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Becoming a Better Pampered Chef Consultant with Better Party Ideas

If you’re a Pampered Chef consultant, I am sure you have previously received training in selling pampered chef products. When it comes time for you to host a party, your consultant will give you some of their ideas on what to do but here are some tips to help you become a better pampered chef consultant.

Pampered Chef Kitchen Party

Most people both men and women attend Pampered Chef parties to socialize and eat food! Create a casual environment with drinks and food so that your clients feel free to chat. Have a variety of drinks ranging from wine or a bit of champagne along with the pop and sparkling juices. Have foods and snacks that use Pampered Chef tools or ingredients. Take the time to make a recipe using all the pampered chef materials you can think of and serve the results to your clients. Have some agreeable instrumental music in the background. The flow and pace of your party will help land sales at the end so be sure to start and end your pampered chef party on time.

Show off your Pampered Chef Products

Part of the draw of Pampered Chef parties is having the chance to try a tool or see you else use it prior to committing to buy it. By using products in demonstrations, you will be able to sell more. Be certain that your clients are seated close enough to you so that items can be passed around and examined. While your clients pass around items, you can take the time to refill drinks or plates.

Pampered Chef Consultant

Pampered Chef Consultant using the 7" Santoku

Pampered Chef Consultant using the 7" Santoku

Pampered Chef Giveaways

I am sure you like free stuff right? So why wouldn’t your clients By having Pampered Chef games as listed below try to make sure that all your clients go home with something. For everyone try a small prize, a free sample, or a catalog to read later. Giving away a few inexpensive prizes raises the percentage of people who will buy more pampered chef products at the end of your party. Please label any handouts or prizes with your name and contact information. You don’t want your clients to have to search you out.

Pampered Chef Party Game Ideas

With The rise in its popularity I suggest a variant of poker. Take a deck of cards ask your clients about a certain product, and for every answer give 1 card to them. If the customer asks about becoming a pampered chef consultant, give them 2 cards. At the end of 20 minute portion have your clients show their cards and the one with best poker hand wins a small but meaningful prize.

When demonstrating stoneware tell your pampered chef clients about the stones, tell them how the food cooks more evenly, remind them of the guarantee for 3 years making sure to them ten or more things from the "benefits to owning a stone" information. Then after the demonstration, ask them to list the reasons for owning a stone. The client with the most correct answers wins a prize.

Pampered Chef Party

Pampered Chef Party Ideas

Pampered Chef Party Ideas

Sign Up Other Pampered Chef Consultants

One of the best ways to increase your exposure and income is to recruit other friends or family to have parties or to sell Pampered Chef products. Let them know that distributors get discounts on their purchases and have the ability to make money by selling products themselves. Hosts receive some Pampered Chef merchandise for free.

Final Tips for a Successful Pampered chef party

Preparing for your first or hundredth Pampered Chef party your first step is setting a date and start inviting your friends and family. To make sure you'll have a good turnout, follow these guidelines:

Invite twice as many people than you'd like to attend typically around half will not be able to make it or will be previously booked. Use both written invitations and phone call initiations. Tell those invited it's a private invitation and there are a limited number of spots create the idea of scarcity this will also increase your potential sales. Politely ask that your clients give you at least twenty four hours notice of cancellation, so you can book someone else in their spot. Let them know they'll be free gifts, prizes and special pricing on products.

By following the above guidelines you will easily be on your way to hosting great pampered chef parties and having a great second or third stream of income!


charmgirl on July 31, 2011:

How wonderful to be a pampered chef, with everything at hand, instead of hunting around the kitchen for utensils!

daydreamer13 on July 31, 2011:

Excellent hub!

Gustave Kilthau from USA on July 31, 2011:

Howdy MG - A chef, to feel truly pampered, might require a huge kitchen with tons of shelving on which to place all of the wonderful gadgets beloved of pampered chefs.

Gus :-)))

Carolee Samuda from Jamaica on July 31, 2011:

What a wonderfully written hub. Now I want to be a pampered chef!

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