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Baby Halloween Costume Ideas Featuring 25 Cute Baby Photos


Baby’s First Halloween

It's so exciting to see your baby all dressed up in his or her first Halloween costume. Well, actually, the pleasure is for Mom and Dad and all others who love your baby. It's one photo opportunity that you probably don't want to miss as this only happens once.

There are a lot of cute baby Halloween costumes out there. Whether you have an infant, a 6-months old baby or older, there are many choices for your child. The style of costume may be in any one of these three forms:

1. Baby Bunting Costumes

Many of the costumes for babies are in the form of bunting, some people call them “snuggle sacks.” A classic example is a pea pod costume.

2. Baby Costumes With Tops and Bottoms

If you have a baby that is a few months older, then a costume with legs instead of a bunting may be more appropriate. It makes diaper changes easy.

3. Baby Romper Costumes

Romper costumes have the legs separated, but the total costume is still one piece.

At this age, infant costumes must be simple and cozy. It’s wise to get costumes that don’t include face masks or makeup additions. The baby will just pull off the masks, while makeup can irritate the sensitive skin of a baby.

Baby Bunting Pea Pod Costume

Baby Bunting Pea Pod Costume

Baby Girl Halloween Costumes

If your baby is a girl, some classic Halloween costumes include a pumpkin patch or a witch. But then you can dress her up in any costume you fancy. She can be princess Snow White, Cinderella or a little mermaid. She can wear a pink rabbit costume or an infant angel costume. Just put a feathered halo and angel wings on her for that cherubic shot.

Baby girls can also dress up as superheroes -- as Wonder woman or supergirl. There are also other cute costumes for babies like a baby flower costume, a yellow banana, and a chili pepper.

Just click through the thumbnails of baby girl costume images below.

Baby Boy Halloween Costumes

Classic baby boy costumes to wear on Halloween night include the baby devil, a scary winged bat or an eight-legged spider. The color theme of these costumes are generally black, purple and orange.

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Skeletons are likewise classic baby Halloween costume options for boys. Usually, this costume is a one piece jumpsuit, with or without hoods or glow in the dark feature.

Other Halloween costumes that are coming back in popularity include vampires and pirates. The Hollywood movies like Twilight and Pirates of the Caribbean made these costumes bestsellers again.

The vampire costumes for boys usually come with a red bow tie and a silky cape. It would probably be better to skip the makeup of a pale face and blood dripping from the mouth since babies will just smudge it and it could irritate their sensitive skin.

Some mom and dads might want to dress up their baby boys as Superheroes. There are plenty of superhero costume ideas, from the Classic Superman to Captain America and the Flash.

Click through the thumbnail images below to see some Halloween costumes for baby boys.

Baby Animal and Bug Costumes

Animal or bug costumes for Halloween night are adorable and many moms and dads dress up their little babies in these costumes. There's a wide selection of bug and animal costumes that are perfect for boys and girls.

Bug Costumes

Most little bug costumes are for girls because of the wings they have, for instance, butterfly, bumblebee, and ladybug. There are a few that boys could wear, too, like the caterpillar.

Animal Costumes

There's plenty of choices in this category of baby costumes and they're mostly unisex. Here's a good list of choices

  • Baby bird costumes can be owl costumes, peacocks, parrots, and ostriches. Examples of character bird costumes are the Penguins for the movie Happy Feet, and Angry Birds.
  • Puppy dogs baby costumes can be like a brown puppy or pink poodle. Some character dog costumes everyone loves are Scooby Doo, Snoopy, or Clifford the Big Red Dog.
  • Farm animal baby costumes include gentle lamb, pink pig, rabbit, cow, chicken and duck costumes.
  • Wild animal baby costumes include tiger, bear, lion, fox, raccoon, monkey and many others. Baby bear costumes may be more specific like koalas, polar bears, and panda bears. There are also character bear costumes like Winnie the Pooh and the Care Bear.
  • Under the sea creatures make great baby costumes, too. There are cute lobster, shrimp, crab, sea horse, shark and mermaid outfits. One popular character costumes is Nemo the clownfish.

See the photo collage of baby animal costumes from Amazon. See a lot more choices on this website.

Baby Animal Costumes

Baby Animal Costumes

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