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Best 5th Birthday Wishes Collections

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Birthday Blessings for a 5 Year Old

A cute little baby’s fifth birthday is near. So, you are in search of some great birthday wishes. Am I right about you, reader?

Here, in this hub, you can get some really great 5th birthday wishes and messages. Go through all the messages and quotes and chose the best one for you. Do you want something original? Don’t worry; there is no copied content here.

You can also write your own birthday wishes too. For that reason, you need to understand the needs and desires of a five-years-old. You have to think like them. They are small kids, but are not as ignorant as you think about them. They are smart enough to understand many of your messages.

A cute card for a cute little baby

A cute card for a cute little baby

  • When I saw the sun is smiling today, I knew that it is your birthday. Happy 5th birthday for you!
  • You are a super kid. Prove it by blowing out all candles with a single breath. Celebrate the day!
  • I wish the sweetest birthday cake for you. My dear boy let us have a great party today!
  • The age of five is a great one. Enjoy your childhood as much as possible.
  • I know that you are the future super star. There is no one like you. Happy 5th birthday for you!
  • Five is the atomic number of boron and it is a very tough thing. I know that you are even tougher than boron. Have a great day’s celebration.
  • You are only five, but you looked like a super-hero. Enjoy the party!
  • You are now in the beginning part of your journey on the ocean of life. The wind of love will drift your boat to the unknown horizons. Wishing you a happy birthday my dear sailor!
  • Become as bright as sun and as beautiful as moon. My dear I wish you a happy birthday!
  • It is so nice to be a five year old. Enjoy your sweet childhood baby.
  • You are in the beginning of your journey in the sea of life. I wish you a great success in life. Happy 5th birthday to you.

5th Birthday Wishes Card

Happy 5th Birthday Wishes

Happy 5th Birthday Wishes

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5th Birthday Wishes for Son

  • There are five fingers in your hand and your age is the same now. I wish that you will enjoy your birthdays even at the time when you can multiply your fingers with twenty. Happy 5th birthday!
  • You are five now and do you know five is a sacred number? There were five holy wounds on Jesus Christ. May God bless you on your birthday!
  • Five is a holy number and that is why the followers of Islam pray to Allah five times a day! Celebrate the day with joy!

Cool Birthday Song Video

5th Birthday Wishes for Daughter

  • At the age of five you have become so fast that you now need to have five gears. Wishing you a day full of happiness!
  • You are cute little shining star. You are the pride of your mom and dad.
  • At five you cute, at ten you will be smart, at fifteen you will be a star and at twenty you will be great. Happy 5th birthday wishes for you!
  • As you are five now you are now five time smarter than before and ten times cuter. Enjoy the day!
  • With each passing years you are growing to be more intelligent, cute and stronger. I hope that you will get all the success in life.
  • Now, you have become five times cuter and five times smarter after turning five. Let us enjoy the day!
  • The time has come again to charm the world again with your lovely laughter. Enjoy your moment, oh Princess!
  • I hope that you will get immense happiness in life and also make your parents proud. Wishing you a great, fun filled birthday!
It is not very difficult to write a 5th birthday wish by your own. But remember, a bad message will ruin a beautiful card.

It is not very difficult to write a 5th birthday wish by your own. But remember, a bad message will ruin a beautiful card.

5th birthday messages Collection

  • This little, but nice card is for the girl who is also little, but very nice. Cakes, sweets and candles, all these will be for you on your birthday!
  • The word ‘cute’ has been invented to describe the little living dolls like you. Happy birthday!
  • You filled the air around you with such a fragrance of happiness, joy and innocence that the grown-ups like us forget every day toils, hardships and falsehood of our day to day existence. I know that you will not understand the meaning of this message now, but one day you will. Have a great 5th birthday!
  • When you will make millions and fly your own jets, do not forget us, your commoner uncles and aunties. Have a great birthday!
  • I know that you will be a doctor. It is my faith and you can compare my words twenty years later.
  • You have enjoyed five years on the earth. There are many more to come. I hope that your journey of life will be great one.
  • You are five now. F stands for Fabulous, I stands for Incredible, V stands for Valuable, and E stands for Exceptional.
It is impossible to celebrate a birthday (especially of a kid) without a delicious birthday cake.

It is impossible to celebrate a birthday (especially of a kid) without a delicious birthday cake.

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I am interested to write hubs about birthday wishes. This hub is for Kid's birthdays. There is another hub with 1st birthday wishes collection. You can check it for more interesting quotes.

5th Birthday quotes

  • At the age of five, reasoning and wisdom begin to take shape. That age determines the future of that human being ~ P.P. Ghosh
  • When a child sees five summers after his or her birth, the shaping of a persona begins to take place within him or her~ Chinese Gura
  • A child who is just five years old is the embodiment of simplicity and innocence ~ Unknown
  • 1st birthday is for breathing, 2nd one is for walking, 3rd one is for running, the 4th birthday is for learning and the 5th one is for thinking~ M.K.Vandu
  • When you reach the age of five, you can identify properly the five basic tastes: salty, sweet, sour, bitter and, umami~ Unknown
  • Every parents want to see their children grow. At the 5th birthday of the child they can sense his/her future ~ Unknown.


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