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Actress, Marsha Hunt is 104 Years Young Today, October 17, 2021

From the film, Unholy Partners

Today is actress, singer Marsha Hunt’s birthday. She is 104 years young. I watched this actress in dozens of films over the years and found her to always be a recognizable and steady influence in each of her films. However, it wasn’t until I saw her sing in the film, Unholy Partners that I fell in love with Marsha and wondered why the powers that be did not make full use of her vocals. She was magnificent!

Marsha Hunt in Film Role


Marsha Hunt/Singer Extraordinare

Not only was her voice captivating, but her expressions and movements were tantalizing, to say the least. The song, After You’ve Gone, had a special arrangement by the musical director on the set of the film, and the way her voice took advantage of that arrangement was music to my ears. I could not stop singing it for the next month and drove my wife crazy.

John Wayne's Leading Lady

Here she is at age 19 with John Wayne in 1937, two years before he made Stagecoach and became a major star. Funny thing is, Marsha was the leading lady in all of her first films during her teens. Of course, they were all B films. Once she got into the A films, they used her (unwisely in my humble opinion) in character roles.


Singing Style Magnetic!

Not only did I fall in love with her voice, but her magnetism on that stage was very stimulating and compelling. I could not get enough of her roll of the eyebrow to emphasize a gesture to her lover in the audience.

The notes were like a roller coaster as they climbed to a high soprano and dropped to an alto giving us an opportunity to see what Marsha could do with her range. It really caught me off-guard, so much so that I begged my granddaughter to sing it in her next talent show to showcase her talented voice.

Queen of the Character Actresses

This woman was a major character actor but, in my opinion, would have been a major leading lady if used properly. She became known as a queen of the character actors. Here she is at age 97.

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Raving Beauty

Did I mention that Marsha was a beauty with jet-black hair and marvelous eyes? Again, when the makeup crew prepared her for character roles, she was simply a nice looking actress but when they made her up for a more productive role as in Unholy Partners with Edward G. Robinson, Loraine Day, and Edward Arnold, she was a raving beauty!


Entertaining the Troops in the Early Forties



You are fortunate today because I have found the video of her singing the song that I have described. Click on the link below and enjoy a truly gifted singer and a charming young woman with a golden personality when she sings. Unless you want to watch the whole film, go to 44:50 to see the beginning of the song.

Marsha at 100


Singing, 'After You've Gone'

Copy and paste the link below to watch Marsha sing in the film, Unholy Partners starring Edward G. Robinson. Her song is done brilliantly.

William Evans


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