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Collection of 70th Birthday Wishes for Mom

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Say "Happy Birthday" to your mom in style!

Say "Happy Birthday" to your mom in style!

Sometimes it becomes difficult to find out what to write on a card to wish happy birthday to someone. If that “someone” happens to be your own mother, things become complicated. If the birthday is a "milestone" one like the 70th, then the situation is multiplied many times. So, what to do? I have tried to solve your problem by supplying you some great 70th birthday quotes for your mom’s birthday. Yes, you can use these lines for your mom’s 60th or 80th birthday too. You can alter the lines or combine two or more to customize these wishes. Even you can write some by your own following my suit. The possibility is endless.

Special 70th Birthday Wish Messages for Mom

  • You are now three scores and ten, my best wishes for your birthday!
  • I wish to celebrate your 100th birthday and so 70 is nothing. Celebrate the special day!
  • 70 is a special number for a special person like my mom. Happy birthday to you!
  • You born during the time of great depression, you have seen the Second World War and you have made us complete persons. You are awesome!
  • You have heard the songs of Patti Page and Frank Sinatra during your green days. On your seventieth birthday I want to give you such sweet songs to you.
  • You are just thirty years away of reaching the century mark. We are all waiting to celebrate that moment.

Answer the Question

  • Best things are given by God to me are sunlight, moon, air and a mother like you. May God keep you happy forever!
  • I do not think that there is any mother better than you. You are splendid. Happy birthday my lovely mom!
  • Year comes and goes but my mother remains the same. She is, was, and will be an ideal mother to us, her children.
  • I wish an outstanding birthday wish for my mother who is still beautiful even on her 70th birthday. Enjoy the day, mama.
  • Whenever I think about you, my mind travels to the old days. I roam around the gardens of my childhood with you. I can smell the lovely fragrance of mother’s hair. I can hear your voice. I can feel your motherly touch and your deep love for me. Happy birthday to you, my dear mom!
  • Since the day of my birth, I know that there is a person in the world whom I can trust completely. It is you, mama. Happy Sixty plus Tenth birthday for you!

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Make Your Mom Happy on Her Birthday

You can make her happy by giving her some unique gifts. What can be a special gift for your mother on her 70th birthday? What is your opinion? I can give you some suggestions.

  • Buy some music albums having the famous songs of the year of your mom’s birthday. But it would be better to know what types of songs your mother loves most. If you give her such songs which she strongly dislikes then your gift giving will be in vain.
  • Buy a DVD of a movie of that particular year. If your mother was born in 1933 then obvious choice will be vintage popular movies like “King Kong”, “Duck Soup”, “Sons of the Desert” or “Little Women” etc.
  • Alternatively, you can buy music or movies from the year of your mom’s 18th birthday.
  • You can also think about buying famous books or paintings of that era.
  • A perfect birthday gift for your mom could be giving her a special treat on a spa or enjoying a day’s food on a costly restaurant.

Some Words from the Author

All these birthday messages are unique. I can't say the quality about these though. I know some of these lines are good and catchy but some are nothing but complete trash. Writing birthday wishes is a very difficult task. Different people have different choices. Moreover, the style of birthday wishes to mother can differ across the countries and cultures. You know internet is for everyone. If you have some better quotes for your mom then do not hesitate to share it with us. If you want some more then you can check this hub about 60th birthday wishes for mom.

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