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3 Must Have New Year Hobbies for Smart People

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The article talks about the hobbies that focuses on money making, health, and creativity.

The New Year is here, and it is the perfect time to celebrate! Parties, music, dance, countdowns, and whatnot! Besides celebrations, it is a common culture to take a New Year resolution regardless of keeping it up or not. For some, it might be a long term goal, while for others, it might be a daily task.

So in this article, I will be discussing the daily task or hobbies that you must have to lead a successful lifestyle.


3 Different Categories of Hobbies

While talking about the New Year hobbies, I have seen people giving a list of topics in their article like art, photography, reading, and so on. But I wouldn't encourage such a wag list. I would rather prefer to classify hobbies into three categories.

  • The one that makes you money.
  • The one that keeps you in shape.
  • And the one that keeps you creative.

Moving on, we can view these as three different bags with respective names on them. Now we have to choose the right one from the list of habits to fill the bags. Be careful to select the habit that is interesting to you as the aim is to keep it up till the end.

Hobbies That Makes You Money

Now, let me share my experience of having a hobby that helped me earn some real cash. My sister and I loved making jewelry. Accidently during a vacation, one of my friends visited my house, and I just showed her my hand made jewelry set. She was very much impressed with our skills in jewelry making and brought two sets of jewelry in return for cash. That was our first earning in life. And from then on, we used to take pictures of finished jewelry and send it to our friends and relatives. The interested ones would buy from us. Yes, it didn't help us to buy cars or houses, but it gave enough for our day to day activities. Indeed this hobby made us happier, independent, and busy.

If you wish to be independent, then this category of the hobby is a must for you. Remember, you won't start to earn all of the sudden, but it will happen with time, persistence, and good work. And don't forget that there are people who turned their hobby into their career and left their 9-5 job.

Here is a List of Money Making Hobbies

* Professional Gaming

* Painting

* Writing/Editing

* Coding

* Becoming A Stand-Up Comic

* Starting A YouTube Channel With A Niche Relating To Your Hobby

* Making T-Shirts

* Playing An Instrument

* Baking

* Crafting

Hobbies That Keeps You in Shape

Another important thing in our life is our body. If we don't have health, then we will be a big zero in life. So focusing on our inner self is equally important, like focusing on our career. Now, if you ask me what is my hobby in this category, I would proudly say it is yoga. It was a time when I got back pain and was not able to do any of my day's work. I wanted to cry my heart out. I could feel that I was becoming useless both at home and at work. I then took six months of medication, and my doctor advised me that I must inculcate the habit of exercising daily. He said that people invest a lot in their homes, cars, and entertainment but forget to invest in themselves. But what if our body didn't function according to our will? Can we enjoy any of these investments that we made? He was right, and that is when my yoga life began.

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These habits not only provide us with a healthy body but also a healthy mind. Our emotions are stabilized, and our thoughts are enhanced. This helps us a lot in career life and personal life. So regardless of age, this is a must-have category of hobbies.

Here is a List of Health Gaining Hobbies

* Yoga

* Walking

* Swimming

* Jogging

* Exercising

* Zomba

* Gym

* Join A Sports Club

* Workout At Home

* Discover New Sports to Play

Hobbies That Keeps You Creative

As the proverb goes, "An idle mind is the devil's workshop"; it is important to keep our brain engaged all the time. Most of the time, we feel depressed because we don't have anything creative to do. Just like being fit, being imaginative also helps us gain strength in life. Creativeness brings out the hidden talents in us. It helps us to see a particular problem from different angles, thus accelerating the probability of arriving at a solution.
So if you wish to become that smart lady at your office, then this category is for you. These habits stimulate your brain thus making you smarter with time.

Here is a List of Creative Hobbies

* Drawing

* Reading

* Designing

* Chess

* Sudoku

* Do It Yourself Craft

* Puzzles

* Meditating

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Eesha N (author) from India on December 25, 2019:

Thats really a concern, Liz! But I think the money making one could last!

Liz Westwood from UK on December 23, 2019:

This is a timely prompt for New Years resolutions. I wonder how many will outlast January?

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