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American Girl Doll Birthday Party Ideas and themed supplies

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How to Plan An American Girl Themed Party

American Girl is the adorable line of toy dolls released back in the 1980s by Pleasant Company. The groundbreaking dolls portrayed little girls of varying ethnicities, and were sold with accompanying books drawing attention to issues of poverty, racism, child labor, animal abuse and war, in a sensitive way that was easier for children to get to grips with.

These dolls were a staple of many childhoods in the US and across the world – and they continue to enjoy success to this very day! As recently as 2014 the team behind American Girl rebooted the Historical Characters line with redesigned outfits and a compilation of previously released books that kids simply loved.

If you have a birthday party or a special occasion coming up, why not flash back to the past with an American Girl party theme? Here’s how you can do it:

American Girl Birthday Party Invitations and Ideas

First up, it’s the invitations. These are very important because they’ll be the first thing related to the party that your guests lay eyes on – and they’ll also be packed with all the important information regarding the time and location of the party. The pressure is well and truly on to get them just right and set the mood for a great party!

Luckily, there are plenty of resources and products online that can help you ensure your invitations are beautifully presented, with a range of options for all budget brackets. These free American Girl party invitations can be downloaded and printed in the comfort of your own home, without even needing to place an order or go to the store! There are lots of different layouts and styles that you can choose from, to really personalize the event.

Etsy is packed with creatives putting their skills to good use, and many of them have been eagerly preparing American Girl invitations in their online shops, as seen here. Browse the full collection to find a solution that fits with your own ideas for an American Girl party. You can personalize many of these on Etsy, or you can order them blank and fill them in yourself.

As always, Walmart is on hand to solve any last-minute invitation problems that may arise. These sticker birthday invitations are great for handing out in the school playground or at the park, and they won’t break the bank at $5.96 for a pack!

American Girl Birthday Party Decorations and Ideas

Your party venue has to look fantastic for the occasion, but if you’re stuck for ideas, never fear! We’ve collated the best American Girl doll party decorations from around the web to help give you the shot of inspiration you need:

  • As there isn’t a particular color scheme for American Girl dolls (each doll has its own dress and color palette, so it would be hard to incorporate them all in one), why not stick with a traditional theme of red, white and blue? It’s certainly patriotic, and it’ll make your party bright and colorful too.
  • Check out this blog for great examples of how to decorate your home or party venue for the occasion. We love the simple banner made out of red paper plates – very effective! The plastic tablecloths also create a lovely canopy over the party area. If you have high ceilings you can make the area feel a little more cosy by using drapes and cloths to form a canopy.
  • This blogger has shunned the traditional red, white and blue for a girly color scheme of purple, pink and green. The colors work well together and it opens up lots of possibilities for the décor! This example goes to show that you don’t necessarily need to conform to a traditional color scheme to have a big impact!

American Girl Birthday Cake Decorations and Ideas

What’s up next? The yummy cake! If you’re hosting a birthday party for a little one, the cake will obviously play a big role – when the cake is brought out with candles lit, the lights go down and everyone sings Happy Birthday… so it’s important that this focal point of the moment is picture-perfect!

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There are lots of ways you can get creative when it comes to the birthday cake. This lovely three-tier creation will ensure there’s plenty to go around, and the simple yet elegant design is sure to make a great impression on guests. It just goes to show, you don’t need to be elaborate to win plaudits!

If creativity is your thing, and you feel confident baking and decorating cakes, why not challenge yourself with an American Girl cake like this one? All you need to do is buy an American Girl, remove the top half and then bake a cake in a half-sphere shape. The cake will form the skirt as the lovely doll sits on top (just don’t let the kids see the half-doll before the cake is finished – it might scar them for life!).

For something totally simple, this lovely box-shaped cake ticks all the boxes. It looks great, it’s sizeable enough to feed a party and it has an unbelievable whipped strawberry cream filling – yum!

American Girl Birthday Party Food and Drink Ideas

It can be hard to come up with American Girl-themed food and drinks ideas, so why not take the American theme and run with it? You could serve up a multitude of traditional American snacks and foods, from hotdogs and pretzels to cookies and s’mores. Here are some of our top suggestions:

  • Remember having a doll as a childhood toy and feeding it with a little bottle? You can use these toy bottles as containers for food and drinks at your American Girl party – you can even put straws in them instead of teats so that your guests won’t feel as though they’re actual babies!
  • Dunk pretzels in chocolate and then roll them in red, pink and white sprinkles for an authentic American Girl look that tastes delicious!
  • Mold cookie dough around the outside of a cupcake baking tray to create little cookie cups that can be used to serve up candy or milk.
  • Red, white and blue kabobs are a good way to ensure kids don’t simply each candy for the entire day – use strawberries and blueberries for the red and blue, then sneak in some marshmallow for the white element.

American Girl Birthday Party Favors and Ideas

If you’re stuck for party favor ideas, never fear! We’ve trawled the web to find the very best suggestions that you can put into practice at your party.

With an American Girl doll theme, one of the first things that springs to mind for a party favor is American Girl accessories! These loot bags contain accessories for the eighteen-inch dolls, including mobile phones, notebooks and bracelets – how sweet! Your guests will love taking these home and giving them to their own American Girl doll.

You could also hand out lovely bracelets with the names of each party guest on them – and perhaps an extra, smaller bracelet for their American Girl doll! Guests will love matching with their doll, and they’re sure to keep this gift forever.

These sweet American Girl doll necklaces feature some of the most famous dolls from the range, and make a lovely gift for your guests. Hang them up by the exit door and remind your guests to take one as they leave!

American Girl Birthday Party Games and Activities

All good party hosts must provide some entertainment for their guests! Here are our top suggestions to ensure your guests have lots of fun:

  • American Girl Salon – Set up a salon area with mirrors, hair clips, rubber bands, brushed and spray glitter, and don’t forget to tell all guests to bring an American Girl doll that has lots of hair! They can treat their doll to a lovely makeover at the salon.
  • Jewelry Making Station – Head down to a craft store and buy hundreds of decorative beads and lots of string. You can easily set up a jewelry making section for guests, where they can make necklaces and bracelets customized to their own personal tastes. You could even kill two birds with one stone by using the completed jewelry as party favors!
  • Pin the Pacifier – Using a large picture or printout of an American Girl doll, place a blindfold over a single guest and ask them to pin the pacifier on the doll! The guest that manages to place the pacifier closest to the doll’s mouth wins a prize.
  • Baby Food Game – This is popular at baby showers but can be adopted for American Girl parties! All little girls love feeding their dollies, but can they tell one baby food from another? Each guest has to try a spoonful of baby food and try to guess the flavor – if anyone gets them all right, they win a prize!

So there we have it – plenty of inspiration for any parents or carers out there planning an exciting American Girl doll party for their special little girl (or boy!). Got any suggestions for us? Let us know!

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