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Ideal Christmas Gifts this Season

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Best Gift Items to Try this Christmas

Christmas season is approaching and most or the whole world thinks of gifts to give to their love ones and even to those who are in need. Today, I think the best gift would be those made by hands or handicraft products. With every purchase you made, you helped the workers fill their homes and tables for their family. Paper Mache products are examples of handicraft products made of paper and some sort of bonding agents like starch. Finished products were sturdy and can withstand day to day use. They can be placed on table tops, office desks or you can just bring them along. Below are some items and designs to check and try this gift-giving season.

Cylindrical Tube

A tower with various heights and diameters, an 8-inch high by 3.5-inch in diameter tube can hold a 350ml bottle. Perfect as gift box or souvenir case for wines and bottles. You can also place some surprise items inside or you can just give the case itself as the gift.

Fan with Box

This 1”x10”x2” sized box with a fan is such a simple gift to give to your classmate or officemate. With the box itself which is more decorative than the fan inside, you can use it as a pencil case or pen holder in your office or classroom. It can hold 8 to 10 pieces of pens or pencils. You can also place a memory foam inside and place your favorite fine arts pen. It can also be a home the pen you use for signing papers and documents in your office.

Rectangle Tissue Box

This box is specially made for tissues, wet wipes or coreless tissue rolls. It can hold them and secure the quality of the tissue paper inside a messy bag. It might be torn apart or damaged without the box. The design varies from different colors and flower designs and will be a perfect gift item and a beautiful office or table tissue holders.

Round tissue box

Just like the rectangular one, this round tissue box fits a cored tissue roll. It might be a perfect gift for those who enjoy watching drama movies with a touchy plot to keep their tissue along with them, wiping their tears now and then. Best placed on kitchen and wash rooms.

Square tissue box

It fits one tissue roll just like the round version. The difference is that it can fit in the corners of the wall to save space.

Each item above can be used for another purpose because of its size and durability. You can use the cylindrical tube as a coin bank for your kid or use the round tissue box as pen holders for your table. You can also place another gift item inside for a 2-in-1 pack gift. All items listed above were posted on Sam'Pia Gift and Souvenirs SHOP.


Klarenz V (author) from Philippines on November 23, 2020:

Yes, it is. I hope they have some manly designs like some Aztec or Tribal arts design.

peachy from Home Sweet Home on November 23, 2020:

Awesome and simple gifts that most females would find them useful

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