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Angry Birds Halloween Pumpkin Painting Idea

Angry Bird Painted Pumpkins

Angry Bird Painted Pumpkins

The Idea

Decorating pumpkins and Halloween are synonymous. Many try to come up with the scariest carvings to frighten trick-or-treaters as they go house to house building their collections of sweet confections. This year, as I was picking out pumpkins with my sons, I saw the little pumpkins and had a great idea.

I, like my children, fell prey to the Angry Birds app games. I am a huge fan of puzzle games and essentially that is what Angry Birds games are. They are built on engineering and physics concepts, but disguised as a light-hearted games.

Looking at these little pumpkins I saw a few that almost perfectly fit the shapes of the different birds. I also remembered that my son has a pretty fancy sling shot at home that would really add to this display. So we picked out four pumpkins to represent the birds and four pumpkins of a different style to represent the pigs.

Step 1 spray paint undercoat

Step 1 spray paint undercoat


The first thing that we did was to spray paint the pumpkins with the base color that represented each character. Green was used for all of the piggies, and we chose to make one of the red birds, one of the white birds, one of the black (bomb) birds, and one of the yellow birds.

Angry Bird Pumpkins

Angry Bird Pumpkins

Painting The Angry Birds

The next step takes a little bit of artistic talent. I looked up pictures of the faces online and used it as a model to paint the faces on the pumpkins. For this I used acrylic (water based) paints. These are nice because you can easily correct mistakes by wiping with a wet paper towel. The end product doesn't need to be perfect. Mostly they will be viewed from a distance.

Piggie Pumpkins

Piggie Pumpkins

Painting the Piggies

These are a little easier. It is basically the same design for all of them. The main things that need to be painted are the eyes and the nose. The mouth is optional, but if you decide to paint those they usually have a semi-toothless grin.

The Setup

The Setup

Setting up the display

As you can see from the picture above, we also had some extra decorative stones at the house that made for great building blocks for the piggies display.

We decided that to get great visibility we would set it up on the railing of the porch.

After we got this all set up, my kids and I started to wonder if it was safe leaving it out this far in advance of Halloween. Neighbor kids might try to sling shot the birds on their own. So I caved and told my two boys that we were going to have that fun ourselves. I have posted videos below of our fun.

Angry Birds In Real Life

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Angry Birds in Real Life 2

Angry Birds No More

Once we had taken a few turns with it, it seemed pointless to make them stop so I let them keep going with the "game". The Angry Bird Pumpkins didn't last too long, but we had a blast.

I suggest if you decide to run with this idea, don't get too attached to your work. The temptation to play with them is just too great. I also suggest that if you are going to display them out side, make them difficult to access and only put them out closer to Halloween so that they don't go missing.

In the end, have fun. That's what holidays are all about. This was a great bonding experience with my kids and let me embrace my own inner child.

The Aftermath

The Aftermath

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© 2013 Eric Niehoff


peachy from Home Sweet Home on October 07, 2013:

love this idea

Eric Niehoff (author) from Denver, CO on October 07, 2013:

Thanks. It was a lot of fun.

Eiddwen from Wales on October 07, 2013:

What a wonderful hub and voted up plus saved. Thank you so much for sharing and I wish you a great day.


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