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6 Spooky DIY Decor Videos to Watch Before Halloween

Jan lives in Arizona, has a fur-baby, and retired from banking after 30 years. She currently is a songwriter and cyber-journalist.


Bootiful Halloween DIY Videos

Since I started watching YouTube videos for DIY crafting, I've discovered many amazing, crafty YouTubers! The ones I enjoy the most have instructions for making decor using items around the house, flea market finds or Dollar Store items.

Halloween has to be one of the best Holidays for fun crafting, with lots of colorful and creative ideas you can make for next to nothing. Here are some great DIY ideas to turn your home into a spooky, haunted place this year, presented by some brilliantly crafty YouTubers that you just may want to follow all year long!

The Crafty Couple’s Candelabra and Skull Bouquet

These first two videos are by The Crafty couple. Why two? I’m not showing favoritism, I just couldn’t decide between the two! I think both of these crafted items look very unique and high end, as well as fairly easy to make. If you had to pick, which one would you choose?

Spooky Candelabra

Skull Bouquet

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Hot Humble Pie’s 8 Witchy Ideas

Hot Humble Pie is a YouTube channel I watch quite frequently. She has all types of DIY videos that I love, featuring Boho or Country Farmhouse ideas. It didn’t surprise me at all that she had great Halloween DIY ideas as well. My favorite is her painted magical spell potion bottles with antique labels. Be sure to watch some of her other videos!

Broom Parking, Hocus Pocus Book and More From Bargain Bethany

The following video shows eleven simple and inexpensive DIY crafting ideas for this Halloween. From her beautiful Halloween Wreath to her witches broom parking wall art or skulls displayed under glass, she knows how to capture the spirit! My absolute favorite is the Hocus Pocus book, so be sure watch through to that section.

Elaine Petrakis Midnight Crafter’s Spooky Halloween Lamp

Before watching this video I probably never would have attempted to make a Halloween lamp. But, after I finished it, I was ready to run to my Dollar Tree to pick up all the materials! Spooky lighting is such a must for every Halloween party isn’t it?

Spooky Tree by Where the Gnomes Live

This spooky tree caught my eye in the video search list, but I was sure it would be way too hard to make! I was pleasantly surprised to find out that it really isn't all that hard, just time consuming. I have everything in my home right now to craft this incredible Halloween decor piece. I’m going to try it, and I think it will look amazing as a centerpiece on my dining table.

That’s it my spooky, crafty friends. Aren’t these artistic people wonderful? I’m always amazed at the multitude of easy and beautiful ideas I can make myself by watching these crafter’s videos. If you need a few new decorative Items for your Halloween bash at your Haunted Mansion, take the time to watch because I bet one will be ghoulishly perfect for your home. Equally important, it won’t break the bank!

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