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Beauty Spa Gift Ideas

Your Girlfriend Deserves a Beauty Spa Treat


Why Beauty Spa Gift Packages?

Just what do you give the Material Girl who has everything? Well, instead of trying to find the latest 'must-have' gadget or fashion accessory, you could consider her general health and well being and give her an imaginative gift that's sure to be appreciated, along with a day that she will remember long after the event – a beauty spa treat!

Beauty establishments that offer spa gift packages can be easily found in local directories, national health and beauty magazines and of course, on-line. Researching the right package can be done using a range of these sources, which gives you the chance to really shop around, but do remember to also check with friends, relatives and work colleagues: someone is sure to have a place that they know and could recommend to you.

Massage Treatment


Day Spa Treatments

Spa packages often include the chance to attend a day spa and can include the choice from a range of treatments. If you are seeking something specific, it is always worth asking for this as invariably it can be easily included in the package for an extra charge. Do make sure that the package does include at least a couple of treatments as well as the usual spa luxuries of jacuzzi or hot tub and sauna – you don't want to give a gift that ends up costing the recipient a fortune in 'extras' on the day!


Spa Gift Vouchers

It is also a good idea to negotiate a significant time frame for the use of the gift voucher, so that the gift's recipient has plenty of time to plan the treat in at their own convenience. Perhaps they have a an extra busy time coming up at work and would rather use the treat at the start of a holiday, to set them up for relaxation, or conversely it's a great idea to have a spa day at the end of a holiday, to give mind and body one last treat before getting back on that work treadmill! They may also be keen to save the treat to use as part of or prior to a big event, such as a wedding or birthday celebration.

Perfect Gift Idea


Well Spa at Miramonte Resort

Luxury Pampering

If money's not really an object, or you think the lady in question really deserves or needs a longer pamper session, then you can often find spa breaks that span over several days or whole spa weekends, which include accommodation and meals.

These make the spa gift into an extra special treat, often including health and well-being classes as well as the usual choice of beauty treatments, giving the recipient a real chance to unwind and relax. These packages can be a particularly fun alternative to a hen weekend, mother-daughter quality time session or post-natal treat, although you may have to research, organize and book these well in advance, to be sure that the establishment of your choice can accommodate this, if there are a number of guests that you want to include.

The key, as with any special purchase, is to shop around. Remember that you are not just looking for the best price: it's also about discovering a beauty spa that will put as much thought and care into the pampering of your recipient, as you have put into finding the right gift itself!

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Spa Gift Baskets


mohammed chitour from Algeria on October 19, 2020:

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mohammed chitour from Algeria on October 19, 2020:

Wonderful ideas beautiful women deserve

SolveMyMaze on July 25, 2014:

Excellent hub. This is exactly the kind of information that every guy should be swatting up on to make sure their girlfriend/wife is left with a smile on her face when giving a gift.

Of course, the guy could visit the spa as well for some much needed rest and relaxation. It certainly would make a great gift though, and is much better than the now norm of giving an itunes voucher.

FlourishAnyway from USA on July 19, 2014:

Very nice suggestions. This would be a great gift.

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