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35 All Occasion Short Poems and Prose To Write in A Greeting Card

Timothy is a Christian who enjoys creating visual art and writing. He has a B.S. in psychology.



It can be difficult to come up with something original to write inside a store-bought greeting card. In the end, you search and search the cards for something that sounds close to your sentiment, but often, you can’t find a card you like. The 35 short poems in this article are offered to you to help you express your true feelings.

Many of the poems are written in the style of the Japanese Tanka form of poetry. The poems are on a variety of subjects. Many of them are prompted by the word which is the title of each poem.

I hope you enjoy these poems. Feel free to use them as you fit maybe in a greeting card or note.

How to Present These Wishes to a Friend of Family Member

  • Get them printed on a special birthday balloon.
  • Create a birthday card and insert one or more of the poems inside.
  • Tell your friend in person by reading them one or more of the poems.
  • Text one or more of them to your friend or family member.
  • Create a meme for social media.
  • Print your favorite poem on a tee shirt or some other item and give it to them.
  • Put the words to music—maybe a tune you already know.
  • Post them on their social media pages.
  • Use them as a prompt to create a longer version of your own.


How can I tell you
Just how much you mean to me
In just a few words
I can think of just one way
By declaring I Love You


No words I can say
Nothing I can ever do
Can ever express
How much I really love you
And how much you mean to me


I remember the moment
My life turned around
My days became joyful
True love I’d found
Now my whole life is filled
With days of loving you
Happy Valentine‘s Day


When you wear a smile
Your face is all aglow
A light from the inside
Pouring out, Illuminating
All which surrounds you
Giving all a warm passage
Letting then know you’re a true friend
Thank You for being my friend

“Some Friends”

There are always friends
Who come and go in your life
Then there are those friends
Who you know for a lifetime
Who become part of your heart
Whose friendship you hold dear
You are that friend


Content in your love
Is how I feel in my heart
Living day by day with you
Knowing I found the right person
To walk beside me through life
Happy Anniversary


I’ll always be grateful
For having you in my life
The ones you love could be gone
Leaving a hole in your life


They’ll be turbulence
Throughout your whole lifetime
So Strap on your seat belt
Get ready for the bumpy ride
Enjoy the calm while it lasts

But remember this each day
We’ll always have each other
To make a way through this life
So no matter what may come
Life works better when there’s two

“Sports Fan”

Why do you spend so much time
Watching sports day in, day out
Instead you need to get up
Get out of your house
Play sports and exercise now

“Taking Chances”

Taking some chances
Are not such a good idea
But I’m glad you took a chance
here and now
Lead to consequences then


Why so much regret
Over the life you have lived
Just take time to live
Forget what you might have done
Revel in good times you had


Fear can overcome
Wear away at your own soul
Consume all your joy
Break free of the fear in life
Trust in God to be your guide

“This Too Will Pass”

In life moments come
We don’t think will go away
But we must be strong
Cause one way or another
Bad moments pass into time

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Living a good life
Is being satisfied with
What you have in life
Not what you decide you need
In order to be happy


What is family
Not always because of blood
But those we hold dear
Deep down inside of our hearts
As close as our relatives


One truth in life is
We all have an obsession
Things we latch onto
And no matter what happens
We can’t ever let it go

Which is you to me
The love of my whole lifetime
Who is always there
To ease my pain in bad times
To make me smile in good times


Each day is a test
Feel like I’m tested
Each day of my


A life of service
Is something of a treasure
Cause it’s far better
To give back to another
Then receive from another

It’s why I treasure
The love giv’n by you each day
To others you see
All your friends and family
And especially to me


What in life matters?
But the time spent with loved ones
In celebration
Of all the special moments
And all moments in between
To create some memories
We carry through a lifetime


A poem begins as a lump in the throat, a sense of wrong, a homesickness, a lovesickness. ~Robert Frost


What’s impossible
Nothing as long as you try
Put your mind to it
Give it everything you’ve got
You get the idea


All the holidays
Are times to get together
With all those we love
To create some memories
We carry through a lifetime


Hey everybody
Let’s have some fun, be happy
Push the blues away
Come on, get out of your seat
Move your feet have fun and dance


Lookin back in years
Thinking of all of the joys
When we’re together
I must remember to say
You’ll always be my best friend

“Thank You”

I can’t put into words
How much I appreciate you
And how much you do for me
So after some thought
Trying to get the right words
ll I can say is thank you


Life with you is not
Something I would call routine
It is days filled with
Excitement and adventure
You make life much more worthwhile


May you forever
Find the joy you so deserve
Because of the way
You always give of yourself
To all the people you meet


Why develop an
Attitude of gratitude
For what comes in life
It will help you feel better
And enjoy your life much more


Life needs some laughter
In order to help you get by
Cause’ laughter helps
Ease all the stressful moments
Makes you feel soul feel so light

God, the giver of joy
Wants us all to be happy
To have a light heart
He gave the gift of laughter
To give peace to the heart


I wish to return
To the so much simpler days
Of my long gone youth
Those days without any real cares
Hanging around with your friends


Don’t be so selfish
Always wanting your own way
Take the time to share
The abundance of your life
Might just be a little love


Worrying won’t stop
The bad times which may come by
But what it does do
Is keep you from enjoying
The good times which come along

”Day After Day”

We must live each day
And every day after
Not thinking about
Not dwelling on the next day
And leaving the past behind

“I Miss Me”

I miss the old me
The one who was happier
The old smiling me
The me who enjoyed a laugh
The me lost over the years

Til I found me again
In the time I spend with you
Loving each moment
Because of the smiles you bring
The spark you give to my heart


We all have a hope
Something we set our sights on
To give us comfort
To bring some joy to our lives
So don’t give up on your hope

“Get Well Soon”

I’m sorry to hear
You’re not feeling so well
I hope you get well
And back to feeling yourself
So we can get together

”Happy Mother/Fathers Day”

Of all the people
I’ve come to know in my life
You are simply the best
You taught me so many things
How to love and live my life
How to laugh at my mistakes
But the best of all
You taught me in my young life
Was how to be a parent
Love you
Happy Mother’s/Father’s Day

© 2021 Timothy Whitt

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