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Balloons For Your Party 2020 Trends

I run a balloon decoration business, so I am aware of all the new products and trends in this area

New year has just begun, which means there are still many holidays ahead, and we have a lot of wonderful balloons to make them the most beautiful and magical!

Want to learn about the most fashionable balloons and aero decorations for your party? Then read on ...

Personalized Balloons Gain Popularity

Of course, in the first place in the balloon market are balloons with inscriptions. Anyone can now personalize the balloon, whether it is latex or foil. Moreover, the cost of such inscriptions starts at 1 dollar! You can order any inscription for any holiday, starting with the name or nickname of the hero of the occasion and ending with comic-offensive expressions.

The inscription is cut out on a plotter using a special pressure sensitive adhesive called Oracal and transferred to a balloon inflated with helium or air. Such self-adhesive can be glossy, matte or mirror. There is also a great variety of colours. The choice is yours.

Personalized Balloons 2020 Trend

Personalized Balloons 2020 Trend

New Colours of Chrome Balloons for All Kind of Events

On the second place of our hit parade of the most stylish balloons are the American chrome balloons. You are so fond of this series that Qualatex has just recently released the new colours "Rose Gold" and "Copper". So the air sets will now become even more beautiful.

Chrome balloons can be called advanced metallic ones, they are more dense, opaque, saturated. To some people they resemble the color of mercury, to others the color of chrome steel, and still others simply admire them without words.

Speaking of the balloons of the Chrome series, it should also be noted that the American manufacturer is constantly expanding the range of not only colors, but also the sizes of these balloons. It has recently released 7-inch (ca. 17 cm) Chrome balloons. This means that chrome balloons can now be used without restrictions in a variety of arches, columns, garlands. Also there is a size of 12 inches (ca. 30 cm) and long balloons for modeling in this series.

Chrome Balloons 2020 Trend

Chrome Balloons 2020 Trend

Craft Balloon Bouquet–Creative Gift for your Beloved

Have you heard about craft bouquets of balloons? They are also called air pockets. These bouquets are now incredibly popular everywhere! They are harmoniously assembled small foil balls of various shapes with and without inscriptions, curls from long balloons and other decoration bells and whistles.

Such bouquets can have various sizes from small to huge. These gifts can be a great alternative to fresh flowers for the defender of nature. In addition, such bouquet will be decomposed for a maximum of 3 years.

Craft Balloon Bouquet 2020 Trend

Craft Balloon Bouquet 2020 Trend

Cute Foil Balloons For Kids Party and Not Only

The next most popular balloons are foil balloons with a fashionable design. Favorite cartoon characters, such as Frozen or Little Pony, are in demand among children. And adults like fountains of balloons with foil clouds, octopuses, pandas, ducks and other "cute" heroes, because we are all children in our hearts, even if we pretend to be serious.

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When ordering a foil balloon, keep in mind that such balloons will not tolerate sudden changes in temperature. If you take the balloon out of the air-conditioned room onto the street in the summer heat, it is likely that it will burst. Also, if you take out a foil balloon from a heated room in the winter to the street, the helium inside it will compress and the balloon will lose its attractive appearance. But do not despair! Having brought the balloon back into heat, helium will expand again and the balloon will return to its original form.

Foil Donut Balloon 2020 Trend

Foil Donut Balloon 2020 Trend

Barbed Rose Inside Transparent Balloon

And of course, we can’t get past the transparent spheres in different designs. The most traditional ones are with feathers or little balloons inside. But not so long ago, unique bouquets have appeared on the balloon market.

A real living rose is placed in a transparent sphere wrapped in gift paper! The miracle is that despite the thorns, the rose does not burst the balloon. It's also possible to add led inside the transparent sphere.

Such bouquets will make the most positive impression on girls! Try it, our dear gentlemen, and you will understand.

Large Balloon Set is the Best Way to Make a Surprise

This new product is out of competition and is gaining popularity every day. These sets are harmoniously assembled and consist of foil balloons, large foil numbers, balloons for modeling, twisted in different flowers, curves. Balloons can also be personalized.

Some elements are created using the "Plastic" technique. Some of balloons are filled with helium, others with air. But all together they fascinate both the giver and recipient of such a gift.

The size of these balloon sets sometimes reaches 2.5 meters in height and 3 meters in width. When ordering such balloons, make sure that you can deliver them without damaging. If you have nothing to transport the balloons on, do not save money and order delivery in the balloon studio. Almost every balloon designer has a cargo van and he will easily bring your order to you.

Charming Organic Balloon Decor for Your Party

Also, we should note the growing popularity of organic decor. These are various design elements made from balloons of various sizes from giant balloons to small five-inch ones. In addition to balloons of standard colours, you can add balloons with confetti, glitter, double staffed balloons, personalized balloons to the garland.

The main rule is that the chaos in the garlands should be organized. Each balloon should be perfectly round, not elongated. Each organic garland is unique, even one and the same designer cannot make two absolutely identical organic garlands. All the balloon designers try to add something special and unique to a popular look.

Organic Balloon Birthday Garland

Organic Balloon Birthday Garland

Final Thoughts

If you still can't decide whether to present balloons for the upcoming holiday or not, the answer is obvious. The balloon market has changed a lot lately. Now this is not just a business for aero designers. This is an art that requires special skills and serious training. Trust the holiday to true professionals.

We hope this article has been helpful to you. Delight your loved ones with the most original fountains and bouquets of balloons!

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