofy for the kids as they won't be sticking post it papers on their forehead but will be wearing headbands with insert cards. The cards are all nicely illustrated and contain simple objects and animals kids all know and won't have much trouble guessing.

Headbandz Game

Do 8 year old girls still love to play with dolls?

Yes they do but their baby dolls get replaced with fashion dolls. Monster High dolls are all the rage this year and if you are looking for a fresh new doll Catty Noir is the one to go for. She's a part of the music festival line and she's no student - she's a music diva, a well known singer.

Encourage your girls to play with building blocks

As a kid I loved playing with Lego's and I think building blocks are great for both genders as they do wonders for creativity and imagination.

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Lego has a line designed especially for girls if you are looking for something girly and it's something 8 year olds will love.

It's time to dance

It's time to have some dancing fun! This dance mat doesn't need any console as it can be plugged straight to the TV. A perfect and inexpensive gift.

If you own a console of any kind though be sure to check if they have a dance mat designed for that console (there should be one for every console currently on the market).


A Handheld Gaming Console Suitable for an 8 Year Old - Nintedno 3DS

8 year olds are responsible enough to have their own handheld console and I think Nintendo 3DS is the best pick at the moment as it has a pretty cool 3D feature (without glasses) and lots of games designed specially for kids and a whole lot of games designed with girls in mind. Not to mention you can get it in pink.

There is a ton of games with Disney Princesses, Helo Kitty, Monster High, Lalaloopsy and all of their other most loved characters.

Something for the whole family

I still remember the day when my parents bought me a gaming console when I was a kid - it was priceless. We spent many hours playing together as a family and I loved it.

Nintendo Wii U is the perfect family console - most games require physical interaction keeping your kids and yourself fit and active and there are also lots of dance and quiz games the whole family can enjoy.

And when the kids go to bed you and your partner can enjoy more difficult (and still entertaining) games.

The games I would recommend are Disney's Infinity, Just Dance and Nintendo Land.

Wii U Commercial

Is Kindle Fire Suitable for a 8 Year Old?

The answer is simple - yes! They come in many price ranges and the most inexpensive one is far better than the most expensive tablet designed for kids and I think the ones designed for kids don't offer anything of value to an 8 year old.

These encourage reading, kids will be able to play their favourite games and watch cartoons.


Sreedevi from INDIA --Kerala--Thrissur on November 18, 2013:

The hub give us an idea about the various gifts that are available in the market for this age group.

AtomSpace from Southern California on November 17, 2013:

This is a nice hub. It's as if you've taken one small demographic and made it the whole world. Very helpful and well thought out.


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