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As a Woman Living Alone, I Have Prepared a Lot for Christmas

Pandalili, engaged in Internet work, interested in fashion, film, and has a cute cat.

8 December, the feast of the Immaculate Conception. A day of celebration for us, special since we were children: the day when traditionally we begin to assemble the tree and all the Christmas decorations inside and outside the home. In reality, this traditional step in recent years has become very flexible.

Christmas is a time of comfort, joy, and a shitload of cultural expectations about family and togetherness. But it's hard to avoid spending time alone at Christmas. In fact, living alone on special days is not a very bad thing, we also have to be happy to spend good times.

I have been surrounded by the Christmas mood for days already and I love it! Now I wanna share what I prepare for Christmas 2020 and to meet a new beginning.


Christmas Dress

Lilicloth offers original products at competitive prices: these are clothing and accessories with super colorful and fun prints, specially designed to be expressive and satisfy all preferences.

The first one is a Christmas Cat Women Sweatshirt. It has the classic Christmas red color with a cute cat print. For a cat lover like me, it is perfect!



The second garment is a Christmas tree pattern patchwork long bodysuit, which also has a classic Christmas color scheme. This sweatshirt has a long hemline so that I prefer to pair it with a black silk stocking.


The next item is a pink one with a very sweet print made of white paws. The line is very soft, the fabric light and shiny. As for the heaviness, I think it is ideal in the mid-seasons while to go out in winter I recommend wearing a cotton t-shirt. It has a zipper to open and close the neckline and two comfortable pockets.


Let's move on to the accessories section with a pair of socks in a warm, super-elastic, and comfortable cotton. The pattern with geometric shapes and colored sections make them witty and also trendy.

Christmas is not complete without the Christmas hat and gift socks. To create a more complete Christmas atmosphere, I purchased hats and socks from Amazon, as well as some Santa dolls to decorate the room.

Go outside

Fresh air and blue skies make me feel better. Of course, the Christmas atmosphere in the streets and shopping malls is warmer.

According to my personal preference, I list some personal preferences for outdoor sports:

  1. go to the movies. Well, I would like to go to the movies. Buy tickets in advance as a way of committing to your plans (and ensuring I can see exactly what I want to see).
  2. shopping. What could make you happier than shopping offline? It's the best feeling to get something you like when you see it.
  3. Watching a firework. Maybe you can meet a like-minded one.
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Delicious food

Even if you aren’t eating a traditional Christmas meal, eating something delicious and a little special can be very uplifting. Fresh crepes or other baked bread topped with whipped cream and fruit, homemade pizza, tater tots, and slices of toast with a sip of hot chocolate/coffee.


Christmas songs

When you are eating delicious food or enjoying the view outside the window, you need Christmas songs to decorate the wonderful mood. Here are some of the Christmas songs I've included in my song list.

  • This Christmas

You may have heard this classic song in many places covered by plenty of other artists. But "This Christmas" is a song by American soul musician Donny Hathaway released in 1970 by Atco Records and now has become a modern Christmas standard.

  • Christmas Must Be Tonight

This rocking Christmas song by The Band celebrates the life of the "son of a carpenter" who brought the world joy.

  • Wonderful Christmastime

"Wonderful Christmas" is a Christmas song by British musician Paul McCartney. The song still continues to enjoy high popularity worldwide during the Christmas season and has been covered by numerous artists.

  • All I Want for Christmas Is You

Since its release, "All I Want for Christmas is You" has been well received. The song has become a Christmas standard and continues to be popular during each holiday season.

  • We Need a Little Christmas

This is a popular Christmas song that originated from Jerry Herman's Broadway musical 《Mame》

  • Underneath the Tree

An original Christmas song by pop princess Kelly Clarkson, The song imitates sleigh bells and chimes through musical instruments to create a festive atmosphere

  • Santa Tell Me

"Santa Tell Me" is a Christmas song recorded by American singer Ariana Grande. With the tonal texture of R&B, we hope to have a romantic Christmas experience


Above all, I just want to tell you to be happy and be kind to yourself at all times. Happy is the most important one, right?

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