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3 Reasons to Choose Santa Letter Templates


Printable Templates Make It Easy to Create Letters at Home in Just Minutes

Few things are more exciting for kids during the Christmas season than the idea of Santa Claus, and getting a letter from St. Nick can be the highlight of a child's holiday. Many parents like the idea of writing their own Santa letter but are daunted by the task. Perhaps they don't know what to say or don't have the artistic skills to create a colorful background that looks as good as the pricey letters from the large online companies. Santa letter templates can help with both of these problems. If you're looking for an inexpensive way to create a great-looking letter from the jolly old elf, this may be the answer you're seeking.

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Here are some advantages of using templates at home to create your own personalized holiday letters:

Save money. Templates are usually offered as Microsoft Word documents that you download once, often for less than you'll pay for a single letter from professional letter companies. You can use it repeatedly simply by editing the text. So if you have three kids or a whole classroom of them, you still only pay for one document, making a template cheaper even than some of the offers you'll find on eBay.

No waiting. When you order from a Santa letter company, you have to wait for snail mail to deliver your purchase. With a template, you can download the Word document as soon as you make your purchase, so there's no waiting. It's the perfect solution for busy parents who miss the ordering deadline of the big sites.

Environmentally friendly. Because letter templates are offered as instant downloads, there's no need to send them across the country in a mail truck or plane, which means less pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Your document is delivered instantly to your email box. You can then print it at home, choosing to use recycled paper or tree-free paper, if you desire.

You can get templates online at sites such as Santa Letter Templates.com or Christmas Letter Tips.com.

Sample Word Templates

Available from Christmas Letter Tips.com

These printable Santa letter templates are available at Christmas Letter Tips.com in Microsoft Word format. You can pair any of these with a Nice List certificate.

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Get in the Holiday Spirit

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