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70th Birthday Gifts for Men: Best Present Ideas for a 70-Year-Old Guy

For Chris, choosing gifts is like writing a story: By matching the character to the gift, you learn more about people and what they value.


What to Get a 70-Year-Old Man?

Of all the milestone ages, 70 may be the one with the least fanfare. By the time a man reaches his 70th birthday, he's already had enough over-the-hill celebrations to last him a lifetime. For a father, husband, relative, friend, or male coworker entering his eighth decade, appropriate gifts range from funny gag gifts to personalized items and elegant offerings to nostalgic presents that will take him back to a time gone by.

These gift ideas for 70-year-old men are good to give at a milestone birthday party, Christmas gift, or for any smaller celebration.

Gag Gift for a 70-Year-Old Male

A man 70 years of age who can laugh at himself is a prime candidate for receiving a gag gift for his birthday. A funny present can be anything from a true joke gift to a real present that explores the lighter side of turning 70.

These are great to present at work parties or family events:

As you can see, funny gifts don't have to be tacky or tasteless. But if you insist, and of course if the "old guy" has a wicked sense of humor, try an over-the-hill gift basket on him for size. He'll either groan and accept it or throw it back at you.


Remember-When Presents for a Guy

Milestone birthdays are opportunities for looking back with nostalgia on the people we once were. When a man reaches 70, his memory stretches back to the World War II era of the 1940s, through the prosperous 1950s and the radical 1960s and 1970s. These were exciting times in the world—whether the man was in the United States, the UK, Australia, Canada, India, China, Russia... the world experienced a boom in babies and many other radical changes, from the introduction of television to the explosion of computers and the Internet.

  • As a creative project, fill a 70th birthday photo album with pictures—preferably those he hasn't seen (or may have forgotten) of his family, himself as a child, places he's been, and friends.
  • Music is a wonderful way to trigger memories, so consider putting together a CD or playlist of the most popular (or his favorite) songs from each decade of his life.
  • Consider taking him on a road trip down memory lane by taking him on a trip to that place he lived or visited once and hasn't stopped talking about since then.
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Here are some other gift options that will be sure to jog his memory:

When You Don't Know What to Get, Give Him a Gift Basket

One of the nicest gifts you can give someone is the awareness that you know them really well. Get him a "customized" gift for his 70th birthday by turning your knowledge of his hobby into a gift basket.

  • If he's into golf, make him a basket full of tees, balls, sunscreen, a new hat, a golfing book, and other golf-related paraphernalia.
  • If he's the literary type, make him a basketful of the latest books, a book of crossword puzzles, a gift certificate to the local bookstore, and a cozy new pair of slippers.
  • If he's a gourmet foodie, design a basket full of jars and tins full of delicacies, the latest and greatest cookbook, and snazzy gadgets from a cooking store.

Yes, you can make your own, but here are some options if you'd prefer to buy one pre-made:

70th Birthday Gift Ideas for Readers

Gift books are a great idea for 70-year-old men: If there's a book you know he'd love, present it to your husband, friend, family member, or colleague with a special dedication written inside.

Or, if you're not sure what he likes to read, here are a few suggestions:


Unusual 70th Birthday Greeting Cards

Sometimes, a 70-year-old man has everything he could possibly want or need. If this is the case, a special card is the best gift you can give.

  • Make it as personal and heartfelt as you can by making your own card. On the cover, do a collage of things or photos that are meaningful to him.
  • Take some time to find a special quote to include inside. This can be a line from a song or a poem or something someone else worded perfectly.
  • Instead of handing him a paper card, get creative and think of other ways to deliver your message: tacked up all over the neighborhood, written all over his car, written on the tray you deliver his breakfast on.

Here are some store-bought cards that are almost as unique:

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