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5 April Fool Hoaxes That Trended on the Internet

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April fool’s day had just passed a week, the day when everyone tried their best to prank each other. Meanwhile, the internet did not fall short in spreading gossip about the hoax in every possible way.

Let’s take a look at top 5 April Fool Jokes by popular brands that buzzed on internet last week.

#1 Titok’s April fool prank to India

The rumour of the Chinese video-focusing social media app, Tiktok, returning to India took the internet by storm on April fool’s Day.

Hey India, we know you’ve missed us! Fret not, the wait is over. We’re back – and now we’re better than ever.” Tweet from Tiktok India.

As of 29 June, 2020, Tiktok has been banned in India over national security concerns that they pose a threat to the sovereignty and integrity of India.


The Lays Pakistan confused a large number of foodies after it posted an image of its new Jalebi flavored chips. The packet image contained crispy orange Jalepi which looked quiet real though.

However, Lays Pakistan later hilariously clarified that it was just a part of hoax for All fool’s day.

In case you don’t know what Jalepi is, it is spiral shaped popular Indian dessert made of flour mixed with chickpea flour and then deep fried and dipped into sugar syrup, found mainly in South Asia and the Middle East.


#3 Emirates decides to go into food delivering

The largest airline of the United Arab Emirates, the emirates with its exceptional post made a joke by saying it will start a food delivery via air by the name EmirEats.

On April Fool's day, the Emirates shared a video on its twitter account showing how you can order food from any corner of the world with Emirates new venture EmirEats.

In the likes of UberEats, the Emirates simply put the name EmirEats and made a hoax out of it. However, most people liked the idea and reacted in sort of appreciating it, who knows the EmirEats could be your next favorite food delivery app.

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#4 HyperX’s new touch grass keyboard

The Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. commonly known as the HP and its very own gaming subsidiary brand HyperX made an ideal joke for its ideal audience.

The HyperX in its twitter post introduced a grass touch keyboard for anyone who has been spending too much on computers.

Gamers, do you get the “go touch some grass” insult? Well this one is for you.


#5 Razorpay’s lifetime offer “buy now pay never”

Popular payment platform, Razorpay is offering its customers the deal of a lifetime: buy now, pay never.

Hold on that was just an April fool’s joke; the brand just played along with its miser, shopaholic and simply lazy customers.

Well, this might be the April fool you wished most to come true.


History & Origin

Well, there isn't any known history or origin to the most beloved day of the year for prank-lovers. However many different stories from different angle has evolve to give a clue to trace a little about where it has really come from.

Some scholars resembles it with the ancient Roman festival of Hilaria, the festival of merriment and rejoicing. The Ancient Roman Fest Hilaria was one of the several days in the festival of Cybele that honored Attis; her son and lover. During the celebration of Hilaria, the celebration of Attis' resurrection, activities that were performed is believed to have some kind of similar resemblance to today's April fool's day.

Another story of origin begins in France, It is said that April Fools' Day may have originated as early as 1582 when France switched from the Julian to the Gregorian calendar. This meant that the start of their year used to be around 1st April, however it changed to 1st January, like it is today. Some people accidentally celebrated New Year in April and were called ‘April fools’!

But these stories lack any factual support and cannot be interconnected through any kind of practice, activity, or event. Thus, the origin of this day remains a mystery with full of hoax which is again obvious with the name.

Others Facts about Fools day

  • Fool's Day can be a tragedy – A weather broadcast department had warned of a tsunami in Pacific island on April 1 in 1945. A lot of people dismissed it as a prank, but the big tragedy gave it some weight.
  • Fishy Tradition - France, Switzerland, Belgium, and the Netherlands celebrate April fools day through a tradition known as April fish. The custom is to stick a paper fish on their back without their knowledge and yell "poisson d'avri!"
  • A two-day celebration - The Scottish April Fool's day is celebrated over a two-day period with the game "hunting the gowls" in which prank victims are called 'gowks', which is a cuckoo-inspired word meaning fool. On second day pranks involve hitting someone on the backside, where the "kick me" sign is allegedly derived from

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