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3 Secret Santa Gift Ideas Under $25

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If you need to decide Secret Santa Gifts for someone, consider these items

If you need to decide Secret Santa Gifts for someone, consider these items

Secret Santa Gift Items For All Tastes, Genders And Age Groups

Festivals are best celebrated with the joy of giving and when we speak of gifting, it is quite exciting to receive a well thought, meaningful Secret Santa gift from someone whom you barely know. But when it comes to selecting a Secret Santa gift for someone else, people struggle both with time and budget.

Most people face this situation where they need to participate in Secret Santa with family or with co-workers. If you know the person well, you can choose a gift item as per their personality and it is relatively simple. But when it comes to being a Secret Santa for someone whom you hardly know, it can be very challenging to narrow down on a gift which is within budget and yet useful.

In this article I try to solve this problem by picking 3 creative gifts within a $25 budget. All these items can be easily ordered online so it will save your time & energy on research.

Go Green! Brussel's Bonsai Gift.

Go Green! Brussel's Bonsai Gift.

1. Bonsai Plants As A Secret Santa Gifts

This gift is about protecting and conserving the mother nature. We have polluted the mother earth enough by using plastic, fossil fuels and all the different forms of carbon emissions and non-biodegradable wastes. On your next Secret Santa, gift this Brussel's Bonsai to your loved ones and spread the message of Gift Green.

This Brussel's Bonsai can easily be placed on office desks, kitchen tops or a corner of the window. Besides giving oxygen, its tiny oval shaped leaves are soothing for one's eyes. It grows best when kept outdoors but it can be kept indoor as well with relatively slower growth. Its length on arrival would be around 4 inches so don't be disappointed if the picture does not match the actual plant. The packaging is also awesome, so you need to spend little to no efforts from your side on gift wrapping. The best part about this plant is that it is a perfect gift for beginners who are just getting used to training with Bonsai plants. So, it will be a perfect gift for teenagers as well those who have just taken up or would like to take up gardening as a hobby. Gifting it to your coworkers will help in setting a trend of gifting green and people will pass it on to the next generation as well, ensuring that we leave a greener planet for the next generation.

Smart Home Camera with Night Vision, 2-Way Audio, with Alexa & the Google Assistant integration

Smart Home Camera with Night Vision, 2-Way Audio, with Alexa & the Google Assistant integration

2. Smart Home Camera with Night Vision, Alexa & Google Assitant

This Wyze camera is an awesome gift for your coworkers who love internet of things. It is loaded with features which include:

  1. Live streaming from anywhere with 1080p Full HD quality.
  2. Motion and Sound recording feature which can send an alter/notification when it senses motion or sound.
  3. Night vision mode support with 4 infrared LEDs.
  4. Voice control support with Google Assistant and Alexa.

With all these features, you can easily setup this cam inside your home and stream it from anywhere using your smart phone. The coolest part about it is that you can control the camera movement with voice command so let’s say you want to see what your dog or cat is doing in the living room or check if your baby is actually sleeping or check who's at the front door, you can do it with just a simple voice command sent over the internet. This live streaming can be shared with multiple people at the same time. So, Mom and Dad can both monitor their kids from their respective workplaces simultaneously with just one click. Another good reason for choosing this as a gift is that it is not a gender specific gift so all the people will like it equally. On the flip side, some people would be worried about their privacy and sharing the data from their living room over the internet. But then you can always choose to install it above your parking or in the balcony where there is no/little threat to privacy. This may not be suitable gift for kids or teenagers, given the fact that its primary use is for monitoring your house. It ultimately depends on how you use it and with a price around $25, it is an excellent choice for a Secret Santa gift.

 Cyezcor Video Conference Lighting Kit, Light for Monitor Clip On,for Remote Working, Distance Learning

Cyezcor Video Conference Lighting Kit, Light for Monitor Clip On,for Remote Working, Distance Learning

3. Video Conference Lighting Kit For Monitor

Video Conferencing, web meetings and Live Streaming have become a new normal. Many working professionals find it difficult to stream clear face during video meetings. Even though the room light is adequate, the laptop position may sometimes cause unwanted shadow, dark spots in the actual video. For businesspeople, teachers and marketing professionals, it becomes even more important to be presentable in the calls. This video conference lighting kit from the brand Cyezcor is a perfect solution to this problem. It gives the right amount of lighting that is needed in a video call and you can easily adjust it as per your skin tone or room lighting. It is easy to clip to your monitor and runs on usb port. It features are listed below:

  1. 3 color temperatures: white light/warm light/natural light which are 3200k-6800k, 5 levels of brightness adjustment, and 48 LED lamp beads with 10W brightness.
  2. The ring light design is carefully chosen for the light to spread more evenly.
  3. It uses a stable clip design. You just need to clamp the clip to the edge of the computer screen.
  4. With the USB port support, it can be powered using the laptop ports or a portable power bank or your mobile phone charger as well.

There are cheaper options available with similar features from different brands. But I recommend this product for its after sales service and reliability. This being an electronic item, you do not want it to stop working within 7 days of gifting it. So, I would recommend not to compromise on quality for $2 to $3 saving.

Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas

I hope that you like these carefully chosen Secret Santa Gift items under $25. Do comment and share your feedback in the comments section below. For those who have a budget of more than $25, you may want to read this article 4 Gift Ideas Under $50 for Someone Who Has Everything for some more options.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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