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A Lost Memory


Under the dim light of the setting sun, the forest looks even more beautiful than it usually does. The tall pine trees appear majestic, and you must be able to hear the birds chirping on them,” I said as I clasped my grandmother’s hand and led her through the forest.

She nodded, telling me she actually could hear the birds chirping. Encouraged, I continued:

“You also must feel the cool forest air, freshening your body. Wild flowers are scattered on the unpaved ground of the forest and its fragrance overwhelms the atmosphere.

“Look, a squirrel has just scurried past your feet. It seems scared, so it hides behind a bush.

The bush is loaded with berries, but you’re not sure if they’re safe to eat so you leave them untouched,” I said and giggled when she pouted like a child.

“The tangling journey in the forest has left you tired, so you must rest now,” I said and she obliged. We both sat down on the bare ground near the bushes.

After resting for a while, she said: “Wow! You have a unique sense of portraying natural beauty, don’t you? Your words actually make me wish that had I been blessed with sight so that I too could have witnessed this beauty that you speak of,” my grandma said as she could not see.

After hearing the last few words of hers, my heart filled with grief. I looked around me and did not see the beautiful forest I had illustrated in her mind, but a bare land, thieved of all its beauty by the creation of God called humans.

And for the first time in my life, I wished that the reality was not true


Dr Romio (author) from United Kingdom on September 04, 2021:

Thank you maryam

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Maryam Fatima from Pakistan on September 04, 2021:


Dr Romio (author) from United Kingdom on September 04, 2021:

Thankss misbah for sharing your ideas and feelings

Misbah Sheikh on September 04, 2021:

Romio, Beautiful piece of writing. I enjoyed reading it. I too agree with Manatita here.

"The world is an Illusion. Reality is merely an illusion, although a very persistent one." - Albert Einstein

As Allah says in the Quran “And what is this world except the enjoyment of delusion”.

Note: One suggestion put this piece under creative writing and credit the photos :)

Blessings and Peace!!

Dr Romio (author) from United Kingdom on September 04, 2021:


manatita44 from london on September 04, 2021:

There is a lesson here. I once asked Swami Chidananda ji of Rishikesh, about how to best preserve one's Celibacy. He simply said: "Change your angle of vision." Same thing here. Try to see life, the way your blind grandmother sees it.

A lovely piece!

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