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10 Beach Gift Basket Ideas (On a Budget)



Beach Themed Gift Ideas

Are you looking for a range of beach themed gift basket ideas that you can put together to make up your own little basket to gift someone as they go away on holiday or simply for someone who lives close and frequents the beach. Either way, this guide will go through ten great gift groups that you can take a look and give you some inspiration to put a beach gift basket of your own together.

Let's take a look exactly at what would be useful at the beach as well as make a generally 'aesthetic' looking gift to make the overall basket more intriguing.

#1 Beach Bag

Now the first thing that you are going to need for this 'basket' is some sort of container. However, you have a unique opportunity here - as this container for all your gifts can actually be something rather practical.

A beach bag.

It's not only useful for when you actually go to the beach but it can be used to gather all the gift ideas that you plan on gifting too. There are a range of hessian type bags and straw bags, this will keep the look of a more traditional 'gift basket' too.

Of course, the major drawback here is of course, that it becomes less of a basket and more of a beach gift bag - even if you decide to still go the basket route, a beach bag is a great idea in itself to give them. There is a range of nautical themed ones and of course, it's entirely practical too.

#2 Beach Towel

Getting a beach towel is a sure fire gift idea that makes complete sense for the basket and plus because you can get them in an array of patterns - it adds a bit of colour too. Whether you want to go for the nautical theme or you go for something just bright and out there, a beach towel is certainly one of the very first things to be looking at. Plus, you can use it to wrap all the gifts up with as you place it into the beach bag (as we mentioned above). This creates a bit more mystery in the unwrapping process.

#3 Creams and Lotions

This one is a given and a must to any beach type basket. You will need a range of sun creams and after sun lotions in the gift. You can get some luxury all-natural ones as well as one that contains specific ingredients such as aloe vera if you know they are quite partial to that. Of course, you can have ones that smell good and aren't overly sticky on your body. This can be the luxury part of the basket if you are that way inclined. Take a look at some of the options you have in this aspect below:

#4 Swimming Gear

This is a clear nod to the beach theme and could be a bit of fun for them to delve in as well. The immediate types of gifts are quite clear here, you can get them a pair of swimming goggles, you could even go for a snorkel and perhaps some flippers if you think they will actually take a dip into the sea. They aren't overly expensive either - but you would have to make sure that you get the sizing just right. If it is all a bit over the top, you could just opt for a cheeky pair of beach shorts or swimwear.

#5 Bucket and Spade

Nothing will quite say that this is a beach themed gift basket like a bucket and spade will. Whether they actually use the bucket and spade is another matter, but I think it is a 'must' to be included in the basket - as even the mature adults will like to have a little play and build a sandcastle or two. Plus, this is a sure-fire thing that you are going to forget as you head down to the beach. Of course, it will help to inject some colour into the overall gift basket too. If they have kids too, it's surely going to go down well with them.

#6 Snacks

This is a must. A range of snacks that they can go ahead and munch on as they sit and lay down relaxing on the beach. Whether that's popcorn, nuts, pretzels and an array of other nibbles. You could take it a step further and offer different cheeses, jams and chutney too - if you want to go for a more picnic type themed beach basket. Here, there are a range of endless options, you just want to make sure the goods you do provide aren't going to be perishable (within a short period).

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#7 Drinks

Now it's your choice whether you want to go down the potentially alcoholic route, but a drink will certainly be appreciated for any hot beach day. Whether that's refreshing cool flavoured water or something that has a bit of a kick to it (I would just make sure you disclose to them exactly what's in there beforehand). However, if you can potentially try and pair this up with the previous suggestion with food and snacks - this could work very well together. For example, a block of certain cheese and a complimentary bottle of wine.

#8 Sweets & Candy

There is a whole range of sweet options that you can stick into the basket (or bag) such as gummy worms, and generally, sweets that won't melt (so try to avoid chocolate). Any sort of candy that might be a favourite of theirs. You can get a variety of types, plus what's great about sweets is that they are great for adding a bit of colour into the overall basket - making it more appealing when you hand it over or they unwrap it. We think the candy bouquet below will give you some great inspiration here.

#9 Games

Now, these don't have to be full-on games. However, a great way of creating a fun beach gift basket is to include a soft ball, perhaps a frisbee. Something to actually do once you are on the beach other than going into the sea, building sandcastles and eating. This gives those who are wanting something a little more activity on the beach something to do. A soft soccer ball or a frisbee are both cheap and would be great to add into the basket.

#10 Decorations

Once you have started to out the beach basket together, make sure you look appealing. It is great to make it practical and the gifts will look good in themselves. However, you could also add some beach type flowers as well as cocktail umbrellas just to give the overall basket some extra pizzaz. Explore some of the fantastic gift basket ideas below for some inspiration.

Done for You or Do It Yourself Gift Baskets

Now, all of the above might seem quite a lot to carry out - and to be fair it is. Sure, there is a lot of sentimental value that goes into creating a DIY beach gift basket, however, there is a lot of time involved and in truth, it's quite difficult to do one on a tight budget. Especially to make a compelling one anyway.

There is, of course, the option to go for one that is already put together. This will then take the hassle out of trying and debating what should go in the basket. Plus, there is a range of great options out there that genuinely do look impressive. So of course, there's advantages and disadvantages to both - whether you want to go the Do It Yourself Route or the 'Done For You'.

We might be a little bias here, but we often think the best way is to always go the DIY one - it adds a level of sentiment that money just can't buy - knowing someone has put the time and effort into creating one.

If you have any other ideas that are not on this list but you think would be a great option to include - then please do let us know and make sure you comment in the section below. And if you have started to put one together and found this list of ideas helpful then please let us know also - as well as if you have any questions.

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