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Amazing Happy Birthday Poems for Mom – Make Your Mother Happy

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Mother Birthday Card

Mother Birthday Card

Birthday of My Mother

Do you know Xui Li? Most probably you don’t. She lives in Hong Kong, China. This pretty china girl used to write beautiful birthday poems for her mother everyday! Her poems were countdown types, like “364 days to my Mom’s birthday” or “156 days to go” type. If I could contact with this girl, this hub would filled with hundreds of great birthday poems for Mom. Now unfortunately, the number of poems here are not too many.

I think, like most of the guys and girls you love your Mom very much. If you do, then you need to make the day of her birthday a memorable one. Pick a beautiful poem to give her the praise, which she very much deserves but never demands. If you like my effort then feels free to share it via email or facebook or twitter or stumbleupon or anything you like.

If you like to get some cool birthday party ideas for mom, then you can visit the hub via the link.

A Birthday Poem for Mother

A mother like you is very, very rare,

Thanks for so much affection and care.

You gave me a superb childhood,

I am so grateful to you and more I should.

Mom what you given me I can never repay,

Wishing for you a great, grand birthday.

Happy Birthday Mom

When I was a kid so small

I seek my mother

Whenever I was about to fall.

I shall never grow up

To my mother,

For whom I am and shall always be

Mama’s little babe.

A Birthday Card for Mother

Thank You Mom

May be we are apart

But a bond still exists

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I live in my mom’s heart.

I am the child

For whom you was the shield

To protect me from the evil,

A mother like you

Can defend her kids

From even the devil.

Today I am writing these lines

To say you : “Thank you” and

Happy birthday to you!

Birthday Poem for Mom

In the time of need

You are always there

To help me with

Your love and care.

I know I can always hope

To find your helping hand,

I know that my mother

Problems will sure understand.

You are the greatest mother

And gave me a sweet memory

Of a pleasant childhood,

Free from grief and worry.

Today on your birthday

Endless happiness for you

I shall to God pray!

Wishing You a Great Birthday Mother

You make us free from fears

Anxiety and stress

For so many years.

Words cannot express how grateful

We are to you

Wish a birthday party grand and beautiful!

If I were a Great Poet

If I were a good poet,

I would write a ballad

In praise of my mom,

Who saved us from every storm

And bad airs like the bird

Which saves its cheeks

From the whirling of the

Turbulent air which flows

Like the breath of dragon.

If I were a singer,

I could sing a song,

Praising my mom,

And spreading my story

From ear to ear,

For the ears yet to come.

Mother - I love you!!!

Mother - I love you!!!

My Mother is the Best : A Poem for Mom

My mother is the best

On earth and above

She has the most beautiful mind

Is so lovely and kind

That my words cannot say,

Praying for a great birthday

For my dear Mom !

Birthday Poem to Mother

My mom is the best

Cannot be found such a mother

Much better from the rest,

You are always and will be

My best friend and guide

I feel you always in my side..

One more thing I want to say

Wishing you a very happy birthday!

A Song for a Mother

A Time for Gifts

A time for gifts

A time for cake,

A time to give my mom

A loving break,

From her duties of

Making a man out of me..

Happy birthday mummy.

A Mother Stands for

M for Millions of hugs,

O for Original love,

T for Taking care of the kids and the family,

H for Helping them in the every sphere of life,

E for Endless care and affection,

R for Real efforts to do something good.

She is My Mother

She is my mother,

Even better than

My jolly father,

Whenever I can,

I''ll say that,

She is my mother,

The lovely, lovely mother,

To me and my brother.

Mom's Birthday Poem

You worked heard

Day after day

To make us able

To find the way.

I hope this day

Will be very special for you,

Hope you get a lot of happiness

And feel yourself much renew.

Do You Like the Poems ?

I hope, you have liked these poems. If you like the birthday poems or do not like these, please let me know. I shall try to improve the poems or add more. I have taken the poetic licence to write those poems, this poems does not adhere to the rules of grammar but flows freely with the underlying currant of thought and emotion.


Birthday Wishes For Mom


poopyface on April 29, 2014:

love the poems!!!!!: ps awesome page

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i love all the poems,and am sure will use one of them

ann sammon on July 04, 2013:

i love the video

rommek on February 15, 2013:

these poems or stunning, love all of them (y).......

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