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Best Gifts & Top Toys for 7 Year old Girls in 2015 - Christmas, Seventh Birthday and 7-8 Year Olds

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Best Toys & Gifts for 7 to 8 Year Old Girls

Best Toys & Gifts for 7 to 8 Year Old Girls

What are the best gifts and toys for a 7 year old girl?

You're probably wondering what does a 7 year old girl want for her gift as this age can get a bit tricky... While they are still kids they do start following the trends and already know what's hot and what's not.

This list of most asked for and newest toys and gifts will help you out in picking out that one (or more) gift for her birthday or any other day (it's never to early to start shopping for Christmas).


The Best Pick if You Already Own an iPad or iPad mini - Creativity With No Limits

This is one of the most clever toys in ages. Girls love make up, parent's not so much and this

Barbie Digital Makeover Mirror takes the best from both worlds as with this little toy you put make up on without actually putting make up on.

Get Digital Makeover Mirror

Check how it works

Top Toys For a 7 & 8 Year Old Girl


Zoomer The Best Electronic Toy For Girls (and boys)

If your kids didn't ask you to get them a really puppy you are one of the few... A real dog takes a lot of attention, if you have one you know it, if you don't believe me it does... A lot. And while some kids at 7 are responsible enough to take care of a dog most of them are not, no matter how hard they try to convince you they are and in the end the responsibility for taking care of the dog gets tossed to you.

Zoomer is a nice middle path, he (or she) acts much like a real dog and does not need the attention of one. Kids will enjoy taking it out for a walk, playing with it, teaching him tricks and have fun as he performs them.

7 Year Old Girls Have Lots of Important Secrets and That's Why They Will Love This One


I had a journal, I still have it and I would still blush if someone would read it. When I was 7 I had a crush on my neighbour and my journal was the only one to know it. As any other kid I had my good days in school and was happy to write about them and I had my bad days where writing things down in the journal made everything better.

I loved writing stuff in there but I was always afraid someone would read it as it was protected by a generic lock which would open even if you would nudge it a bit harder.

Journals sure did come along way and this one in particular will keep your girls secret as they should be - safe - as she will be able to voice password protect them. To keep things even safer this diary has a secret compartment as well as invisible ink to write with.

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Fit and active with a Nerf bow

If she's adventurous or sporty she'll like this one.

This is a safe bow as it shoots foam arrows/bullets so she'll be able to use it indoors too.

What seven year old wouldn't love their own fairy?

This is also one of the hottest toys and most asked for gifts from girls and why shouldn't it be as it's almost like a real fairy.

Flutterbye Flying Fairy will be entertaining both you and your girl.

Top Dolls For 7-8 Year Old Girls

Must have dolls of this year

Must have dolls of this year

Barbie Collector Holiday Doll for 2015

I am always eagerly anticipating a new Holiday Barbie doll as this one is the most beautiful of all Barbie dolls, she has glamour she has style and she is gorgeous.

This year we get to see her in an icy snow white dress and with blonde hair and I think she looks magical.

Although there are many new doll lines constantly being released you can never go wrong with a Barbie doll.

Apple White Doll

As I know some parents have an issue with Monster High dolls (and to each their own I say) this is another popular doll line much like Monster High just without the monster part.

Ever After High is a doll line based on fairytale characters as all the students from Ever After High are daughters and sons of your all time favourite fairytale characters.

Apple White is the most adorable one of them all and she's the daughter of Snow White.

A doll from latest Disney movie Frozen


As Frozen hits the cinemas in November these doll will be a hit for this Christmas

Trailer to Disney's Frozen

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