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A Husband's Guide To Buying Lingerie For Your Wife


Why not roses?

Are you looking for a special gift for your wife or girlfriend as opposed to the usual roses and chocolates? Don't misconstrue my words, there is nothing wrong with the classic bunch of red roses and some fine Belgian chocolates, but if you want a really memorable gift then some intimate apparel may be the astute option. But if you have never bought lingerie for your wife then it can a very intimidating experience. Here are some tips that will help you be able to learn how to easily buy the right lingerie for your wife that both you and her will love.


Do Your Homework

Before you even think about setting foot in a lingerie store, there are some vital steps that you should take. One of the main fears that prevents husbands from buying lingerie for their mate is the fear of purchasing the wrong size, style, colour or even the wrong item. All of this fear can be alleviated by doing some preparation. Take a look in your wife's lingerie drawer and be observant. What colours does she have? What is the style that she wears the most? Does it seem like she has a lot of one type of item, and not many of other sorts? The lingerie drawer is going to be your secret to getting to the right lingerie for your wife.

What is the most important tip for getting the right lingerie for your wife? Take note of a set of lingerie that your wife often wears. Without her knowing take a photo on your phone of the tag with the size of the lingerie. You can then take the photo with you into the lingerie store and then you will not have to worry about getting the wrong size.


Pick A Style

Size is only one part of the puzzle, that is like telling your wife to go out and buy a car with a V6 engine. There are so many makes, models and colours of cars, you will probably not get the car that you were hoping for. The size of the lingerie is important but it is the style of the lingerie that will make it a memorable gift for the right or wrong reasons. It has to be something that she is comfortable in. Be observant to the style of lingerie that she likes. If you don't know how to describe the intimate clothing of women to sales staff then you can use pictures. You don't have to know all of the vocabulary to explain what it looks like, just take a picture and show it to the sales staff, they will understand. This is also great for describing colours. Also take note of the materials that she likes, this will also be on the tags.


Put Effort In

When you are buying a gift for a loved one, don't just buy the obvious. For a memorable gift that expresses your love you need to add a personal touch. Instead of buying some lingerie that not only looks and feels great, buy some designer lingerie that was crafted in her favourite European city and that looks and feels amazing.


Buy For Her, Not For You

Imagine if your wife bought you a football jersey of your least favourite team because she liked the colours on it. Would you like it? Would you wear it? The same goes with buying lingerie for your wife, buy something that she will appreciate and use. Ideally you should both like it.


Look At All The Options

The designer lingerie industry is massive, and there are more lingerie options than you could ever imagine. So don't think that the only option is a matching red top and bottom lingerie set. Do some research and explore the options of camis, slips and hosiery. Your wife will appreciate the extra effort that you put in.

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Mary Wickison from Brazil on September 10, 2017:

I was glad you put in the part about buying what she would want. So many men, buy what they want to see their wife in and not what she wants.

Taking a picture of what she already has is a great idea.

Normally the women who work in the lingerie department are knowledgeable and can help pick the perfect gift.

sweetstickyrainbo on November 07, 2014:

Some nice tips

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